Best Car Air Filter Reviews 2020

Posted: 10 March 2020

Introduction To Our List Of 5 Best Engine Air Filters To Install (By Brand)

the difference between old car air filters and new car air fitlersIn order for your vehicle to run properly, you’re probably going to want to have a supply of clean, filtered air. Your air intake box should have a filter from the factory, used for the sole purpose of filtering out dirt and debris from making it into your vehicle’s carburetor or fuel injection system.

It’s important to understand that a clogged up air filters for your vehicle do the following: decrease your overall fuel economy, decrease power to an extent, can cause your engine to fire up a few sensors due to constricted air flow and even dirty air, and a few other things.

Most importantly though, a bad car air filter won’t let your vehicle run properly. In order to keep that from ever happening, you need to change your engine air filter every 15,000 miles (just to be safe). Doing this will ensure your engine will receive the cleanest air possible.

In the list below, here’s a list of the 5 best brands to look into when looking to buy an air filter. It’s crucial you find the right size before you buy.

5 Best Air Filters For Cars By Brand

5. ACDelco Car Air Filters

ACDelco car air fitlers

ACDelco automotive air filters

Hitting their 100 year birthday in 2016, ACDelco has been around since the year 1916. They are by far one of the oldest automotive companies to produce the essential components our vehicles need, day in and day out. Overall, ACDelco produces fantastic car air filters that really do help to enhance the performance slightly and increase the overall fuel efficiency. These filters have tight seals located all around, created to ensure no dust, dirt or other debris gets through.

We can’t stress enough when it comes to picking the right fit, this will make or break your filter ultimately. If you click on the Amazon button below, you’ll get to see the lowest prices that are currently available.

4. Purolator Auto Air Filters

PUROLATOR Automotive Air Filters

PUROLATOR car air filters

When you think of which brand has been standing the longest, Purolator is one of those brands without a doubt. From oil filters, fuel filters, and auto air filters, they are catered towards keeping your vehicle in the most efficient state possible. Not as many air filters with this brand as there are with Mann-Filters and FRAM. However, the ones that are available are excellent choices if you ever decide to go with Purolator.

Typically, these filters range from 10-25 dollars depending on the vehicle you’re driving. Remember to first choose a filter based on the compatibility with your vehicle. A tight seal is crucial to ensure dirt is captured, and not slipped by. Click below to get the current best prices for these automotive air filters.

3. K&N Air Filter For Cars

K&N car air filters

K&N Automotive Air Filters

When it comes down to getting a car air filter that is performance oriented, K&N is usually the first company most of us come to think of. If you want to get a better quality and more performance-focused car air filter, this is definitely a brand worth considering. Typically, K&N car engine air filters are oiled with their special blend of cotton mesh material. Thie enables you to have more air flow going through the filters (compared to a dry air filter).

On average, these oiled air filters need to be reoiled every 30,000 miles or so. This will ensure proper filtration and air flow occurs, every time you decide to drive.

2. Mann-Filter Air Filter For Cars

mann car air filters

MANN Automotive Air Filters

Moving on to another very popular brand when it comes down to air filter car replacement, it’s the Mann-Filters. Just about as popular as FRAM itself, but with Mann-Filter you’ll be paying a slight premium. Overall, you’ll be getting pretty darn good filters for your vehicle. Color schemes for these filters truly range, and there’s no real way of telling unless you actually have the box they come in.

There’s various types of air filters Mann-Filters make, from basic to premium styles. It’s crucial you find the right fit, to ensure the air filters do their intended jobs. These filters will help to capture pollen, dust, dirt, tiny debris, and even soot. Expect a reduced intake noise and increased fuel vehicle efficiency.

1. FRAM Air Filter For Cars

FRAM car air filters

FRAM Automotive Air Filters

FRAM is by far the most popular brand when it comes to oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters. If you’re looking to buy an air filter for your specific car make and model, FRAM most likely has a fit that is right for you. The way you can usually tell if an air filter is made by FRAM, is by seeing the two color combo of bright orange and white. Orange is typically located on the outside of the filter, and the white is usually the filter part itself.

For the most part, the air filters come in a paper/ cardboard style that is wavy in shape. The “Extra Guard” usually have an aluminum mesh cover on top to help you filter out more and help to keep the air flow coming in, much cooler. Typically, an average cost of a FRAM car air filter ranges between 9 and 13 dollars. Ofcourse the higher end your vehicle is, the costlier it will be. Check them out by first choosing the right fitment, at Amazon below.


To further enhance your vehicle’s fuel economy, performance, and overall reliability, take a look at the right oil filters, spark plugs, octane boosters and even use a few fuel injector cleaners to thoroughly remove carbon build-up that occurred over time.

Air filters are crucial to feed clean and fresh air into the engine, there’s also engine coolants which are the main method to keeping an engine running at proper temperatures.

An easy way to clean out your vehicle’s engine air filter, is by simply using compressed air from a portable air compressor unit. Doing this can often extend the life of an existing air filter.

Here’s how to replace an air filter on a vehicle (this applies for most vehicles).