The Clarion CZ305: What You Need to Know

Posted: July 11, 2017

The Clarion CZ305: What You Need to Know

The audio system in your vehicle is the soul of your ride. You depend on it for company, entertainment, news, traffic, morning talk shows that get your brain going, and maybe even the occasional audiobook.  They are being tied into Bluetooth systems, some can read your text messages, and they typically all light up in fancy colors. The type of audio system you invest in will depend on your funds for the project and what you want to accomplish. Typically, you want to go for the biggest bang for your buck. What you want is a quality product, that is simple to install and use, is reasonably priced, and gives you the options you want. For a mid-priced, quality, sleek, and user-friendly deck we have brought to your attention the Clarion CZ305.
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Why Clarion?

Walk into any car audio store and you will see walls upon walls full of auto systems, subwoofers, decks, single DINs, double DINs, and pop-up touch screens. While there are so many choices, it often helps to decide on a brand that you know and trust. From there look into what they have to offer. Clarion for example spends less time making products that will aesthetically please everyone, and focuses on making a few top-choice products. Offering expertise in marine audio as well, Clarion’s customer satisfaction is high, and their return business has been key to success. Clarion’s CZ series offers 3 different audio options that vary in options and industry leading features. While the CX only offers 2 different options, they are designed for a double DIN setup. For our purposes, we bring you the details on the more commonly purchased and loved CZ305.

Clarion’s Other Options

On the bottom end of the CZ line you have the most basic of the three, the Clarion CZ205. It delivers a quality sound, with USB, AUX, CD, and AM/FM options to deliver your music the way you want it. It does not have Bluetooth technology however, making certain functions you may be looking for unobtainable. The high-end option of the CZ line is the CZ505. It of course has everything the CZ205 and CZ305 has, but with SiruisXM and built in HD-Radio capabilities. It is sure to deliver the highest quality of sound and the most versatility. However, if you do not need that many options for playing music, the CZ305 delivers and equally perfect sound for an easier price.

For 2-DIN or double-DIN options, Clarion offers the CX line of receivers. Both can be compared to the CZ305 and CZ505. Both are Bluetooth capable, and the more expensive CX505 again has the HD-Radio built in to deliver the best AM/FM sound.

In addition to the products that they provide, Clarion as a company needs to be given credit for their high ratings, great customer relations, availability of help and direction regarding installation, and the availability of literature, manuals, and specifications via their website. With the help of Clarion’s website, you will know right away if you are getting what you want and need.

Why the CZ305?

Designed as a happy-medium between the basic and classic CZ205 and the incredible CZ505, the Clarion CZ305 comes in as a price-friendly and technologically impressive option. For those who need an upgrade, want something new, but do not want to go overboard, this is one of the best options out there for you. You can find this product on Amazon or any major audio retailer online.. Oh, and it comes with a remote.

clarion illustraiton

  1. Source- Select between your CD, Bluetooth, AUX, and other options.
  2. Sound- Choose between sound selections to tune your music to your exact liking
  3. Display- Choose between your display options such as the clock, station, and other options
  4. AUX Connection
  5. USB Connection

Starting with what you see first, the faceplate is designed with a sleek appearance offering easy to navigate buttons, and a bright easy to read display. From there you have the option to select AM/FM radio stations, a CD, Bluetooth connection to a device of your choice, USB connection, or a direct hardwired AUX connection. No matter what type of device you are trying to connect to, there is a way. Giving you so many pathways to your music is just half of the fun, as you also have satellite options available to you.

If your personal music selections are not enough, there is an add-on bundle that completes the collection with a Sirius Radio receiver and tuner. While this is extra, so is paying for Sirius in the first place. If you already have a subscription, then the bundle is a great way to keep your service going. If you are a Pandora fan have no fear, the CZ305 supports Pandora and will keep quality of the tracks clean and clear with atpX support. With the improvements with the aptX system, EQ settings, and the filters, you may not need a speaker upgrade to make your sound system better than it ever has been. Although you do have the option to add almost anything you could want with the CZ305’s design.


atpX Support

With a smartphone equipped with atpX support, you will be able to receive crystal clear input when using a compressed audio file. By reducing the bit rate without latency delays, they deliver a responsive and impressive sounding audio file without worry of interference. In addition to the Low and High Pass filters, your music can be tuned in the exact sound that you want. The CZ305 does an incredible job of tuning your music to your taste.


With 2 two-channel RCA outputs you can easily upgrade the rest of your sound system with additional amplifiers, subwoofers, and upgraded speakers. The 2-volt output should be more than enough to power what additional features you wish to add. Again, if your speakers are in decent condition, the CZ305 alone will increase the quality of your sound.

Measuring 7-2/5in × 2-7/25in × 7in it is a standard single DIN design. Weighing in at just under 3lbs, it is simple and easy to install, but we will touch more on that in a bit. The dial is conveniently centrally located in towards the middle of the deck, allowing easy navigation of the buttons. The rest of the buttons are all designed a little differently, making using and adjusting to the swap a breeze.



Installation is, of course, going to vary depending on what you are installing the CZ305 into. Generally speaking, you need to verify how the unit is going to sit and mount into the vehicle’s dashboard. You want to make sure your vehicle’s electrical connections can be tied into, or replaced with new connections to power the radio and the speakers. There may be parts such as mounting clips, wiring connectors, or fittings that you need to purchase in addition.

When mounting, there are always options, and custom mounting jobs are not unheard of. If not mounting it straight and flat, do not exceed over 30 degrees from flat. The mounting bracket will need to be installed by itself first, which tends to be a generally easy task. From there the rest of the unit can be inserted into is mount. Again, the details of the installation will vary with the vehicle it is being installed into. We give credit to Clarion for being customer friendly, and being there to help with any of the issues along the way.

The electrical connections are straight forward and the instruction manual gives you a clear step by step process on how to properly get power to the system. Installations that do not encounter any error (which is most assuming you have a single DIN compatible vehicle) can be done in about an hour.

In review

All in all, the Clarion CZ305 comes in at a very reasonable price, and can be picked up online from  or any major audio retailer or Amazon. For a single DIN unit, it delivers a powerful punch to your new or existing speakers and subs. Its user-friendly faceplate is easy to navigate and learn how to use. The EQ settings are quick to set to an existing preset, or to customize your own! Its versatility allows you to do almost any other upgrades to the sounds system that you would like. Installation tends to be quick and simple depending on your vehicle. Clarion is there to help you if you lose your instructions or your manual, and to guide you through any issues you may encounter. We agree that the Clarion CZ305 is one of the nicer systems on the market for your single DIN applications.
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