Best Window Tint Reviews (2020)

Posted: 9 May 2020

Introduction For The Current Best Window Tint Films To Install For Both Automotive and Home

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your car, is by installing window tint. It’s very often where manufacturers will not install any kind of tint on a vehicle and give you the sense that you’re driving in a “fish bowl”. This can be annoying in the sense that everyone can see what you’re doing in your car (decreased personal privacy), and also the ultra bright sunny days can impair your vision and put heavy strain on your eyes.

It’s important to know your local regulations in regards to window tint, you’d probably be very unhappy when getting pulled over and given a citation for having illegal shade of tint.

Finding the best window tint isn’t too hard, as tint itself is hardly different from one another (in most cases). We’ve put together a list of 5 best brands to buy car window tint from. In no particular order, choosing one of these (in the appropriate size) will serve you well.

5 Best Window Tint Films To Purchase For Better Privacy

5. Lexen Car Tint Film 5%-50%

For more industrial uses, Lexen creates a window film that ranges from as dark as 5% to as light as 50%. Great for use in personal and industrial vehicles, the film itself is relatively thick which may take a bit more work to have it applied properly.

You’ll receive 10′ feet long by 24″ inches wide roll of film for less than 11 dollars. Two rolls max would be what you’d need to have all of your vehicles windows done. Check it out on Amazon for their current best price.

4. Portint Windows Car Tint Film 5%-50%

Yet another excellent company that makes industrial and automotive tint, we have Protint. They specialize in automotive tint that ranges from as dark as 5% to as light as 50%.

This film in particular resists UV rays of up to 99%. With the entire car windows tinted, interior heat is also reduced which helps your cars interior stay cooler. Around 16 dollars gets you a 10′ foot by 24″ inch long roll. Priced fairly and one roll should be enough to cover an entire vehicle (all 4 windows).

3. GILA Xtreme Window Tint For Cars 2.5%-35%

A much more popular brand for window tinting, the GILA Xtreme Window Tint is exactly what you would use to go as dark as possible. Getting as dark as 2.5% (dangerous for street use), you’ll also be able to tint as light as 35% which tends to be the legal limit in most states. There’s a pretty strong adhesive in between the films, so once you’ve let it dry a bit, it’s going to be tough to remove it.

The facility that produces this window tint is located in the USA, giving you peace of mind and a 90 day warranty. 16 dollars and  a 24″ inch wide by 6.5′ feet long roll of film, places it at just above average price. Overall though, the average user satisfaction rate is an A+! Check it out on Amazon below.

2. OxGord Reflective Window Tint Film 5%-50%

Undoubtedly the cheapest costing window tint film we’ve come across so far. Less than 10 dollars gets you 10′ feet by 20″ inches wide roll of film, tint will range from 5% darkness to 50% darkness. While not the most credible brand on the market in terms of popularity, it definitely is a worthy shot due to the low cost.

Unlike with some other rolls of tint, with the OxGord roll, you’ll receive a small squeegee and a box cutter knife that will come in handy when it’s time to cut. Less than 10 dollars, more than enough tint to do all 4 windows, a box cutter and a squeegee. What more could you ask for in a great package? Check it out on Amazon for their current best price.

1. Black Magic Automotive Window Tint Film 5%-35%

Black Magic is BIG in the automotive care and detailing world. From tire shine, wheel cleaners, and car soaps, they are just as big in the window tint sphere. Black Magic offers a wide array of tint darkness, from as dark as 5% to as light as 35% (which is again, a safe tint to look into).

Unlike with some of the other rolls of tint, the Black Magic is quite easy to apply and really does well at resisting fade over time. It holds by static and does not require any glue or adhesive. A normal roll stretches out to approximately 78″ inches long and 26″ inches wide. 15 dollars, can’t go wrong. In our list, it’s the best window tint we could find, at a reasonable price.


**Window tint can be one of those things that can drastically reduce theft of high-tech electronics that are often clearly visible (mostly due tot he direct mounting of windshield). Some of things like radar detectors and car dash cameras can be hidden away from unwanted eyes.

In the even you decide to install tint on the front windshield, make sure to move your windshield wipers out of the way to ensure perfect fit and cut.

 Here’s How To Apply Automotive Window Tint