MyCarNeedsThis - 6 Best Tire Repair Kits To Buy 2019

Posted: June 17, 2016


If you drive any kind of vehicle on the road, you’re at risk of getting a flat tire from random road debris such as bolts, screws, metal particles, glass and much more. Lets be honest, a spare can only take you so far. Once your tire goes flat, it’s either completely repairable or you simply need to replace your entire tire. In the case that you need to simply plug up a hole found in your tire, you’ll be able to full complete this yourself… and save 20-40 dollars along the way.

puncture tire repair kit

sealing a punctured tire

When you realize you have a flat tire, you’ll most likely be urged to use the spare tire. A spare tire can take you long distances regardless of the warnings placed on them such as “maximum speed rated to = x” or “don’t use this spare more than 5o miles”. In almost all scenarios, spares can last quite a long time.. but the warnings are there for a reason, as these are simply crutches until you can get your tire repaired.

Don’t blow 30-50 dollars to have one tire plugged up and patched. Get a self install tire repair kit which enables you to get this process done in as little as 10 minutes. We put together a list of the 6 best tire repair kits that work to permanently patch and plug the hole, giving you the ability to use the tire as if it never had a problem in the first place. Right below is our table of 6 flat tire repair kits


Top 6 Best Tire Repair Kits To Buy Right Now

6) Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug Kit

This is by far the most basic kit we’ve been able to come up with, Slime T-Handle Tire Plug Kit. Some can argue saying that this is all you need, for less than 10 dollars. And you’d be correct. The only difference we’ve seen between the cheaper costing tire repair kits and the 20-50 dollar kits, is the quality of the products and quantity of rubber string patches. 

This one comes with two T-Handle plugs which help to shave out the initial hole, and the second is used for placing the string patch into the hole. Prior to all that, use the provided tire cement to seal the hole completely. 

Overall though, for less than 10 dollars and enough patches to complete up to 5 holes, you’re getting an excellent value.

5) Tooluxe Tire Repair Kit Set

Coming in as our #5 contestant for the best tire repair kits to buy, its the Tooluxe Tire Repair Kit & Set. If you want to repair not just ordinary passenger vehicle tires but heavy-duty vehicles as well… you’re in luck with this kit. You get every necessary part to get multiple tire repairs done.

When first unboxing this kit, you’ll see everything is stored in a polycarbonate plastic brief case box. Inside you’ll find two T-Handles which allow you to drill out the hole and feed the plug into the punctured tire.

You’ll receive 35 rubber pieces which allow you to patch-up 35 different tires. The overall size of this product is small enough, that you can store it anywhere in your vehicle. For around 20 dollars, it’s pretty much all you’d need to get fix a punctured tire. 

**The only thing we noticed this kit does NOT come with is tire cement. This is usually pretty important for a proper tire sealant and patch. 

4) Victor Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Coming in as our #4 contestant for the best tire repair kits to buy, its the Victor Tire Repair Toolbox. In particular, this product comes with essentially, everything you’d need to plug-up and patch-up a tire. Lets start off by saying what exactly is included.

The first thing we found to be quite useful, is the overall compactness of this kit. The box is right around 9” inches long and just under 8” inches wide. In addition, you get multiple tools like the T-Handles for drilling out the puncture hole and feeding the ribber plugs. You’ll also receive 30 rubber plugs and 3 patches for sealing the hole in a tire. 

Unlike some other kits that don’t included this crucial part, but this one has a full tube of rubber cement (great for completely sealing a plug and patch). In case you don’t already have a tire pressure gauge, you’ll get one of those (basic meter).

For around 13 dollars, this is one of the best deals you can get. Click below to see the current best deal.

3) Blackjack KT-340 Tire Repair Tool Kit

If there was ever a “BMW” of tire repair kits and tools, this would be it. In most cases, you’d just want some durable, not too visually appealing, repair kit which in regards.. does what its intended to do. However, Blackjack KT-340 has taken it to another level.

This kit has comfort and durability in mind, something that most kits can’t combine. What you get in the entire tool-box are a set of T-Bone Handles which help to feed the rubber plug into the punctured area and a lubrication gel which works with the T-Bone Handles. 

For the price of just under $50, we were hoping you’d get a few rubber tire plugs or patches. However, we now understand that these products costly due to their quality. Complete this kit by simply buying a tire plug set and some rubber cement. 

Click below to see the current best price for this product. 

2) Smittybilt Tire Plug and Seal Kit

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 4.02.06 PMComing in as our #2 kit for proper tire sealing and plugging, is the Smittbilt Tire Repair/Plug Kit. First of all, this kit does not come in a polycarbonate box which looks like an ordinary power tool box. Instead, it comes in a nice cloth and leather case which zips and unzips easily. Inside, you’ll fine the necessary T-Bone Handles, tire pressure gauge, rubber cement, pliers, two valve stems, 3 patches, and 15 rubber plugs. 

A few other extra tools are also included, but the main focus here is visual appeal, functionality, and overall value for what you are paying. Less than 30 dollars and you get actual metal parts. We’re quite happy with that, and can’t really find anything to be unhappy with.

To see the current best deal on this kit, click below.

1) Safety Seal 30 String Pro Tire Repair Kit

Now, the kit we recommend the most for repairing punctured tires, is the Safety Seal Pro tire Repair Kit. This kit comes in a polycarbonate box, inside you’ll find the full metal T-Bone Handles, special lube, tire patches, and 30 string rubber plugs. 

These T-Bone handles will most likely last you quite a long time, as they are made of all metal (as they should be). One thing we just recommend you get just in case, is a small quantity of rubber cement which will seal the patches and plugs you put in place. Other than that, for 34 dollars you get solid value and durability. Click below to see the current best price.

EXTRA: Instructional Video On How To Patch/Plug Your Tire(s)