5 Best Parking Sensor Systems To Buy 2019

Posted: April 5, 2016

Introduction To Best Parking Assist Sensor Systems To Buy


Best Parking Assist Sensor Systems If you’re anything like 99% of other drivers, the most common thing you may sometimes have trouble with is parking perfectly. When we say perfectly, we mean to the point where you don’t hit anything or anyone and have just enough room to put your finger in between the spaces.

A lot of vehicle today have horrible blind spots and make it tough to not only make turns, but also park the vehicles. In order to fix that, your vehicle has to already have been equipped with a parking system with sensors, or a parking assist system via reverse rear camera. If you have none of those, than don’t sweat it.

Aftermarket backup sensors area quite affordable, and can be installed with no trouble at all. Just donate yourself an hour or so to do the full installation and you should be good to go. Below is a list of the 5 best rear parking assist sensors, and even all around front and back parking assist sensors that have the ability to make your life 10x easier.


Here’s 5 Best Parking Systems For Installing On Front and/or Back of Your Automobile

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ZoneTech Reverse Parking Sensors & LED Display

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SunValleyTek XD-066 Reverse Backup Radar System

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Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor

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5. BeneGlow Dual-Core Front and Rear Backup Sensors System

BeneGlow Dual-Core Front and Rear Backup Sensors System

BeneGlow Dual-Core

This one is a rather new setup, unlike a whole bunch of other parking system which only do reverse, this kit does front also. The BeneGlow parking sensors are created from what looks like premium grade plastic, not tacky at all, you can fit the LCD display on the front dash and it can bland it quite nicely.

The receiver has a total of 8 outputs for parking sensors, which this kit comes a total of 8 backup sensors (4 for the front and 4 for the rear). You get to see the distance in meters on the display, you can see the vehicle front and rear matrix bar, closest obstacle warning light for front and back, and lastly you get to turn the volume up/down.

Everything you need to install this kit (including the drill bit for installing the sensors), is included.

4. Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor System

Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor System

Striker Adjustable

A rather unique way to help you backup, the Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor is designed in a way like the traffic light works. When you have more than enough room to go forward, the light stays green. When the light starts turning yellow, it means you’re approaching the “too close” distance between you and the object in front.

This is a great way to park your vehicle, and get a clear indication of how close or how far you are from the closes object in front. When it comes to mounting, it’s quite easy (requiring only double sided tape and velcro).

What’s great about this little unit, is that you can adjust the distance when the red and yellow lights come on  from as little as 6 inches to as much as 6 feet. For 25 dollars, it should prove to be a pretty useful tool.


3. SunValleyTek XD-066 Reverse Backup Parking Sensors

SunValleyTek XD-066 Reverse Backup Parking Sensors

SunValleyTek XD-066

If you want affordability and function, look no further. The SunValleyTek XD-066 LED parking sensor system is exactly what you need if you want an easy to use and understand system, to let you park without getting too close to objects.

This system in particular is very straightforward, requiring a bit of time to full install it of course. You get an LED bar styled display unit which tells you visually and audibly how far you are from the closes object behind you. You also get the proper wiring, 4 sensors, receiver, and a drill bit specifically used for installing the sensors.

For less than 15 dollars and over 280 thumbs up for this unit, it’s a pretty darn good deal. Check it on Amazon (below) for the killer price.

2. ePathChina Mini LED Display Reverse Parking System

ePathChina Mini LED Display Reverse Parking System

ePathChina Mini

A very similar item like we mentioned in #5, but the ePathChina Reverse Parking Sensor System is actually very sleek in design. When you get the unit, you’ll first notice the LCD display which shows icons in white with a dark blue background.

Installation is just as easy as with the other systems earlier mentioned. When properly installed, this system automatically activates when you place your vehicle in reverse mode.

On the LCD display, you’ll see the total distance from the closes obstacle, audible alerts, a volume +/-, and power on/off. All wiring and drill bits required are all included to make this installation complete in one go.

In conclusion, the best part about this ePathChina model is that for the price, its very sleek and works like it is intended to.


1. ZoneTech Reverse Parking Sensors & LED Display

ZoneTech Reverse Parking Sensors & LED Display


Now here we have the ZoneTech install-able parking assist system. This is again a very basic kit, costing next to nothing. What you get with this kit are 4 sensors for the rear bumper, a LED display (carrying levels of sensitivity), a receiver unit for the sensors, proper wiring, and the drill bit for installing these 4 sensors.

Like we mentioned earlier with some of the others, installation from A-Z may take an hour or so. But for the most part, it’s quite easy (assuming you follow instructions included).  There’s 4 alarm modes and 3 colors – green, yellow, and red. Each color represents the distance between you and the closest object.

As of right now, being a relatively new product, over 70 individual reviewers have given it a thumbs up for functionality and cost. Check it out on Amazon for their current price.

Be sure to check out our guide on reverse backup sensors.


Here’s how to install one of these aftermarket parking assist systems