Panoramic Rearview Mirrors Reviews (2020)

Posted: 18 May 2020

Introduction To Best Rear View Mirrors For Automobiles

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Not many of us ever need to think about buying a new rear vision mirror: we simply make do with the one our vehicle came with. Just like a parking sensor. However, if you’re looking a little more functionality and added safety features from the factory model, there are a number of excellent mirrors available for individual sale out there. Some simply offer a wider view for reduced blind spots and safer reversing, parking and passing; while others have more complex camera systems for reversing and for recording details as you travel (very useful in the case of an insurance dispute following a traffic accident!).

The sky’s the limit and the only barriers are the specs you want and the amount you’re willing to pay for them. Today, we count down the top six rear vision mirrors on the current market. Read on to find out which tops the list and why:

Here’s the 6 Best Rear View Mirrors To Buy For Automobiles in 2020

#6 Razo RG23 Wide Angle Convex Rear View Mirror:

Razo RG23 Wide Angle Convex Rear View Mirror

Razo RG23

This wide-angle convex mirror is 11.8 inches wide and provides far more visibility than factory floor models. It also reduces night glare from headlights by up to 45%. In the case of an accident, safety is enhanced by the European standard safety glass which prevents sharp shards from falling when broken.

Note that some people take it hard to get used to the slightly altered image if they haven’t used a convex mirror before – give it yourself a few weeks to adjust before you throw it out – you may just find you love it! The design is sleek, modern and attractive. It usually retails for $15 – $20.

#5 BL Super Wide Angle Rear View Curve Mirror:

BL Super Wide Angle Rear View Curve Mirror

BL Super Wide

If you’ve got a young family you want to be able to check on, or you just want to increase visibility without spending a fortune, this mirror is a great choice. Again, it’s a curved (convex) mirror so be aware that the reflection is slightly distorted and vehicles and objects can appear further away. It just takes some adjusting to and then it becomes second nature. The mirror is 300mm wide and effectively removes all the major blind spots while driving.

Additionally, the wide angle allows you to see most of the car’s back seat, making it extremely popular with parents of babies and toddlers. Reviewers also report that it’s super easy to assemble and install and that it looks attractive and stylish in the car. It usually retails for under $15.

#4 Broadway 300mm Type-A Flat Mirror:

Broadway 300mm Type-A Flat Mirror

Broadway 300mm Type-A

This mirror is a no-fuss way to increase visibility and eliminate blind spots. Because it’s a flat mirror, there’s no distortion in the reflection and you can more accurately judge the distance from other drivers (or from the neighbour’s letterbox when you’re backing out of the driveway!). Installation couldn’t be easier: simply clip it onto the existing mirror and you’re ready to go. It is a 300 x 65mm flat mirror and has an attractive, streamlined design.

The mirror surface also helps to reduce glare. This product usually retails for $15 to $20.

#3 AUTO-VOX M2 1080P HD Rearview Mirror with Reverse Parking System & Dash Cam:

AUTO-VOX M2 1080P HD Rearview Mirror with Reverse Parking System & Dash Cam


If you’re willing to spend some extra money for the latest technological features, this model is a great option. This all in one rear vision mirror is equipped with a dash cam, a state of the art reversing system and an anti-dazzle mirror. The system works with your gears and switches to rear view when you engage reverse. It also features dual video inputs which allow you to film in the case of insurance disputes (or even capture the scenery as you drive!). The rear view camera is waterproof so that you can attach it to the car’s exterior.

Despite these advanced technologies, the system is surprisingly simple to install and fits easily over the existing mirror in any car model. It usually retails for $80 to $100.

#2 Falcon Zero F360, Rear View Mirror:

Falcon Zero F360, Rear View Mirror

Falcon Zero F360

Here’s one for you if you’re that guy who simply must have the latest gadgets with all the bells and whistles! This system fits over the existing mirror and features a wide mirror as well as dual high definition cameras to eliminate all blind spots while reversing and record your (and other road users’!) driving as evidence in the case of traffic disputes. The system comes with a high-quality SD card and recording can be looped to ensure that the card never becomes full or corrupted and you’ll always have the footage you need when you need it.

It usually retails for $150 – $250 but can be found more cheaply in online sales. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty so you can purchase with peace of mind.

#1 CIPA 36400 Wedge Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror:

 CIPA 36400 Wedge Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror

CIPA 36400 Wedge

If you regularly drive near the ocean or another area with a high degree of glare or if you regularly drive at night, this deceptively simple looking unit could be the rear vision mirror for you. It has an auto-dimming function which uses sensors to reduce glare, making driving safer for you by reducing the risk of a light strike when you glance in the mirror. Additionally, it has a few neat extra functions, like the compass to help you keep your bearings while traveling, and the temperature gauge so you’ll always know what the weather’s like outside. At 2.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide, it provides superior visibility and minimizes blind spots. It has a simple, no-fuss design that goes with the interior of just about any car.

It replaces the factory mirror and attaches to the car’s windscreen with a wedge mount. It usually retails for $150 – $200. In the case of a fault when the product arrives, a thirty-day guarantee is supplied.


Whether you’re looking for something that just offers a little more visibility and minimizes blind spots, or you want a full backing camera system, purchasing a new rear vision mirror will definitely enhance you and your family’s road safety and some will even help you out if you find yourself in a dispute. It’s just a matter of choosing the specs you need, setting a budget and then looking for the very best model for the money you’re willing to spend. We hope this post has been helpful and that you find a rear view mirror or backing system which suits you, your vehicle, and your budget.

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