Best Ice Scraper Reviews (2020)

Posted: 8 March 2020


Whether you’re reading this during the summer, spring, fall or winter, having a snow brush and an ice scraper can really come in handy. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced waking up to a car covered in snow, as most of us do we start the car and let it warm up and if no tools are handy, we have to remove the snow by hand. Worse case scenario, your windows are covered in a layer of ice which make it VERY difficult to remove and worse yet, delaying your plans to going anywhere.

There’s absolutely nothing complicating about these tools, as most of you know they serve two purposes and by having one that can be portable, you’ll have a way to remove snow and ice anywhere you go.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve put together a list of snow brushes for cars and ice scrapers for cars. Some of the tools are all-in-one for convenience. Let’s keep your windows and front windshield free and clear of ice and snow.

Here’s the 6 best ice scrapers and snow brushes we could find online.

Top 6 Best Snow Brushes and Ice Scrapers For Automobiles with Reviews

Image Product Features
Subzero 532 Colors May Vary Snow Brush, Fixed Head, Plastic, 26 In

Best Seller

Hopkins 532 Mallory Snow Brush with Foam Grip

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SNO Brum Original Snow Removal Tool with 27 x 46 Telescoping Handle (2 Pack)

Best Seller

Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Tool

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Hopkins 16511 SubZero 23' Ice Hammer Snowbrush and Ice Scraper (Colors may vary)

Best Seller

Hopkins 16511 Subzero Ice Hammer Snowbrush

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BIRDROCK HOME Snow MOOver 55' Extendable Foam Snow Brush and Ice Scraper with Soft Grip - Winter Tool - Auto Window Windshield Snow Brush - Car Ice Scraper - Truck SUV - Snow Removal

BirdRock Home 55″ Extendable Snow and Ice Scraper

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Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper | 18-Inch Foam Head (Blue)

Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

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True Temper ABTT3612 Scratch-Free Snow Brush, 36-Inch

True Temper Scratch-Free Snow Brush

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6. True Temper Scratch-Free Snow Brush

For an ice scraper and a snow brush all in one, the True Temper brush and scraper really DO make a world of a difference. Made of an EV plastic with an aluminum metal handle, it features a two-sided ice scraper and a foam brush which is designed to drastically reduce any kind of scratch marks left on the paint.

This unit in particular comes in 28″ inches long, 32″ inches long, and 36″ inches long. In terms of cost, you’ll be paying less than 20 dollars for any of the lengths. It’s extremely lightweight, coming in at just under 13 oz’s and if you get the 28″ inch long unit, you’ll easily be able to store it in your trunk. Check it out!

5. Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

Not a snow brush, but instead a snow mover and an ice scraper all in one. Snow Joe’s SJBLZD Snow Broom looks much like a regular household broom, except for the fact that it’s a car ice scraper on one end, and a snow broom on the other.

Starting on the bottom end, you have the snow broom which is used to move snow from your vehicle. This part works great at moving medium to large quantities of fluffy snow. On the other end, you have a ice scraper which is great for removing layers of ice from your front windshield and other windows. To make it as long as you need it to be, you can retract it from being only 30″ inches long to as much as 49″ inches long.

4. BirdRock Home 55″ Extendable Snow and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip

We  love this snow brush and windshield ice scraper because it’s definitely an improved version of the Snow Joe broom mentioned above. Featuring a snow brush made of foam on the front, and an ice scraper for the car windshield in the rear. It’s quite lightweight at around 1.6 lbs, the aluminum build can extend up to 55″ inches long.

Some have complained about the aluminum handle being cold to use with bare hands, BirdRock has solved that by featuring cushions located on where you’d typically grab the broom. Use it with or without gloves. Check it out on Amazon below for the lowest price.

3. Hopkins 16511 Subzero 23″ Ice Hammer Snowbrush

One of the best snow brushes we’ve seen online as well as one of the best ice scrapers you can use, the Hopkins Subzero 23″ Ice Hammer is simple in design, cheap in cost, and portable to be used in practically any vehicle.

The snow brush itself is quite big, and can be used to remove a fair amount of snow at once. The other end is a windshield scraper, used specifically for removing various layers of ice build-up. It grips easily and stores away using very little room (considering how slim it is). For less than 10 dollars, getting one for every vehicle would be a smart move.

2. Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Tool

Here’s where we have a 100% dedicated snow remover tool. The Sno Brum is one of the simplest inventions ever created, a broom with a simple foam plow mounted on the front. Simple but effective, for all those times when you wake up to snow packing your entire car, using the Sno Brum is an effective and quick way to move large amount of dry and wet snow.

Stretch it out from 17″ inches long to 28″ inches long, place it in a convenient place or even in your vehicle. Not a car snow brush, but a car snow mover, working more effectively than an ordinary brush. See what the current price is at Amazon, below.

1. Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip

The #1 best seller when it comes to snow brushes for cars and ice scrapers, it’s the Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow and Ice unit. Designed to be very lightweight and comfortable to carry, it weighs in at just under 13 oz’s.

Featuring a long nylon brush, you’ll easily be able to push and scrape away snow. The other end features a hard plastic ice scraper, making it safe and effective way to remove the layers of ice on your cars windows. With the foam grips located on the aluminum handle, your bare hands won’t freeze. For less than 20 dollars and multiple uses, snow and ice won’t be any match!


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