Best Car Sun Shade Reviews (2020)

Posted: 4 April 2020


car windshield shades

car windshield shades

Believe it or not, car sun shades have quite a few different benefits. If you’ve ever left your vehicle directly in the sun, windows without any kind of tint, you’ll know what it’s time to drive your vehicle, it will be quite a challenge.

TRY NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING THAT IS PLASTIC OR LEATHER. It’s tough, and it’s all because of the interior getting heated up from the direct unfiltered sun light.

What if you could do something about it, something that is very cheap and can actually in the long run:

  • Save your interior from dry rotting
  •  and save YOU from getting baked in heat

My friend, they are called windshield sun shades and, window sun shades. They may vary in size and shape, but they all serve one main purpose. It’s to block (or drastically reduce), direct sunlight from entering your vehicle.

To make your life MUCH easier, we put together a list of the best car window and windshield shades. By no means are they perfect, but from hundreds and thousands of satisfied users, you can’t go wrong.

Top 7 Best Windshield and Window Shades To Buy

7. Enovoe Car Window Shades

One of the most popular auto sun shades for regular sized windows is the Enovoe Premium Car Shades. This is the type of shades parts typically would use on their rear windows to block-out the harsh sun rays.

This one in particular comes in a a two pack, which is perfect for both left and right window. Installation is extremely simple, and you can block out up to 97% of UV rays. Durability is excellent also, allowing you to bend and twist them in multiple directions with no problems at all.

A basic set of car window shades at its best, check them out on Amazon for around 10 dollars or so.


6. SunnyStreet Premium Window Shades

Another great brand for automotive window shades, is Sunny Street. Their Premium Car Window Sun Shades will help to block out 98% of harmful UV Rays, and also drastically reduce the heat coming in from the sun.

Installation is very easy for both putting on and taking off. Flexibility is also there to allow you to bend and twist them in multiple directions without them breaking.

These shades come in a pack of two, allowing you to place them on both right and left side of rear passenger windows. Good thing with Sunny Street, is that they have a lifetime warranty and will replace them whenever something may go wrong.

10 dollars gets you two shades, a great buy for your kids or to simply reduce interior heat.


5. AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade

The place where the most heat is being directed into your vehicle, is your front windshield. A good windshield sun shade like the AlphaShades will not only have a heavy duty nylon/polyester material shade to block the sun from entering, but also come with two additional window shades for the back passenger windows.

The easy pop-up design allows you to mount them on and off your windshield. Storage is a breeze, with the included nylon pouch where you can place both the front windshield shade and the side window shades. All for around 10 dollars, it’s a tough deal to beat!


4. X-Shade Car Windshield SunShade

Another excellent, fordable front windshield sun shade for cars and trucks. The X-Shade shade comes as a sole front windshield shade only. In terms of the benefits you get from using it, they are a  cooler interior, giving you a more comfortable initial ride.

Like we mentioned earlier, the UV rays which are not only harmful to your skin, but also to your vehicles interior, they are all going to be blocked. The nylon material is durable, flexible, and should last you quite a bit (conveniently stores in an included pouch).

For 8 dollars, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get one of these. It helps to protect your vehicle from heat, and keep you cooler.


3. Oxgord Car Windshield Sunshade

Many car windshield sun shades have a slightly “matte” finish to them. This doesn’t work quite well at reflecting at incoming heat. With OxGord Car SunShade, you’re getting a fold-able and reflective shade that will fit nearly every car and truck windshield.

Overall design is like we mentioned, fold-able and easy to store away for times when you don’t need it. Based on nearly 500 individual user reviews, this shade gets an A+ for effectiveness at reflecting sun UV rays and heat. Cost wise you won’t be upset either, around 10 dollars makes it a great deal!


2. Coveted Shade Windshield Shades

The sunshades for cars here called the Coveted Shade 59”x31.5” reflective shades, works great at getting your daily driver from burning up on a hot day. UV rays and heat being the major harmful elements that not only make you uncomfortable, but also damage your vehicles interior.

When properly propped up and covering the entire windshield, the suns rays are going to be reflected back where they came from. As a result, a more comfortable ride up-front and a longer lasting interior (especially if you have leather).

Get a 1 year replacement warranty if for some reason you’re not satisfied with this shade.


1. Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

The last car sun windshield shade we have is made by “Shade-It”. Undoubtedly the king and the most popular shade we could find with over 2,000 individual user ratings giving it a solid rating in terms of durability and sun reflection.

Just like the other sun shades mentioned above, you can fold it up into the included nylon each (which is easy to store away). The reflective shade protects from UV rays, and keeps the vehicle cooler.

For right around 17 dollars or so, you get this shade that works marvelously, and has a $ back guarantee (if for whatever reason you don’t love it).

Now that you have some protection against the harmful rays that destroy automotive interiors, you may find a few additional guides useful.

Whether it’s raining little, or a lot, grab yourself a good set of windshield wiper blades. On top of that, if you are always exposed to direct sunlight, considering getting a portable solar panel to help reduce stress on your vehicle’s battery and alternator (also applies when camping).