Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews (2020)

Posted: 15 May 2020

Introduction To Best Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

In the world where we are always in a rush, not paying attention to whats ahead of you can mean the difference between life and death… seriously. In this day and age, as we drive more and more miles, our roads are starting to get more congested, we are required to pay attention more than ever before. The last thing you’d want to do is, take your eyes or hands off the steering wheel to communicate.

What if you could talk or text without even using your hands. Well, you can and its all possible with the use of good quality bluetooth headsets. There’s literally hundreds and thousands of different brands on the market right now. Some go over your ear, and some go directly into your ear like wireless headphones.

We made this entire guide for you to find the best bluetooth wireless headsets that work for you. Things we took into consideration are price, features, advantages, disadvantages, durability, and a few other things here and there (but those are the main ones). So without further-ado, here’s the 10 best bluetooth headsets to buy.

Here’s 10 of the Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

RankingProductCurrent Price
Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset
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LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset
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Plantronics M180 Universal Noise Canceling Headset
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Motorolla H730 Bluetooth Headset
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FRiEQ Bluetooth Headset
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Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2
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GJT Wireless Stereo Headsets
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Plantronics Explorer 50 Wireless Bluetooth Headset
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Airspeed Wireless Bluetooth Headset
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G-Cord Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headset
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10. G-Cord Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Coming in as our #10 wireless bluetooth headset, is the G-Cord. This small little device has some pretty high quality sound when conversing back and fourth. The compact and lightweight design gives you 360 degree rotation and adjustment around the ear. 

It fits comfortably around the ear, and gives you about 33feet of distance. Connectivity is as simple as 3 easy steps and you can pair it up with essentially any smartphone device. Along with all the necessary accessories such as a charging usb cord and a user manual. 

It can last for around 4 hours of constant talk time and music. The only thing that you may dislike, are a wide range of extra features which it does not offer. For the price though, its to be expected… and we’re not even mad. Click below to see current best price.

9. Airspeed Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Taking a rather different approach to the design compared to the one mentioned above, we have the AiSpeed Bluetooth Wireless HD Stereo Headset/Earbud. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the enlarged control unit which houses the battery and controls (+/- pause, etc). 

The wireless earbuds rotate 180 degrees, allowing you to wear it on either left or right side of your ear. According to them, you get a CSR 4.0 Bluetooth chip, which results much better sound quality for both calling and music. Some additional features such as Voice Commands allow you to say things like “Yes” or  “No” to answer or reject calls. 

It is in fact compatible with all smartphones that work with the current version of bluetooth tech. Some additional technology that may be helpful, is echo cancellation and noise reduction for even better sound quality.

To wrap it up, you’ll get about 6 hours of talk time after about 1.5-2 hours of charging. If you want to see more about this headset piece, click below.

8. Plantronics Explorer 50 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Moving on to an excellent brand that is well known for their good quality bluetooth headsets, its the Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset in a black color. This is a rather sleek styled product, matching almost anyones style (no matter what it is). Some impressive things this ear piece offers, such as a very impressive 11 hours of talk time, and 3 month of battery life  (during sleep mode). With bluetooth 3.0, you’ll be able to connect to all the latest bluetooth enabled devices. 

There’s a single microphone with digital signal processing for clean sounds. In addition, you can also connect this device to multiple devices . One thing we like a lot, is the ability to fit into a users ear perfectly. The shape is friendly enough that you most likely will be able to carry it, without fatiguing your ears too much.

Overall cost of this product is another reason why we highly recommend it. If you’d like to see more about it and see what over 1,200 others have reviewed it, click the button below.

7. GJT Wireless Stereo Headsets

Taking a rather different approach to the whole bluetooth headset design, we have the GJT Wireless Stereo Headset. What makes this unique, is the ability to have both left and right ear occupied. Meaning that, its essentially like a set of headphones with a bluetooth module built-in. Now, There’s a few different colors to choose from, but that’s not the most important thing.

The design is sleek, and they wear quite nice when not doing too much movements. Sound quality is quite nice, along with the battery life giving you a whopping 10 hours of talk time, 200 hours of stand by and 7 hours of music playing. You get all the accessories necessary to get it setup in less than 5 minutes

There’s not really much we don’t like, especially since it costs right around 20 dollars. If you want to see more information and what over 450 individual user reviews said, click below.

6. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

The most expensive bluetooth headset by far, its the Bose Series 2. This little guy is when you are paying for the brand name, big time. Its a pretty good headset, sound quality and microphone are excellent. On top of that, you can even have noise-rejection when talking to the microphone so the other individual can hear you better. 

Overall function friendliness is quite good, all controls are conveniently right at your finger tips. Rechargeable battery can give you up to 4.5 hours of talk time and about 100 hours of standby time per charge. You can either choose the model to be for your right ear or, your left ear. 

The only thing we don’t really like about this thing, is the overall price (which is quite a lot for a single piece bluetooth earpiece). You may be able to find alternatives that are just as good for a good bit less. However, there’s no denying the crisp and clear sound quality from Bose.

Click the button below to see the current best price.

5. FRiEQ Bluetooth Headset 

Next up, we’re taking a more formal design and format for bluetooth headsets. Thing is is made by FRiEQ. Right off the bat, we will be honest when we say it has some of the best features of any of the products we’ve reviewed so far. For starters, it offers noise cancelation which improves sound quality coming in as well as out. Connect it to as many as two devices simultaneously. Typical range you’ll get from a bluetooth device is around 33 feet away, but more impressively is the battery.

Unlike almost any other bluetooth headset, you can get 30 hours of talk time or a remarkable 900 hours of standby time. Yes, that’s at least 4x more talk time than you’d get from many other products. Lastly, its quite light at around 10.4 oz. 

There’s nothing we don’t like, especially considering its reasonable price of around 50 dollars or so. If you’d like to see more about this headset, you click the button below. 

4. Motorolla H730 Bluetooth Headset

Oh Motorola, one of the biggest icons in cellular and bluetooth technologies. Remember the Motorola Razor back in the day? Probably one of the coolest phones you could have back then. Well their reach in the bluetooth cellular communication category is quite good actually. 

With the Motorola H730, you’re getting a rather unique design that makes it more comfortable to wear. With dual microphones, you can speak clearer. Over the ear design is created specifically to reduce ear aches when wearing this device. In addition, there’s some voice prompts included as well as a total of 12 hours of talk time per charge.

As for pricing, its quite reasonable at around 42 dollars or so. There’s quite a few for much more that aren’t even half as good as this headset. Click below to see more specs and what over 2,000 others have reviewed.

3. Plantronics M180 Universal Noise Canceling Headset

Here is a rather nice headset that in all honesty, matches todays new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy products quite well. What we have here is the Plantronics M180 Wireless Bluetooth Headset module. It comes in one of two colors, either gold or grey. Some of the things it features are noise-calling capabilities using dual-mics for also better sound clarity. 

Your overall comfort is going to be quite good, especially with the ultra soft silicone ear piece which is adjusted according to how you want your headset to be mounted. In case you ever lose your headset, you’ll easily be able to use Plantronics Hub for iOS or Android devices to send a tone to hear your nearby headset.

Battery life is quite impressive as well, including a mode called “Deep Sleep Mode” which gives you an extended period of time where you can use the device. 

Is this device worth the money? We would say absolutely, especially since they are stylish and won’t look out of place on your face. To learn more information about this product, click the button below.

2. LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 

This next one is designed much differently than the once piece bluetooth headsets. For starters, this is a fully functional stereo bluetooth headset called LG HBS-750. It goes comfortably around your neck, with the batteries being on both sides of the neck wear. Talk time is approximately 15 hours and for music, you get around 10 hours. Bluetooth version 3.0 enables you to to stay connected up to 33 feet (much like most other devices). 

Charging is done with a micro usb cord, which is included with the device. Lastly, you should know that it comes in 3 different colors: black, blue and white. For about 25 dollars, there’s no reason to complain about this device. Over 5,600 individuals have bought it and rated it a 4+ for various reasons. Click below to learn more about it and see what exactly others wrote. 

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This is probably our most favorite bluetooth headset we could find, seriously. First off, it has the greatest value you can get from almost any other headset on the market. As you probably already know, Plantornics is known for making good products in this category, and their Voyager Legend is no exception. It has some improved audio tech which enables for much clearer voices. It has bluetooth 3.0 and is compatible with bluetooth 4.0 headsets. 

Some cool tech allows the device to sense when its being worn, and it will automatically answer calls. Voice recognition allows you to manage calls, with hands free pressing. In addition, noise canceling gives both you and the listener a better understanding of what is being said. Water resistance is also something that most devices aren’t capable of being, giving you some rain, sweat and coffee spill resistance. Great for office or gym routines. 

Its well balanced in the design as well as price, you can click the button below to learn more.


At the end of this guide, we hope we provided some guides on helping you make a decision. The multiple factors that come into making a decision are ultimately up to you. If you like the single earpiece, get that style. Or if you like the double ear stereo setup, thats a good choice as well. Good luck in your search my friend.


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