Best Window Tint Reviews (2020)

Posted: 9 May 2020

Introduction For The Current Best Window Tint Films To Install For Both Automotive and Home

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One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your car is by installing window tint. It’s very often where manufacturers will not install any kind of tint on a vehicle and give you the sense that you’re driving in a “fishbowl”. This can be annoying in the sense that everyone can see what you’re doing in your car (decreased personal privacy), and also the ultra-bright sunny days can impair your vision and put a heavy strain on your eyes.

It’s important to know your local regulations in regards to window tint, you’d probably be very unhappy when getting pulled over and given a citation for having an illegal shade of tint.

Finding the best window tint isn’t too hard, as tint itself is hardly different from one another (in most cases). We’ve put together a list of 5 best brands to buy car window tint from. In no particular order, choosing one of these (in the appropriate size) will serve you well.

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5 Best Window Tint Films To Purchase For Better Privacy

5. Lexen Car Tint Film 5%-50%

For more industrial uses, Lexen creates a window film that ranges from as dark as 5% to as light as 50%. Great for use in personal and industrial vehicles, the film itself is relatively thick which may take a bit more work to have it applied properly.You’ll receive 10′ feet long by 24″ inches wide roll of film for less than 11 dollars.
Two rolls max would be what you’d need to have all of your vehicles windows done. Check it out on Amazon for their current best price.

4. Portint Windows Car Tint Film 5%-50%

Portint Windows Car Tint FilmYet another excellent company that makes industrial and automotive tint, we have Protint. They specialize in automotive tint that ranges from as dark as 5% to as light as 50%.

This film in particular resists UV rays of up to 99%. With the entire car windows tinted, interior heat is also reduced which helps your car’s interior stay cooler. Around 16 dollars gets you a 10′ foot by 24″ inch long roll. Priced fairly and one roll should be enough to cover an entire vehicle (all 4 windows).

3. GILA Xtreme Window Tint For Cars 2.5%-35%

A much more popular brand for window tinting, the GILA Xtreme Window Tint is exactly what you would use to go as dark as possible. Getting as dark as 2.5% (dangerous for street use), you’ll also be able to tint as light as 35% which tends to be the legal limit in most states. There’s a pretty strong adhesive in between the films, so once you’ve let it dry a bit, it’s going to be tough to remove it.
The facility that produces this window tint is located in the USA, giving you peace of mind and a 90 day warranty. 16 dollars and  a 24″ inch wide by 6.5′ feet long roll of film, places it at just above average price.
Overall though, the average user satisfaction rate is an A+! Check it out on Amazon below.

2. OxGord Reflective Window Tint Film 5%-50%

OxGord Reflective Window Tint FilmUndoubtedly the cheapest costing window tint film we’ve come across so far. Less than 10 dollars gets you 10′ feet by 20″ inches wide roll of film, tint will range from 5% darkness to 50% darkness. While not the most credible brand on the market in terms of popularity, it definitely is a worthy shot due to the low cost.

Unlike with some other rolls of tint, with the OxGord roll, you’ll receive a small squeegee and a box cutter knife that will come in handy when it’s time to cut. Less than 10 dollars, more than enough tint to do all 4 windows, a box cutter, and a squeegee. What more could you ask for in a great package? Check it out on Amazon for their current best price.

1. Black Magic Automotive Window Tint Film 5%-35%

Black Magic is BIG in the automotive care and detailing world. From tire shine, wheel cleaners, and car soaps, they are just as big in the window tint sphere. Black Magic offers a wide array of tint darkness, from as dark as 5% to as light as 35% (which is again, a safe tint to look into).

Unlike with some of the other rolls of tint, the Black Magic is quite easy to apply and really does well at resisting fade over time. It holds by static and does not require any glue or adhesive. A normal roll stretches out to approximately 78″ inches long and 26″ inches wide. 15 dollars, can’t go wrong. In our list, it’s the best window tint we could find, at a reasonable price.

Window tint can be one of those things that can drastically reduce theft of high-tech electronics that are often clearly visible (mostly due tot he direct mounting of the windshield).
Some of things like radar detectors and car dash cameras can be hidden away from unwanted eyes.In the even you decide to install tint on the front windshield, make sure to move your windshield wipers out of the way to ensure perfect fit and cut.

 Here’s How To Apply Automotive Window Tint

Buying Guide To The Best Car Window Tint

Now that you have read our reviews you will have found the best tinting windows for cars currently available. We are sure you want to purchase some as soon as possible and start upgrading your car. Before you spend your hard-earned cash we would suggest taking a few minutes to have a read through of our buying guide and FAQs to give you an even more informed decision of what to look for when choosing a car window tinter.

What To Consider When Buying Window Tint for Your Car

Pre-Cut or Rolled

One of the first decisions you will need to make before you purchase window tint is choosing between pre-cut or rolled this will be down to personal preference but we will briefly discuss the pros and cons.


If you think that cutting the tint to the correct size of your car window is going to be an issue you should order pre-cut tint film, you’ll need to provide your vehicle’s details so that the window tint will be precisely cut. The window tint will arrive ready to be installed with no extra cutting needed. The big advantage in addition to having it prepared for you is that you only pay for the material needed. Though you do have to factor in that there is usually a cost attached to having it cut for you. The problem with pre-cut tint is that if you mess up the installation of it you won’t have any spare to make a second attempt, so make sure you get it right first go!


The main advantage of rolled is the amount of tint that you get. If you are going to use it on more than one car there will be plenty to go round. With rolled tint film you do need to be practical enough to install it but it’s a fairly easy process. As you have plenty of spare material with rolled tint if you mess up the first time at least you can give it another try, practice makes perfect! While with the pre-cut you pay for what you get with rolled you will have to pay a little more for the extra tint film you are getting.

Easy Application

If you have decided to install a window tint yourself especially if it’s your first time you should aim to find one that is easy to apply. If you aren’t confident in your abilities then you will have to pay extra and get a tinted window shop to do the job for you.


The more you pay for the window tint the more likely it is to be durable and long-lasting. So while you may pay more initially for your window film the longer it lasts the less expensive it will be in the long run.

Metallic Film Reduces Reception

We will be discussing the different types of window tints shortly but one consideration to keep in mind is that a tint kit that contains metallic sheets can degrade most types of reception inside a car. If you use a cell phone, radar detector, or GPS often you might find that metallic tint will interfere with the signals as the metal acts as a shield or deflector.

UV Blocking

One of the biggest advantages that window tinting provides is that it blocks out UVA and UVB rays. Many ceramic window tint brands claim that their product will decrease UV rays by up to 99%. Not all window tints are as effective though and the percentage may be lower in carbon, dyed, and metal tint films so you should check before buying to see how high the blocking percentage for UV rays is.

There are a number of benefits to having good UV protection, the first being that it will protect the interior of you car from the damage that UV rays can cause. The fixtures, fittings, and upholstery will fade when exposed to UV over a period of time as well produce cracks in the leather making the interior of your car look old and worn. When it comes to reselling your car window tinting may help increase the value by preserving your interior.

It’s not also the car interior that you need to protect more importantly window tinting will block out the UV rays that cause skin cancers thus protecting you and your passengers. Lastly, if you live in an environment with hot temperatures the window tinting will reduce the heat inside your car considerably.

Visible Light Transmission Percentage

VLT is going to be a big factor to consider when choosing your window tint. The measurement of the window tint darkness is the Visible Light Transmission Percentage which indicates how much light enters into your car. The lower the percentage of the VLT the darker the window tint is.
For example, a 70% VLT will let this much light into your car. The thickest window tint is around 5% VLT you have likely seen this installed on limousines though only on the side windows, the window that the chauffeur has to see through won’t be this low in VLT.

You should keep in mind that out of the factory most cars have slightly tinted glass already typically the standard VLT% will be between 74% and 85%.


Now you understand what the Visible Light Transmission Percentage is you should also understand that each state has different guidelines and laws regarding VLT. As the laws are different depending on which state you are in you will have to do your own research to determine which window tint meets the regulations for your state. You can visit this site that gives information on window tint rules state by state, the website isn’t official so if you want to be completely sure then check with your local law enforcement officials.

Choice of Color

This will be up to the individual but there are plenty of different colors to choose from such as amber, blue, gray and green, and of course the standard black. This gives you the chance to customize your car to your preference as well as receive all the other benefits such as UV protection that window tints provide.

Best Brands

Not all window tint brands are the same so if you want the best then you should consider who you are purchasing from. If you buy from trusted window tint brands such as Black Magic, Lexen, and Protint you will increase your chance of purchasing a high-quality product.

What Are The Benefits of Car Window Tint?

These are some of the advantages you get from adding window tints to your car.

Aesthetic Appeal

There’s no denying it, a car with window tints looks better than one without. If you are like us and like to give your car the best looks then tints are a must.


Adding tints to your car offers an element of privacy and security to your vehicle. While we don’t suggest leaving valuables in your car it does stop prying eyes from checking out what you have inside your car when you aren’t about.

Protects Against Shattered Glass

Tints can’t stop your glass from breaking but they can prevent it from shattering. The tint film will serve to hold the pieces of glass together. You can protect yourself, your passengers, and bystanders from the injuries caused by shards of auto glass when in an accident by adding window tinting film.

Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that tinting the windows of your car makes it more fuel-efficient? The reason for this is that you will find that you have less use of your air conditioner, therefore, being less of a drain on your car’s resources.

Improves Your Driving

Yes, we know you are the best driver ever and your driving can’t be improved! But we’re sure that you have been in the situation where the sun is shining on your face which is super annoying. It’s not just an irritation as it can be dangerous as well when you have glare shining in your face. With window tinting, this annoyance and potential danger will be a thing of the past.

Protects your Upholstery

UV rays and heat can damage your upholstery and car interiors in just a few years or less if you are living in a hot environment. To preserve the vehicle’s interior so that it doesn’t fade and crack window film tint is a solid solution.

Keeping Cool and Comfortable

By using a quality window tint the heat inside your car can be reduced by up to sixty percent so in those hot summer days when the weather is blistering hot you can be enviably cool and comfortable in your car.

Keep Healthy

You’ve probably heard how the direct ray from the sun can do some nasty damage to your skin, make it age faster, and even cause skin cancer. If you install window tinting you can reduce these damaging UV by as much as 99%.

The Different Types of Tints for Car Windows

There are various types of tint materials to choose from.

Dyed Polyester Film

This is one of the most common types of window film. It’s affordable and pretty simple to install. It should last a reasonably long time but does have a reputation of fading over time. It will reduce light glare and won’t reflect. Dyed window films consist of a layering of dye that blocks UV rays and heat, a protective polyester coating to prevent scratches, and an adhesive layer that adheres the film to the window glass.

Metallic Film

Metallic window film tints have many benefits they are long-lasting and durable and block UV rays the material doesn’t fade and it reflects radiation cooling the car interior. As we mentioned earlier the disadvantage is that it can interfere with cell phones and other devices such as the radio. It is also more expensive than the dyed polyester film.

Carbon Film

Carbon tints are a step above dyed and metallic film. It doesn’t have the metallic layer that interferes with phone and radio signals and it tends not to fade. It has a matte finish while metallic has a more shiny look so this will be up to your individual preferences. It will block out 70% of UV Rays preserving the interior of your car and is shatter-resistant in case of an accident. It’s a little more costly than the previous two types.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic film is the most expensive tint for your windows but it also the type with the highest quality. It perfect for visibility day and night and won’t fade it reflects up to 99% of UV rays. It consists of a protective top layer, an adhesive layer, and a ceramic layer.

Best Car Tint FAQ

You’ve read our reviews and you’ve read our buying guide for the best window tin film do you still have any questions unanswered? If so you are likely to find them in our frequently asked questions regarding window tinting below.

➡️ How do you apply the window tints car film?

Before you begin you should find a shaded and well-lit dust-free work area to carry out this job. If you want to be thorough it would be a good idea to use a hoover to remove any dust and particles from the inside of your vehicle.

Next, make sure that you have all the equipment that you will need to carry out the window tinting at hand. This will include the tint kit, plenty of clean soapy water, clean cloth, and Squeegee. A precision knife and optionally a razor blade will also be needed.

We start off by using the outside of the window which needs to be extremely clean. Spray the exterior of the window with soapy water then use a clean cloth or squeegee to dry it. Once again wet the exterior of the window with soapy water and roll the film with the line side facing out onto the window. You should keep in mind that we will be adhering the tint to the inside of the window. Trim away the excess window tint film and set it aside.

Position the film a quarter to half an inch below the top of the inside gasket then wet the outside of the film. Using a sharp knife or razor and taking care not to damage the seals or glass by cutting to hard trim along the vertical edges. Open the car door and roll the window down around two inches to expose the top of the glass. Trim the film to the edge of the glass using the top of the window as a guide.

Now we move to the interior glass once again we spray it with soapy water to give it a thorough clean and then dry it. You don’t want to leave any dirt or particles on the window as it could cause bubbles so use a razor to clean any stubborn areas. Peel back the liner and spray the inside of the glass with soapy water and ensure the window is rolled down a couple of inches. Apply the adhesive to the interior glass but before you positon the film, fold up the lower edge so it doesn’t contact the door panel and get dirt on it. slide the film into place to align it with the top edge of the window. With the soft edge of a squeegee, firmly press the film to the window to remove all bubbles from under the film.

It’s fairly straightforward but taking your time over the job if you rush you can easily mess it up. Remember you are basically dealing with a huge sticker. Always check the instructions that come with the product as they might be different than what you have read here or have seen on a video.

➡️ Which is the best window tint material to use?

This will be down to your budget and preferences as the different materials have there own advantages and disadvantages. Dyed polyester is the most affordable and is reasonably easy to install. Go for a known brand or pick one from our list of the best window tint reviews at the top of the page.

➡️ How long will a window tint for my car last?

Usually, a reasonable quality window tint should last about 5 years but the environment and temperature will affect its lifespan.

➡️ How long does it take to install tint to my vehicle windows?

Window tinting your vehicle shouldn’t take long, make sure you read through our how-to guide and tips above and have all the tools for the job at hand. You are best to take your time and get a good job done but it should take any more than two or three hours. It’s a fairly simple job that is perfect for a quiet Sunday morning.

➡️ Is it Illegal to tint your window?

Each and every state has different rules and regulations in place regarding window tinting. You need to check in with your local law enforcement authority to find out the requirements. It will be down to the Visible Light Transmission Percentage of the tint so this is the information you need to address.

➡️ How do I clean tinted windows?

You need to take extra care when you clean windows that are tinted. You need to be gentle and not scrub the windows to hard or use sharp objects on them. Use a sponge and soft cloth and an ammonia-free cleaner. Water and vinegar are common and safe to use as are cleaners that are citrus-based just ensure that they don’t contain ammonia.

➡️ What is the reason for my window tint turning purple?

Cheaper window film such as dyed tints tends to fade over time due to heat and UV ray exposure. You can expect to pay more for options that don’t turn purple such as ceramic window tints.

➡️ For what length of time should I keep my windows rolled up once I have installed window tint?

It’s recommended that you keep the windows rolled up for two to four days. If you roll the windows down before then the tint may peel as it hasn’t had time to adhere.

➡️ Why does some tint Bubble?

If it is not installed correctly it may bubble. You should ensure to remove any water and air bubbles that are between the window film and the glass.

➡️ Is window tint durable?

It might be a concern for some that their kids or pets might damage the tint but really this isn’t a problem. Most window film tints have a scratch-resistant coating to protect it. As window tint is applied to the inside of the glass be careful when loading or taking objects that have hard edges or are sharp out of the car as they can tear the window tinting.

➡️ Can you install a tint on top of the previous tint?

No, you can’t tint over aftermarket tint you will need to strip it off and then apply a new tint.

➡️ How can you remove the old window tint?

The best way is to steam the window with a fabric steamer which will melt the adhesive falling to easily peel the window tint off.

➡️ Is it OK to wash your car after installing window tint?

As window tint is applied to the inside of the window of your vehicle yes it is perfectly fine to wash it but do make sure that you have secure seals around each window that you have installed the tint.

➡️ Can rain ruin my new window tint?

See above! Window tint is installed on the inside of your vehicle’s window so rain won’t be an issue.

Final Summary

We hope you have found this guide to the best window tints useful we have listed our top five recommended brands at the top of the page to save you time doing the research yourself.

Just to recap our top picks included;

Lexen Window Tinting Film – This is an affordable brand and comes with detailed instructions. If you want to save cash and do it yourself then this would be a great film to use for your windows. Great for use in most types of vehicles Lexen is a popular and well-known brand.

Protint Windows Tint Film – Another popular brand and product that comes at a competitive price. 99% anti-UV protection and a VLT between 5%-50% makes this a great buy. Online reviews describe it as being easy to install and use.

Gila Xtreme Tint for cars – A cost-effective solution for tinting windows, if you take your time when applying the film you’ll have great looking windows and a lot cheaper than if you had them done at your local tint shop.

OxGord Window Tinting – This is a popular brand for tinting all sorts of windows but it does lack instructions so you are best to follow a YouTube video or follow our instructions in the FAQ section.

Blackmagic Window Tint – This tint is suitable for most vehicles and home use. Many users reported using it to protect their kids and pets from the hot sun beating down on them while driving. This is sturdy and thick film that should be perfect for any tinting job.

If you read our buying guide you’ll know the different types of tints available, considerations to look for and the many benefits there are to adding window tints to your vehicle. If you want privacy, UV protection, and a cool look for your ride then window tints are a fantastic addition.