5 Best Cassette Adapters To Buy For Auto and Home Use – 2017

Introduction To Best Cassette Aux Adapters

Best Cassete Aux CordIf you’re ever “cursed” with a cassette deck today, you know the pain of not having a way to listen to your music from your electronic devices. You can either buy a new head unit by spending a few hundred dollars, or you can spend less than 20 dollars and get a cassette adapter with an aux cord. Which would it be?

If you chose the latter, you’d a wise person. Primarily if you don’t mind still using your factory head unit. A car audio cassette adapter is an excellent way to connect your music to your automobile… without actually having an integrated auxiliary input. While there’s so many adapter to choose from, we’re looking at two key aspects that will make or break a product. 

#1 Durability

#2 Sound Quality

We made a guide that shows only the best cassette adapters to buy. Under each one, there’s cassette adapter reviews that can help you make a decision. Right below, you go ahead and read our top 5 list.

Here’s Top 5 Best Cassette Adapters To Buy In 2017

RankingProductOverall Rating
Insten 3.5mm Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter
3.6 Stars (3.6 / 5)
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Gezan 3.5mm Car Audio Tape Cassette Adapter
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
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Besdata Car Cassette Adapter
3.1 Stars (3.1 / 5)
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RCA CD Auto Cassette Aux Adapter
3.2 Stars (3.2 / 5)
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Sony CPA Car Audio Cassette Aux Adapter
4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
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5. Sony CPA Car Audio Cassette Aux Adapter

Sony CPA Car Audio Cassette Adapter

Sony CPA

The priciest adapter we have on our list, the Sony CPA 9 Car Audi0 Cassette Aux Adapter is a great product that goes hand in hand with your cassette playing stereo system. It will allow you to listen from your CD or MP3 player with the use of an integrated aux cord.

Overall noise coming from this product is minimal, due to the noise absorbing mechanisms installed. Its just like a plain cassette, but with an aux cord extending out. To learn more and see what others have said, click the button below.

4. RCA CD Auto Cassette Aux Adapter

RCA CD Auto Cassette Adapter


Here is yet another inexpensive and properly functioning auto cassette aux adapter. The RCA AH760R works excellent for any automotive or non-automotive applications. From use in car head units, to using them in boom boxes that don’t have an aux or cd slot.

Its overall compact and is shaped to be just like a regularly functioning cassette. However, by adding the aux cord, you’re able to plug in any electronic music device you desire. For under 6 dollars, its worth a shot and odds are you’ll find it quite useful.

To see more about this adapter, just click the button below.

3. Besdata Car Cassette Adapter 

Besdata Car Cassette Adapter


Besdata Car Cassette Adapter is our #3 pick for best cassette adapters. This thing is not that much different from the others we’ve reviewed so far. However, the one thing that really sets it apart as a feature, is the integrated mic that is on the aux cord.

You get an entire 3 feet of aux cord. The cord has a 3.5mm aux jack, but also has a 2.5mm aux jack adapter for all the other types of electronic music devices. Using the included mic, you can also talk while you have the cord plugged in.

At well under 10 dollars, its a great buy. It is also a very popular item, with over 2,000 user reviews.

2. Gezan 3.5mm Car Audio Tape Cassette Adapter

Gezan 3.5mm Car Audio Tape Cassette Adapter


Coming in as our #2, is the Gezan 3.5mm Car Audio Tape Cassette Adapter. This thing is probably one of the best cassette adapters you can buy right now. It features a 3 foot long aux cord coated in a red color, along with a heavy duty aux jack which is a standard 3.5mm.

You can use this adapter to play CD, MP3’s or MD players. Its easy to pop right into the cassette deck. A spring-loaded cassette head is used to maintain solid contact with your table players head.

Costing right around what you would expect to pay (about 11-12 dollars), its better quality than most others. To see more, click the button below.

1. Insten 3.5mm Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter

Insten 3.5mm Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter


Our #1 pick, is the Insten Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter. This simple cassette, is used for the main purpose of listening to music from ALL types of electronic devices (iPhones, iPods, Smartphones, MP3 Players, CD Players, Mini Disk Players etc).

Your auxiliary cord will be around 3 feet long, which makes it more than long enough for handheld use. There’s some sound reducing mechanisms in the cassette which make the device in action, quieter.

This thing is massively popular among buyers of aux cassette adapters. It is also the #1 best seller under rate “MP3 Cassette Player Adapters” category. To learn more, just click the button below.

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We hope by reading our top 5 cassette adapter reviews, you’re able to make a better choice. Whole most of them are more or less, the same… there’s the durability and sound quality differences that make or break devices. Use this as just a frame of reference. Spending 10-15 dollars for one of these products is about what you should expect.

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