The Best Car Wax For Automobiles & Synthetic Sealants To Buy 2019

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2019)

8 Best Car Waxes to Use

NOTE: One of the biggest enemies to your vehicle paint is the sun, oxidation is inevitable over time if no protection is applied. Regularly applying a layer of wax to your vehicle, will extend the life and beauty of your vehicles painted finish.


Unless your vehicle is used primarily for heavy duty or industrial purposes, you’ll highly benefit from applying a thorough layer of wax to your vehicles paint.

First and foremost, automobiles from all corners of the globe have a certain life expectancy. Certain things tend to go before others, and paint can sometimes be one of those things. While washing a vehicle with a some of todays best car wash soaps does wonders, it’s not enough.

Paint over time is exposed to airborne contaminants, dust, debris, salt, and most importantly, ultraviolet light coming from the sun. All of those things eat away at your vehicles painted finish, and over time can cause paint to oxidize (if you’ve ever seen foggy headlights, it’s like that).

It’s important to pick the best car wax, to ensure there’s immaculate shine, and protection.

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The most recommended products are actually carnauba based waxes. Carnauba wax is produced by a popularly grown tree called “Tree of Life” palm tree. Originating from the leaves of the tree, carnauba is used for the sole purpose of allowing any water to slide directly from the leaves and onto the ground for the tree to absorb.

When dry, it’s almost rock like. However, for automotive uses, car wax makers blend the wax with certain oils. The most common oils carnauba wax gets mixed in with are petroleum distillates and or naphtha (which is popularly used to thin wood varnishes and paints).

*P21S Concours Carnauba Car Wax, Liquid Glass Lg-100 Liquid Sealant, Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax,  Mothers Reflections Wax,  Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax



Cost can be an important factor, especially since at times you may only be getting 5-7 oz of the product. With that being said, carnauba wax ratio is strongly dictated by the cost. The more expensive the wax, the higher the ratio of the carnauba wax you’ll receive.

With this consideration, we will look at the cost, quantity received, and overall performance capabilities.


There are certain benefits to be had when considering certain waxes. Some can be considered to be excellent wax for black cars while others can be good on vibrant and bright colors.

Additional features of certain automotive waxes may be water beading, deep glossy shines, UV protection, and easy on & off application. Good waxes won’t wash off when using high-powered pressure washing machines.

Not all waxes and sealants are created equally. Black car wax for instance, is made primarily for the purpose of being used on dark vehicles. While there’s others that are better used with lighter colors.

For each recommended sealant and carnauba wax below, we’ll dive into the main features.



Liquid Glass Lg-100 Liquid Polish 

Wax and sealants are not only an extra layer of protection against UV rays and other airborne contaminants, but also a layer of protection from water spots. These products don’t give water a chance to properly stick to the paint, so water slides right off.

The flip side of carnauba waxes are synthetic sealants. This sealant produce the same kind of results as any other highly premium automotive wax. It will cost around 21 dollars for the entire canister, but you’ll be getting a considerably greater quantity than if you were to look elsewhere.

Why we chose this to be the most recommend product will be explained under the main features category below.

 Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar’s products are known worldwide, and one of the biggest benefits about them, are their cost efficiency. Their Ultimate Liquid Wax does some true magic and leaves a mirror-like finish every single time. Look at paying around 20 dollars for this a 16 oz bottle.

Being our #2 most recommended automotive wax, under the main features area will be explained the primary reasons why this wax ROCKS. It’s also a wax that’s used by professional detailers.

P21S Concours Carnauba Car Wax

Make no mistake, when we put this  wax as #3 for our top picks. It’s a professionals carnauba wax for sure, and so is the price tag. For a 6.2 oz jar of this wax, it will cost around 38 dollars.

Mothers Reflections Wax

Mothers make great detailing products, just like Meguiars. With their Reflections Wax, it’s no exception. While being a mid to higher end wax, you’ll only be paying around 19 dollars. This liquid wax applies family thin, so expect it to last you quite a while.

Main features and benefits of this Mothers wax is listed further below.

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax

For a bang for the buck, you can’t go wrong with Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0. Unlike the above waxes and sealants, you get more with this one while paying a little bit less. For about 18 oz of this synthetic wax, you can expect to pay around 16 dollars in total. An excellent value for anyone who’s looking to give a car, a strong glossy shine.

Look below for this product main features, and why it made it to our top 5 list.


Liquid Glass Lg-100 Liquid Polish 

P21S is one of the best car wax for black cars. Especially when applied thoroughly, deep, sharp gloss will take over.

P21S is one of the best car wax for black cars. Especially when applied thoroughly, deep, sharp gloss will take over. Typical life expectancy of this wax is a solid 4-6 months.

Our #1 best sealing product recommended is Liquid Glass LG-100 Synthetic Sealant. It works just like a wax by applying on and then wiping off. By applying deep into the vehicle’s paint, it leaves a mirror-like glossy finish. Unlike with wax, this sealant will never crack, chip, or turn yellow.

Moreover, using this sealant in the baking sun will enable it to bond much quicker. What’s excellent about Liquid Glass LG-100, is it can last on your vehicle up to 12 months. Applying additional costs of wax once or twice per year can extend the life even more.

 Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax

No doubt, Meguiar’s products are powerful and excellent value deals. With the Ultimate Liquid Wax, it’s no compromise. By applying a thorough layer of this liquid, water will begin to bead of the paint, a deep glossy shine will present its self, up to 6-8 months of protection of UV rays, and absolutely no whitening on exterior trim.

In addition, you’ll receive an applicator pad and microfiber towel to start doing the job immediately.

P21S Concours Carnauba Car Wax

Probably the best of the best when it comes down to automotive wax’s (without getting ridiculously expensive). P21S Concours Carnauba Wax is premium wax at its finest. About 6.2 oz of this product will be enough to make a few wax jobs (if used appropriately). Numerous applications so far, have proven this carnauba wax to be one of the best car waxes for black cars we’ve come across so far.

Numerous applications so far, have proven this carnauba wax to be one of the best car waxes for black cars we’ve come across so far.

A vast majority of users have responded to this premium wax by saying it gives their vehicles paint an extremely shiny, glossy and freshly wet look.

Mothers Reflections Wax

One of the best things about Mothers Reflections automotive wax is the ability to easily wax on and wax off. When done throughout your entire vehicle, it adds depth to the paint and gives off an almost wet look (much glossier than original).

Be cautious to not get the cleaner on any trim, as Mothers Reflection can at times stain.  The formula in Mothers Reflection has a blend of mild cleaners, this enables you to also remove any older residue or waxes that may still be lingering.

With an average layer of this wax, the longevity tends to be best in reasonable weather conditions. Extreme temperatures tend to wear down the layer of wax much quicker.

For a simple wax that comes on and off VERY easily, Mothers Reflection is the way to go.

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is a garage queens tanning oil. While popularly used by DIY’ers, numerous detailing shops have this particular wax in their arsenal of equipment because of the deep glossy finish it provides.

What’s excellent with this wax, is its ease of application. You can use both an applicator pad or a rotary buffer to thoroughly apply this wax.

The hydrophobic polymer technology simply means, any liquid this wax comes in contact with will slide right off. That beading-off effect your paint will experience will last throughout the waxes entire life on your paint. Fewer water spots and more shine.

The two things to keep in mind with this wax are: it doesn’t last quite as long as the premium brand waxes and sealants (mentioned above), and contact with exterior trim can cause stains. Be cautious.

A simple to apply and remove wax, that gives a good overall shine to light and dark colored vehicles.


Undoubtedly the best car wax (although not quite a wax) when it comes down to affordability, is Liquid Glass LG-100 Synthetic Sealant. Producing mirror-like gloss to virtually any shade of paint, it’s super easy to apply, lasts 6-8 months on average, does not crack, chip, peel, or haze, and best of all costs only about 20 dollars for a 16 oz bottle.

Producing mirror-like gloss to virtually any shade of paint, it’s super easy to apply, lasts 6-8 months on average, does not crack, chip, peel, or haze, and best of all costs only about 20 dollars for a 16 oz bottle.

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If you want to really treat your vehicles paint with something special, the best wax for cars when it comes to actual carnauba wax is the P21S Concours Carnauba Car Wax. Not the most expensive by any means, but not cheap either.

P21S Concours Carnauba Wax is our best of the best automotive wax for a few reasons: it’s very easy to apply and remove, leaves an INCREDIBLE shine (especially when you see the depth of the gloss), it contains absolutely no abrasives, dyes or perfumes, water slides off with ease, and an average length of this wax on your paint should be a few solid months.

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