Where to Purchase Fuel Injector Cleaner (2020)

Posted: 5 March 2020

Fuel injector cleaner is an important product for automotive maintenance. It doesn’t need to be used often, but it serves a strong purpose. Fuel injector cleaner is added to the gasoline in your vehicle, so that, as your car consumes gas, the fuel injector cleaner is run through the entire fuel system.

As it runs through the system, the fuel injector cleaner removes dirt and debris from not only your car’s fuel injector, but the fuel pump and fuel filter as well. By cleaning these elements from your fuel system, the cleaner not only increases the health and lifespan of the fuel system, but of the engine as a whole, as contaminants in the fuel system get brought to the engine, where they can cause further damage.

The first step in using fuel injector cleaner is simple: you have to purchase the cleaner. And in order to purchase this product, you’ll need to decide where to buy it. We have three places where we normally purchase automotive products: auto parts stores, superstores, and online. Here are the pros and cons to each.

Buying fuel injector cleaner at an auto parts store

Auto parts stores are our go-to location for purchasing automotive components and maintenance products. There’s a lot to love about auto parts stores, but mainly we appreciate them because they offer an opportunity to speak with knowledgeable professionals. We take advantage of every opportunity to speak to someone whose area of expertise is cars, car products, and specifically the products we are looking to purchase.

If you have questions about fuel injector cleaners, then an auto parts store is the place for you. Do you not know how to use fuel injector cleaner, and you’re a bit apprehensive? Are you not sure which fuel injector cleaner you should buy for your car? Or are you simply wanting the steady hand of someone telling you everything you need to know about the product and the process? Then an auto parts store is definitely the right option for you.

Another thing that we love about auto parts stores is that you get the opportunity to support a local business, and often an independent one. You also get to build a relationship with the employees there, which can be really helpful down the line, as well as making the buying experience a lot more comfortable.

There are, of course, downsides to an auto parts store. For starters, they often have fewer options than a superstore, and always have fewer options than online. They also have higher prices than either of these other options. So if you’re looking for the most convenience possible, you may want to pass on an auto parts store. But if you’re looking for a nice shopping experience, all the help that you need, and some comfort in your purchase, then this is the place to go.

Buying fuel injector cleaner online

These days, people do the bulk of their shopping online. Almost everyone uses Amazon, and nearly religiously. And while Amazon is certainly the go-to for online shopping, there are numerous other options, from other online marketplaces, to auto parts companies’ online stores.

The biggest perk of purchasing fuel injector cleaner online is that you have every option at your disposal. You can, quite literally, find every type of fuel injector cleaner that exists online. Having options is always a good thing, though be warned: it can get a little daunting to choose a product, when you have such an enormous arsenal at your fingertips.

Still, this variety is a huge benefit, especially when you have a certain fuel injector cleaner brand in mind, or need something specific. You’ll be able to find it, likely on Amazon, and if not there, somewhere else. And you’ll be able to find it quickly.

Online shopping also offers large amounts of convenience. Do you really want to get in your car, drive to a store, look for a product, and drive back, just for a bottle of fuel injector cleaner? Purchasing a cleaner online allows you to make your purchase without leaving your house, which is really nice. Furthermore, online prices are usually really good, especially if you purchase from an online marketplace like Amazon.

That said, there are some downsides to buying your fuel injector cleaner online. For starters, you can’t get the product immediately, as you’ll have to wait a few days, and often even a week or so for the product to be delivered. You also don’t get to see the product in person before making the purchase.

Long story short, when we know what fuel injector cleaner we want, and have the foresight to buy it before we need it, we buy it online, and recommend you do the same.

Buying fuel injector cleaner at a superstore

A lot of people, especially in the United States, do the bulk of their shopping at superstores. Superstores, such as WalMart and Target, are an opportunity for consumers to buy everything they need, all in one place. Most superstores carry copious amounts of fuel injector cleaners, so they can be a great option if that’s what you’re looking for.

Convenience is the sole purpose of superstores. If you’re already shopping at them, it takes you virtually no time at all to grab some fuel injector cleaner. And best of all, superstores have extremely low prices; always lower than auto parts stores, and usually lower than online.

There are a few downsides, mainly that superstores have a smaller selection than other options. And it’s not rare for superstores to offer low prices because they’re selling lower-quality products. Still, if you want the cheapest fuel injector cleaner, from a store you’re already at, superstores are a terrific option.


If you want to clean your fuel system, you’ll need to purchase some fuel injector cleaner. We’re fans of buying fuel injector cleaner at superstores, online, or at your local auto parts store. There are benefits and negatives to each, so it really just depends on what you need, and what you’re looking for.

Hopefully this guide has helped you determine where the best place is for you to purchase fuel injector cleaner.