Best FM Transmitter Reviews (2020)

Posted: 12 May 2020

Introduction To Best FM Transmitters For Automobile Use

This this day and age, most cars, trucks, suv’s and vans have either an auxiliary input or a USB port. This enables you to either download your own tracks into your vehicles head unit or use an external music device to play music through the aux cord. However, for the many that don’t have a USB or an aux input… this can be an issue.

Unless you only prefer to list to FM radio (or even.. AM radio), you’ll be stuck with no other real option for music. The simplest way to have the ability to listen music without having an aux cable or a USB jack, is by using an fm transmitter. These great devices work by going off FM frequencies that radio stations don’t use.

This guide here is going to be used specifically to help you find the best fm transmitter for the money. By reading a few of our fm transmitter reviews, you’ll have a genera idea of which stand out above others.

Here’s 8 Best FM Transmitters To Buy In 2019

8. Taswell Universal In-Car Wireless FM Transmitter

 Taswell Universal In-Car Wireless FM Transmitter


The Teswell Universal In-Car Wireless FM Transmitter is a rather simple and sleep device. Unlike most others that require power at all times through a cigarette lighter, this one has a built-in battery which allows you to use it 100% wirelessly (charge using the included micro usb cable). The 3.5mm aux jack will fit on most mobile devices quite well. Using the LCD screen and the directional arrow buttons to change FM frequencies. 

**Frequencies included are 88.1-107.9 MHz

Additionally, the LCD screen also displays the current battery status of the device. All together, you get what’s needed to setup your music via fm. To learn more about this kit, just click the button below.

7. AbdTech Wireless FM Transmitter

AbdTech Wireless FM Transmitter


This device is a rather different one, it is actually a 100% true wireless fm transmitter. The Abdtech Wireless In-Car Transmitter has all the attributes necessary for an excellent experience. It has a few important features that makes the world of a difference: two USB ports which put out a total of 4.2amps (or around 21watts). An LCD screen displays FM frequencies, which fine tune your audio quality. 

**Frequencies included are 87.5-108.0 MHz

There’s no aux cord to connect, instead there’s a bluetooth chip which allows you to stream music via bluetooth through this fm transmitter. A true cord free experience. Only downside to this is, if your device is not bluetooth enabled.. you won’t be able to take advantage of audio streaming. 

To learn more about this unit, click the yellow button below. 

6. Enegg Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter

Enegg Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter


Our #6 best fm transmitter to buy, is Enegg Wireless Bluetooth In Car Radio FM Transmitter. It looks rather sleek, in both black and white colors. There’s an elegant blue lighting which illuminates the buttons and LCD screen. On the LCD screen, you can select different fm frequencies. 

Being powered off 12v cigarette lighter socket, you won’t ever have to physically move it around or remove it to charge your electronic device. Instead of using an aux cord, you’ll be able to play music via bluetooth directly through this transmitter. 

**Frequencies included are 87.5-108.0 MHz

Additional feature which help you make more use of the 12v socket, is the USB (running on 1.0amps) port. To learn more, click the button below.

5. LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter

LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter


Number 5 product we would recommend you to get, is the LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter. It has a modern look to it, with a simple interface. You just have to power it by a 12v outlet, and the rest is taken care of. 

The front of the transmitter has a LCD screen, which displays the selected FM frequency. On the side, there’s an ON button and forward and back buttons for selecting which frequency you’d want. To ensure you’re getting more out of your 12v outlet, the transmitter includes a single USB port which puts out an impressive 2.5 amps (more than enough to charge mobile devices). 

**Frequencies included are 87.5-108.0 MHz

Instead of an aux cord, you’l be able to connect your music device via bluetooth. From there, you’ll be able to use one of the available FM frequencies. To learn more, click below.

4. AUKEY FM Transmitter Car Kit

AUKEY FM Transmitter Car Kit


Our next product, is the Aukey BT-C4 FM Transmitter. This one actually operates from an aux cable. its overall functionality is a bit more straight forward, requiring only a 12v outlet and a hard connection to an audio device. Its interface is quite simple to operate, with an LCD screen showing you your selected FM frequency. There’s a left and right button which you can use to move frequencies. 

With the 12v power cord, you get 1 USB charging port which puts out 2.1 amps. Use is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. For the price, you can go wrong. It works really well and you can tune it to 88.1 and up to 108.8 FM. Click below to see best price, as well as what over 500 others had to say.

3. TeckNet In Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter

TeckNet In Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter


We’re now moving down to our #3 best fm transmitter, which is the TeckNet In Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter. This thing is essentially the same as our #4 pick. You get a power cord which is connected to the 12v power adapter. There’s a USB port which puts out just over 2 amps to charge electronic devices. 

Frequencies are reported to be as low as 88.X and as high as 107.X. Controlling it is quite simple, with the arrows on both ends of the fm transmitter. Sound is crystal clear once you tune in to an appropriate station. For less than 15 dollars, its an excellent value. If you absolutely need an FM transmitter, you won’t be disappointed. 

2. Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

 Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter


Our #2 pick is the Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter. This thing will leave a better impression, compared to just an ordinary one you’d typically find elsewhere. It plugs directly into your 12v outlet. That means, there’s no wires required to run from the power outlet to the actual transmitter. From the power adapter, there’s a bendable connector which gives you the flexibility to move the transmitting unit to you desired location. Just think of this thing as a phone mount, that instead of the phone, the transmitter is being moved around. 

You can play music directly from this transmitter via micro sd card. You can also switch between audio tracks by the button located on this device. Most importantly though, there’s buttons to switch between FM frequencies. Luckily, you can go as low as 87.5 or as high as 108.0 Mhz. This unit also has the best of both worlds, allowing you to play music via AUX or bluetooth.

Lastly, you get a USB port which has a very reasonable output of around 2.1amps (for quick charging). If you’d like to learn more, click below.

1. JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit


From our fm transmitter reviews so far, we picked the JETech Wireless FM Transmitter as the best tone to buy. While it may look quite similar in style to many others, it is actually a bit different in build quality and simplicity. This one comes in either gold or black color. The buttons on the device are used to switch between FM frequencies ranging from 88.1 to 107.9.

A durably aux cord is available, along with a quick charging USB port which puts out just over 2.0 amps (making for some impressive charging times). 

Simple in design, over 4,000 user reviews, you can’t go wrong. To see the current best price and what others have to say, just click below. 

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If you have ever setup an fm transmitter, you know static is one of your worst enemies. Interruptions from many places can come into contact with your radio and your transmitter. As a result, making your audio less than perfect.

In the United States, frequencies lower than 88.1 fm are not used. As a result, this will give you near flawless reception between  your electronic device and radio. All you simply need to do is set your radio to 88.1 or lower, and set your fm transmitter to the matching frequency. Learn more by watching this YouTube video.