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Posted: September 8, 2016

Introduction To Best Upholstery Brushes

If you like to spend Saturday morning cleaning, polishing and detailing your car but find the interior harder to get right than the exterior, this post is just for you. We reveal the professional detailer’s best kept secret: the upholstery brush! Sometimes, a car vac doesn’t cut it. If you want to remove deeply ingrained dirt, dust, and hair from your vehicle’s interior carpets and upholstery, the best way to go about it is to use a specialized upholstery brush before vacuuming. Choose a brush with stiff bristles and a comfortable hold and vigorously brush the upholstery and carpet.

You’ll find that even the deepest grime is easily dislodged and, after a quick burst with the vac, your interior will look as good as new. Today, we count down the six best automotive upholstery brushes on the market. Read on to find out which ones are the best upholstery brushes to buy, which reign supreme and why:

Here’s 6 Best Upholstery Brushes To Buy For Automotive Detailing

#6 SM Arnold Professional Interior and Upholstery Brush:

SM Arnold Professional Interior and Upholstery Brush

SM Arnold Professional

If you prefer using natural products to synthetic ones, this upholstery brush could be a good option. It has horse hair bristles which are designed to be gentle, yet effective on more delicate textiles such as suede and leather. The bristles are also angled outward so that it’s easier to get into the tricky crevices and creases in your upholstery. It’s ideal for dusting and cleaning before detailing with a leather conditioner.

This brush has received a few mixed reviews when it comes to the feedback Most of the negative reviews revolve around the fact that the bristles come loose after a few months of use. That said, it also has countless reviews from people who are really happy with their purchase and say it’s doing a great job! You can purchase this brush for around $10.


#5 Mothers Carpet & Upholstery Brush:

Mothers Carpet & Upholstery Brush:


Mothers are one of the most popular and trusted brands in the automotive detailing world and this brush lives up to the company’s reputation. This brush features an hourglass shape for a comfortable ergonomic grip and non-slip panels so you can work for longer. The bristles are stiff plastic and will effectively loosen even deeply ingrained dirt, dust, and hairs.

We still think it’s a great brush, as long as you use it the right way for the right purpose. Stiff-bristled plastic brushes are not for leather and, even on other textile surfaces, you should not be scrubbing vigorously back and forth without paying proper attention to what you’re doing. Rather, adopting a smooth yet firm brushing motion in a single direction should give you an effective result without scratching, tearing and damaging. You can purchase this brush for less than $5.


#4 Colourlock Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush:

Colourlock Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush


This brush is a bit different from some of the others we’ve reviewed today in that it’s designed specifically for use on leather upholstery. So it’s a great choice if you’re a little worried about scraping and scratching your pristine leather interior with a hard brush. Its bristles are made from natural yet durable fibers which are stiff enough to remove ingrained dirt and marks from pigmented leather, but gentle enough not to scratch and scuff. It’s also really great for dusting plastic and vinyl interiors.

This German made brush also has a stylish look of quality with its attractive wooden handle. Considering it’s quality and design, it’s surprising how little this brush costs – you can pick one up for under $10.


#3 Eco Touch BSH01 Carpet and Upholstery Brush:

 Eco Touch BSH01 Carpet and Upholstery Brush

Eco Touch BSH01

This brush is a great choice if you like to use natural products and are looking for something a little more versatile than just brushing carpet and upholstery. It is made from natural Tampico bristles which are resistant to heat, solvents, and liquids and allow you to remove tough spots from all areas of your car, including trips, engine, convertible soft tops, interior and much more.

And don’t cringe at the thought of going from your tires to your interior with the same brush – even the toughest stuff can be cleaned off the bristles with a little warm water! You can purchase it for just under $12.


#2 Chemical Guys ACC 202 Professional Interior Brush:

Chemical Guys ACC 202 Professional Interior Brush

Chemical Guys ACC 202

If you’re a bit pushed for time (or you just leap at any opportunity to get out your power tools!) this brush offers something a bit different. The brush head connects to your electric drill and gives you turbo powered brushing that you’d never get scrubbing away by hand! It works really well for spot cleaning on upholstery and carpet and loosening even the sticky patches of who knows what that your toddler leaves behind.

The bristles are made from durable polypropylene which won’t bend and break as you work. You can purchase it for under $15 and it’s a lot of fun to use!


#1 Carrand 92018 Grip Tech Deluxe Upholstery and Tire Scrubber:

Carrand 92018 Grip Tech Deluxe Upholstery and Tire Scrubber

Carrand 92018 Grip Tech Deluxe

In our #1 best upholstery brush spot, we have a simple, yet serviceable product from one of America’s most trusted brands in automotive detailing. This versatile brush can be used for cleaning and detailing both inside and outside your vehicle. It features wide, flared bristles to get into even the trickiest spots and the super stiff bristles are highly effective at removing dirt from carpet, upholstery, tires, bumpers and more. The manufacturers also had your comfort in mind when they designed this brush and the grip tech handle allows you to use it for longer periods without straining your wrist, so you’ll be able to do a really thorough cleaning job!

It is frequently recommended by professional detailers, automotive restorers, and car collectors as the very best automotive brush on the market. The price is pretty hard to beat, too – you can purchase this brush for just over $5 if you look out for an online sale!

EXTRA: Some Tricks For Leather and Cloth Cleaning


With a carpet brush, you can clean both cloth and leather upholstery (and carpets). However, that isn’t possible without carpet cleaning shampoos which you can check out on our site, and also a car vacuum cleaner which will help to prep your interior (also available on our site).


As you can see, there are a lot of great upholstery brushes on the market for a lot less than you might expect to pay for such a useful tool. To be honest, there’s so little difference in the specs, price, and quality of these products that it doesn’t really matter which you choose. It just comes down to your personal preference and whether you’re looking for harder or softer bristles, whether you want a manual or drill powered brush and whether you need a specialized product for leather interiors.

Just make sure you read the specs and buy the brush you need for the job you want it to do. Reviewers who damage their cars through carelessness and then blame the product drive us crazy. Good luck with the interior detailing – you’ll be amazed by the results! And if you want in on more secrets, you can see our guide on the best car polishers and buffers!