Todays 4 Best Car Ramps To Buy with Reviews 2018

Posted: December 12, 2015

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Race Ramps RR-40 40" Vehicle Ramps
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RhinoGear RhinoRamps Heavy Duty Vehicle Ramps
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Scepter Plastic Automotive Ramp Set
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Race Ramps RR-XT-2 67-Inch XT 2-Piece Race Ramps
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TNM Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set
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Rage Powersports Pair of Mini Car Ramps
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One of the things most get confused about when reading the label printed on any given car ramp, is weight capacity. This is very important for your safety, and for the long term use of the ramps.

On any given label when it states GVW (gross vehicle weight), it doesn’t mean the ramps will hold up all the weight. It only means that the ramps are designed to be capable of holding up to any given weight on one-half of the vehicle that weighs that much.

For example, say the GVW is 16,000 pounds, the pair of ramps will be able to hold up to 8,000 lbs in total.

In the instance when the capacity is rated using single axle weight, it means just that. A 4,000-pound single axle rating means the pair of ramps will be able to safely hold, up to 4,000 pounds.

Any time you’re lifting from the front of the vehicle, it’s almost ALWAYS going to be weighing in more than the rear.



The benefits of using car ramps are very clear. Instead of using your vehicle’s jack, bricks, or jack stands, using the proper car ramps proves to be a light-weight and easy to operate way to get under your vehicle when there’s little to no room.

Using any given auto ramps can prove to be useful for weekend warrior mechanics, every once in a while maintenance performers, professional mechanic, and car enthusiasts.

  • Work on your vehicle safer
  • Save money on going to the local shop
  • Get your vehicle’s maintenance done quicker

There’s a lot to choose from, but effectiveness, cost and safety are a BIG priority. Making sure we looked into each aspect, the picks are:

—RhinoGear  Ramps, Race Ramps RR-40 40”  Ramps, Scepter Automotive Ramps, Race Ramps XT 2-Piece  Ramps—



When it comes down to purchasing a good set of car/truck ramps, you’re going to look into the overall cost for the whole package. It’s understandable that most lean towards this route because of the cost efficiency and convenience. Each of the car ramp reviews are done to ensure there’s no unjustifiable cost to pay for something someone shouldn’t.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This most likely is the most important aspect of a vehicle ramp. There’s stories around of people buying  ramps rated for 16,000 and after driving a 11,000 lb vehicle, they are broken in half. So, to ensure this won’t likely happen, the top 4 picks are researched for reliability

Average User Satisfaction

You’d hate to find out that you and 200 others who bought a product hated it. Know what others are saying about the car ramp you pick, before you buy it. Anything less than 90% satisfaction rate isn’t going to make it to the top 4 list.


RaceRamps RR-40 Ramps

RhinoRamps are the lowest costing set you can get right now. Perfect for light to medium duty vehicles.

RhinoRamps are the lowest costing set you can get right now. Perfect for light to medium duty vehicles.

These bad boys are probably some of the best car ramps you can purchase for your vehicle. But its not without its cost. Costing a good bit more than your average auto ramps, look at paying anywhere between 120-140 dollars for a pair.

Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast, or simply want to save some cash and do some maintenance at work yourself, the reasonable price for a solid pair of ramps is well worth it from our experience.

RhinoGear HD Ramps

By far the most popular brand when it comes to ramps, RhinoGear’s RhinoRamps have been on the market since mid-2010 and have been bought by everyone and their dog (sarcastically). The attractive feature of these set of ramps, are the cost effectiveness. Costing just 34 dollars brand new, and easily stored away, its perfect for use with small to heavy sedans, small trucks, and small to mid-sized SUV’s.

Scepter Heavy Duty Plastic Ramps

This set of ramps is yet another cost effective way to get underneath heavier duty vehicles. By it trucks, SUV’s, mini-vans, vans etc… At around 53 dollars for the pair, they will do what they are intended to do quite well. Although from first glance they look hollow from inside, rest assured that each pair is constructed to hold a HEFTY bit of weight.

RaceRamps RR-XT-2 2-Piece Ramps

When cost isn’t much of an issue, this set of ramps means business. Identical to the RaceRamps mentioned above, these have detachable extensions which enable any vehicle with especially low clearance, to roll up. While the extensions may be quite long, once a vehicle is up, you’ll be able to detach each section which enables you to have more space underneath.
For the set, look at spending 330-340 dollars. A far cry compared to an actual vehicle lift, but an investment nonetheless.

Weight Capacity

RaceRamps RR-40 Ramps

Scepter offers vehicle ramps created specifically for heavy-duty use. Trucks, SUV's, Vans, you name it. 12,000 max vehicle weight is permitted.

Scepter offers vehicle ramps created specifically for heavy-duty use. Trucks, SUV’s, Vans, you name it. 12,000 max vehicle weight is permitted.

As long as you’re not going to load a Toyota Tundra, or Hummer H2 onto these, weight capacity will be just fine. Rated at 3,000 lbs per ramp, a total of 6,000 lbs can be held up using the entire pair.

This means, vehicles like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus, small pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger and many more, can easily be held up using the RaceRamps. Remember, 6,000 pound MAX capacity for both.

RhinoGear HD Ramps

With this set of vehicle ramps, it’s a similar story. Since we picked the 12,000 GVW rated ramps, the true weight capacity for both on one side of the vehicle, is rated at 6,000 lbs MAX. Small to medium sized sedans, SUV’s, and sports cars are ideal.

Scepter Heavy Duty Plastic Automotive Ramps

By far the heaviest duty  ramps we’ve got, are made by Scepter. Rated at 12,000 lbs per set, this is where using nearly any pick-up truck, vans, SUV’s and cars will prove to be a breeze. Its unique design is probably the whole reason why it’s capable of holding up SO much weight. High strength plastic is capable of a LOT, and this pair of ramps shows it.

RaceRamps RR-XT-2 2-Piece Ramps
If you’ve got an especially low vehicle, getting it up on ramps can prove to be a challenge without scraping. Fortunately, RaceRamps made their popular vehicle ramps with version which includes snap-on extensions. A total of 67” is from start to finish, and the lightweight solid design will prevent it from sliding forward.

Total weight capacity is approximately 6,000 pounds for the entire pair (or 3,000 per ramp).

User Satisfaction

RaceRamps RR-40 Two  Ramps


RaceRamps are designed from beginners, professionals and anywhere in between.

Theirs no surprise that the RR-40’s have a such a high user satisfaction. Their solid, lightweight, sleek designed, and slip resistant bottom makes for a perfect fit. It’s our #1 pick for the simple design and effectiveness.

RhinoGear  Ramps

This pair of ramps is popular for two solid reasons, ability to hold a vehicle up with no problem, and very affordable. Not many can compete with a 40 dollar price tag for two lightweight but heavy duty ramps. While yes, their 12,000 GVW limits only equal out to 6,000 lbs of true weight, it’s still enough for 9 out of 10 vehicles on the road.

Scepter Heavy Duty Plastic Auto Ramps

This pair of ramps are an excellent addition for anyone who’s vehicle weighs as much as a tank (not literally). With a load capacity equalling out to 12,000 lbs, it makes for a good addition to a heavy duty garage. Unlike RaceRamps, its grid design allows water, snow and dirt to fall through for all weather use. Use it on concrete, dirt, gravel, snow, or anywhere else it seems fit.

RaceRamps RR-XT-2 2-Piece  Ramps

Targeted towards vehicle owners with low ground clearance, RaceRamps is most likely the best in the business, and their extended ramps don’t disappoint. Simple design, slip proof bottom, and lightweight feel, they are perfect for any garage. Whether you own a Mazda Miata and have it lowered, or a Chevrolet Corvette and naturally have low ground clearance. While the cost is hefty for one set of ramps, costing around 300 dollars for the 67” set, we think it’s worth every penny.


RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramps

From the top 5 automotive ramps in our line-up, there’s one car ramp set review we’ve done that classifies it as a good value. Rhino Gears’s 12,000 GVW Vehicle Ramps are the best bang for the buck you can get today. With over 900 user reviews giving them an average. Costing under 40 dollars, for anything light to medium duty (6,000 lbs max) they are perfect.

For the current best price online, visit their official Amazon page where you can see the 900+ user reviews and additional specs.

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RaceRamps RR-40’s

For the best of the best, there’s no reason to cut costs. RaceRamps company specializes in creating automotive ramps that will hold up against heavy-duty use, area easy to use, and most importantly, fit the most common needs of its users. By a fair margin, their RR-40 pair of vehicle ramps are created for practically anyone to use, but especially car enthusiasts and the at home mechanic. Their ease of use and overall design makes them an attractive model.

To grab them for a much bigger discount than you’d probably find elsewhere, view their Amazon sales page!

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EXTRA: In addition to having a good set of car ramps, you’ll also need to get yourself a good floor jack, and also get a torque wrench to properly tighten the major bolts on your vehicle (specifically the lug nuts). We have also created an article of the best RC cars that are for sale!