Best Car Covers Reviews (2020)

Posted: 6 May 2020

Introduction To Best Vehicle Covers For Indoor and Outdoor Use

You probably should consider getting a car cover if you have a car, truck, van, or SUV that you dearly care about. This is especially important if you store away your vehicle for any period of time. The purpose of vehicle covers is to protect them from exterior elements such as rain, snow, ice, hail, dust, leaves, and much more. Each cover you look at probably is different in one-way shape or form, such as overall length, the ability it can stretch, the material it’s made of, etc.

In this full and in-depth guide, we’re going to dive deep into the best car covers you should get to have adequate protection and a bit of privacy from wary eyes. Below are some car cover reviews, and some necessary specifications of each cover. We picked them primarily because they are reasonable in price, have good overall satisfaction rates, and function the way they are supposed to.

Important Note:

When looking at particular car covers, keep in mind that some are not universal fit.Using an SUV cover on a regular sedan probably wont work out too well. And vise-versa…

Here’s 7 Best Car Covers To Buy Right Now

7. OxGord Economy Auto Cover Custom SUV, Van and Trucks

OxGord Economy Auto CoverComing in as our #7 cover for automobiles, it’s the OxGord Economy Auto Cover. This product, in particular, is made entirely for SUVs, VAN’s and Trucks. You can choose the overall length of the cover, based on the length of your vehicle. An easy place to find out about your vehicle’s overall length is

The sizes this auto cover comes in is from as short as 171 inches long to as much as 229 inches long. You’ll be protected from dust, and with the tie-down grommets, you’ll have protection from the wind (in case you store your vehicle outside).

At around 25 dollars, you can’t go wrong. We recommend this for anyone who has a truck, van, or SUV. Below you’ll be able to see the current best price.


6. OxGord Economy Auto Cover

OxGord Economy Auto CoverMoving down to our #6 contestant, for the best vehicle covers to get… It’s the Budget Lite SUV Cover. This one, in particular, is made of a polypropylene synthetic material. You will get protected common outside elements such as UV rays, dust, bird waste, and moisture (such as light rain).

While this cover is the most basic type for SUVs, it’s quite honestly the only thing you’d need most of the time. On and off application isn’t difficult since the entire cover weighs less than 4 lbs. Being elastic, you’ll have some wiggle room when applying on this cover.

Lastly, as for the size of SUV, you can use this cover on, you’ll have an initial choice of 162, 186, 210, and 229 inches. Each of those (in order) works for small SUVs, medium SUVs, full-size SUVs, and large SUVs.

Click below to see the current best price.

5. OxGord Economy Auto Cover

OxGord Economy Auto CoverNow, moving on to covers for cars. Here we have our #5 contestant, the Budge Lite Car Cover. This one, in particular, comes in a wide variety of sizes, from as little as 157 inches to 170 inches, 200 inches, 228 inches, and a whopping 264inches long. This cover is meant mostly for big family sedans.

The cover itself has double-stitched seams for extended durability (even against mother nature’s elements). You’ll get a storage bag for when you’re not using this cover. On top of that, this cover will protect you from basic exterior elements such as UV rays, dust, water, and even wind.

The good thing with this cover compared to some others is it costs mostly the same whether you get a small size, medium-size, or large size.

Click below to see the current best price for this vehicle cover.

OxGord Economy Auto Cover

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Full Size Sedan Car Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Full Size Sedan Car CoverWhen it comes to heavy-duty car covers that can withstand some serious elements, Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro III for mid-sized sedans is the way to go. This one, in particular, is made specifically for four-door sedans.

What you get from this entire package is a length-range between 175″ inches to 210″ inches long. The driver side door has a zipper for easy access. There’s also an antenna reinforcement patch in case your vehicle has a permanently extended antenna. You can place this cover directly into the storage bag, which is included.You get all-season protection, specifically from snow, rain, dust, dirt, wind, and a lot more. Being elastic means, you’ll have some wiggle room when fitting the cover onto your vehicle.

To see the current best price, click below.

3.Motor Trend AUTO ARMOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover

Motor Trend AUTO ARMOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car CoverDon’t get the MotorTrend confused with this Motor Trend. Coming in as our #4 best car cover to get, is the Motor Trend Auto Armor All Weather Proof Coupe and Sedan Cover. This one comes in sizes ranging from small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

Outside elements such as rain, storm, UV rays, tree sap, and bird dropping stand no chance against this cover. But wait, there’s more. You also get a heat resistance. That means storing your vehicle in direct sunlight won’t harm your paint or leave the interior as hot.Lastly, the fabric is breathable to fight off mildly and corrosion. The overall cost is quite reasonable at 30-40 dollars.

You can click below to see the current best price.

2.OxGord Signature Waterproof Car Cover

OxGord Signature Waterproof Car CoverNow, we’ve moved down to our #2 most recommended car covers to get the OxGord Signature Car Cover Read-Fit-Semi Custom. This one, in particular, is made for vehicles as small as a Mazda Miata. This cover is ready to use right from the bag, good on both two-door and four-door automobiles.

Some of the included covers are five layers of stormproof protection, allowing you to stave off both snow, rain, and fog condensation.The reflective and breathable materials protect your interior as well as the exterior from UltraViolet rays (that make your paint oxidize and can make your interior crack and fade over time).’Tie-down grommets and reinforced seams help to keep this cover on your vehicle, even in the event of high winds. There are seven sizes available, allowing you to fit vehicles ranging from 97″ inches long to as much as 229″ inches long.

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1. XCAR Universal Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover

XCAR Universal Breathable Dust Prevention Car CoverThe car cover we recommend the most is the XCAR Universal Sedan and Hatch Automotive Cover. We love this cover primarily because it fits the most important criteria we set for each of the products we reviewed.

They are:

  • Affordability, this one can be had for 30 dollars (give or take).
  • Features, this cover includes a cable and lock for proper security from wind.
  • Protection from elements, this cover is not only protecting you from moisture, dust, and other debris but also from UV rays, which can harm your paint over time.
  • The length of this cover can be selected from 170-185, 185-200, and 200-228. Elastic hems allow the cover to be snug fit and have little to no loose areas.

Click below to see the current best price.

In addition to the list, we have prepared for you a car cover shopping guide and FAQ section, as well as listed the benefits and different types of this product available currently on the market. Without further ado, let’s talk about car covers for outdoor and indoor use.

Car Cover Shopping Guide And FAQ

Before you enter a shop or visit an online store to buy your car cover, there are some basics that you should be aware of. In this section, we would like to introduce you to the much-desired features of car covers, their types, and benefits you can expect from the item that you wish to purchase.

Things to consider while shopping for a car cover

The type of car cover that you will choose should depend on the inclusion of the key factors, so to make things easy for you, here is the list of car cover essentials:

  • Size – As basic as it sounds, you should always check whether the car cover that you are planning to buy is the right size. Some people are tempted to buy a slightly bigger cover, but try to avoid doing so, as it can flap flap about in the wind and allow debris and water to damage your car.
  • Budget – It is a thing that you should always consider while shopping. Keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. The more expensive car covers are only an excellent idea when your car cover will be exposed to snow and hail.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor – Please note that some covers are designed to be outside, and some are suitable for the indoor environment. The place where you store your vehicle will determine the kind of car cover you should go for, as they offer different types of protection.
  • Portability – If you are planning on traveling with a cover in your trunk a lot, then consider getting one of the lighter car covers available on the market. Also, make sure to check out whether the cover comes in with its own storage bag.
  • Climate – Weather and season are important factors when it comes to choosing a car cover. A cover for winter will have different features than the one designed for a milder climate. Take climate into consideration while shopping.

The benefits of using a car cover

The essential information you should acquire is what you will get out of using a car cover. Let’s talk about the benefits you can expect from this purchase.

  • Using a cover protects your car from dust and pollutants when it is in storage.
  • Some covers are a fantastic product to protect your vehicle from rain, hail, or snow.
  • When you use a cover, it is an excellent deterrent for potential thieves.
  • Car covers are a cost-effective solution, as they protect your car and save you a lot of money on maintenance.
  • A quality car cover will extend the longevity of your vehicle.
  • Covers that are made from a breathable fabric will prevent mold, rust, and mildew.

The three types of car covers

Some manufacturers produce a cover for specific types of cars, like a corvette, for example. However, generally speaking, we can distinguish three types of car covers.

They are:

  • Indoor car covers – they typically offer the lowest level of protection, but that is all you need to protect your car from dust and water while being stored in a garage or other indoor storage facilities.
  • Outdoor car covers – these covers are a level higher when it comes to the offered protection for your vehicle. They are designed to cover a car that is standing outside, as the name suggests, and stand up to sun, wind, and debris. The quality outdoor cover should come in with a strapping system to ensure that the cover stays where it should.
  • All-weather car covers – the most sophisticated type of car cover that is on the list, it is designed to protect your car from most weather conditions, including heavy snow and rain. It is also able to protect your vehicle from freezing when the temperature drops significantly. This is the perfect cover when you live in an area where you can expect extreme weather conditions.

Car cover FAQ

We move on to the part of the article that will try to answer the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the car covers.

➡️Can you put a cover on when the car is wet?

Yes, you can, but only if your cover is made out of a breathable fabric. This kind of material allows the water to evaporate from the surface of your vehicle, and it prevents the creation of rust and mold.

➡️What is a car cover made of?

A car cover is usually made out of a mix of three different materials. It is cotton, aluminum, and polyethylene. The materials, of course, vary between brands and producers, but these three are most commonly used.

➡️Can a car cover scratch your car?

No, a quality cover has a soft texture and is unable to scratch the surface of your vehicle in any way.

➡️How often should you wash your cover?

You should ask yourself, how long is a piece of string? When your cover is dirty and has dust, dirt, or mud residue, it is time to give it a wash. However, try not to wash it too frequently. When you wash your car cover too often, then the waterproof feature gets damaged over time.
Most covers should be washed with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Mix the water with the cleaner and use a sponge to wash your cover. Once you are done, you should rinse it thoroughly with water.

➡️How do you install a cover?

Installing a cover is not the most complicated task out there. You should first unfold your cover and line it up with your car. Please note that the quality covers will have additional slots for the mirrors, which should help you with positioning the cover.
Next, you can choose to toss the cover over your vehicle and work your way from the top to the bottom, that is the most common technique. You can also hook the bonnet end first and work your way backward.

Some covers also have additional straps or drawstrings in order to keep the cover in place. Check the manufacturer guidelines to be sure that you install those correctly. When it comes to the taking-off process, it is only a case of undoing the fastenings and carefully pulling the cover away from your vehicle.

That concludes the list of most frequently asked questions about the car covers. Now that you already know, more or less, what you are looking for, let’s get into the list of best car covers for 2020.

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