7 Best Wheel and Tire Cleaners To Buy 2019

Posted: June 8, 2016


When it comes to cleaning any kind of automobile, taking care of the wheels is one of the most important things. Just imagine the human analogy, after washing your body but forgetting to clean your dirty and sweaty feet. Doesn’t sound good, right?

Today, you have the option of purchasing tire cleaners, wheel cleaners or a tire and wheel cleaner all-in-one. These products can help to bring out the shine of your rims, and also remove imbedded dirt, dust, and other debris that can eventually cause permanent damage. As for the tires, the things that receive the most pressure and usage at all times.. they too need heavy duty cleaning and hydration to avoid dry rotting.

In order to get the proper tire and rim cleaning process completed, you need the right tools. With the right tools, you’ll be able to bring your rims back to their factory look and even keep your tires lasting a bit longer. Below we put together a list of the 7 best wheel cleaners and tire cleaners that can help you get a professional detailing job done. Just remember that some of these products may be two products integrated into one… while other may be stand alone products. Either way, this list should be all you really need to complete your shopping venture in this area of detailing.

Top 7 Best Wheel and Tire Cleaners 2019

7. Mothers Wheel and Tire Cleaner

When it comes down to basic automotive detailing, you can’t go wrong with Mothers products. This wheel and tire cleaner works for your vehicle entire wheel, just use a simple brush to agitate the product and wash away.

You are safe to use this cleaner on all factory/OEM wheels and hub caps. Anything that may be painted over, clear coated, color coated, steel, modular or even chrome.

Although this isn’t a super heavy duty product, in most cases where basic cleaning and detailing is involved.. using the Mothers Wheel and Tire Cleaner will do just fine.

6. 3M Car Care Tire and Wheel Cleaner

Although 3M is known for their adhesive products such as tape, they are also quite good at making products that work can be used to clean and polish. In this instance, we have their Wheel and Tire Cleaner which comes in a simple 16oz spray bottle.

For a go-to product that doesn’t require any kind of diluting, this is one darn good wheel and tire cleaner. Using it with a soft briistle brush will help you adjutant brake dust, grass and grime right from the wheels. From there you simple need to wash it off with pressurized water and you’ll have much better looking wheels than you did before.

Do you want to re-moisturize your tires and reduce the dry rotting process? Great, because using this cleaner will help to remove excess grease from the tires without drying them out. For around 10 dollars, you’ll get multiple uses out of this product. Check it out below for the current best deal.

5. Meguiar’s Hot Rims and Wheel Cleaner

If you’re at all familiar with Meguiar’s car care products (and you very well should), you’ll know nearly everything they make is of good quality. When  it comes down to wheel cleaners, they make a few different products. In particular, we picked the Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner by Meguiar.

This is by far the lowest costing product we found, and you get a whole 24oz of it. The easy to use spray bottle is great for go-to detailing/cleaning, targeting dirt, dust, grime, and grease from your wheels. Using a wheel brush to work the cleaner into the wheels then rinse off. Doing this for all 4 wheels will give you a finished product that makes the whole car look 2x better.

Its worth mentioning that this isn’t a super heavy duty product like some others we will mention below. However if nothing too heavy is to be cleaned, we definitely recommend getting at least 2 for less than 10 dollars. *Two should last you for at least 5 full wheel cleaning sessions.

4. Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus

For specialty detailing, a product that is to be used on even the most exotic vehicles, Sonar Wheel Cleaner Plus is just that. Designed to be acid-free and pH balanced, it’s environmentally-friendly when being rinsed off. Break down embedded metals, brake dust, dirt, grime, and grease from your wheels and tires with total ease.

Whether you have painted, anodized or cleaner coated wheels, you’ll be able to safely apply this cleaner. Using a soft brush to work the cleaner into the dirt and grime, you’ll see instant results after rinsing the product off.

Compared to their previous cleaner, this one is about 30% stronger. We recommend using this product in all types of vehicles. Click the link below to see the current best deal.

3. Chemical Guys Signature Wheel Cleaner

When it comes to stylish products that are made for todays younger audience, Chemical Guys is one of the top companies. You’ll recognize their products right away from the very slick labeling and YouTube videos. In this example, we have their Signature Series Wheel Cleaner.

This product comes in a 16oz spray bottle, that is quite easy to use. As you’d expect from a premium product like this, you’ll be able to use it on premium wheels such as chrome, painted, polished, or even powder-coated. As you spray this product into the rims, you’ll be able to work the cleaner into the wheels using a soft brush. From there, simply rinse off and see the difference… it’s that simple.

You can dilute this product for various strengths, but right from the bottle will be its strongest form. Being an artificial chemical, you’ll only smell a citrus scent which makes the using process a bit easier. Whether you are targeting brake dust, oxidation, grease or dirt… you won’t have a problem using this product. Check it out below for more information.

2. CarGuys Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Our #2 pick for the best wheel cleaner and tire cleaner, is the CarGuys All Type Wheel and Rim Cleaner. This product is defiantly designed to be more than just your ordinary cleaner. You see, this product is 100% safe on chrome, aluminum, clear-coated, painted, polished and even plasti-dipped rims.

Whether you’re using this during the summer or even winter, its will help to eliminate harmful salt and winter grime. Most people don’t know just how corrosive road salt is to their vehicle, unless your vehicle is made of all plastic, rust can start to happen very fast.

Unlike most other cheap products that can harm the environment, the CarGuys cleaner is made in the United States and is acid free, non-toxic, and pH balanced. Also one of the most important things that makes this cleaner quite good, is that it won’t stain your wheels.

See below for the current best price.

1. TriNova Wheel and Tire Cleaner

From our list of the best wheel cleaner to get, the TriNova wheel and tire cleaner gel is by far the best one we found. Made 100% in the USA, it will without  a doubt, remove unwanted grime, dirt, brake dust, grease and much more that can cling-on to your wheels and tires. In the events that you have stains on your wheels, this cleaner will fight them like OxiClean.

While you can dilute this product from its original bottle, the factory mixture is the strongest, giving you the absolute best stain and dirt fighting power. Whether you have aluminum, chrome, while-wall tires and a whole bunch of other different types of wheels, this cleaner IS in fact safe to use for everything.

Acid-free formula ensures there’s no stains left behind on your previous wheels. Lastly, this cleaner is 100% non-toxic right from the factory. If you are doing any kind of professional detailing for personal or business purposes, you can’t go wrong with TriNova. Click below to see the best current deal.

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