Best RC Cars Reviews (2020)

Posted: 16 May 2020

Introduction To Best Radio Control Cars To Buy Both BIG and small

If you’re in any way interested in radio controlled cars, it’s never too late to start. Depending on your budget, it will ultimately dictate how much “car” you’ll be getting for your money. RC cars range from as little as  few dollars, to as much as a few hundred dollars for the premium quality brands.

Some of today’s best RC cars cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and a handful can actually be bought for a surprisingly small amount. Whether you want an electric RC car or a gas powered RC car, you’re going to want to first figure out what budget you want to stay under.

For gas powered radio controlled cars, you’ll be looking at a minimum of 80 dollars. Electric vehicles that are fast, and have interchangeable parts, you’ll be looking at around 100 dollars +. Now with that being said, we managed to find some cars for very reasonable prices. (extra: see our rc trucks guide here)

Here’s a list of the best electric radio controlled cars to buy today. Keep in mind that these vehicles aren’t all manufactured in the year 2019, just some great deals to not pass 

Here’s 5 Best RC Cars To Buy For Any Budget In 2019

5. Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car

A true classic when it comes to the hobby grade RC world, the Grasshopper by Tamiya is an rc car kit that is sure to please. It’s only rear wheel drive, but meant for tackling small to medium sized jumps, sand, dirt, and simple concrete.

This is probably one of the best rc cars to get for the older generation from the 80’s.  Redesigned and allowing you to lace your own internals such as electronic speed control, servos, motor and battery. If you want a great rc electric car (more of a buggy), look into the Grasshopper.

4. Traxxas RTR Rustler with Water Proof XL-5 RTR Remote Control Car (truggy)

Traxxas is a true competitor with solid roots, from their budget oriented brushed vehicles, to their insane brushless motor vehicles. For fast rc cars on a budget, the Traxxas Rustler RC Truggy is a solid choice.

Overall, this vehicle has a wide stance to ensure your high and low jumps always land properly. Top speed is somewhere around 30 to 35 mph for the base model. Luckily every part is interchangeable, allowing you to swap out to as many parts as you want, no matter how many times you break them.

Something extra to keep in mind with the Rustler, is the rear wheel drive part. Much like the Grasshopper mentioned above, you’ll do the best playing in the dirt, gravel, and even on plain concrete. A very good entry level radio controlled car, and without a doubt of the best remote control cars that are quite fun and not too expensive.

3. HPI Racing E10 Mustang Monster Energy Radio Control Car (drift)

There’s radio controlled cars that are great on the street, and there’s radio controlled cars that are meant for super smooth surfaces. The HPI Racing E10 Mustang is a ready to run 1/10 scale car that is designed to be an epic drift machine. Every part is interchangeable to ensure your car is catered towards your taste.

The low profile is designed strictly for very flat surfaces, to glide from side to side seamlessly, and to ultimately compete in drifting competitions (see YouTube for some epic videos of rc cars drifting).

Not the cheap car some would expect for this entire package, with everything put together, you’re bound to be  impressed.

2. Traxxas XO-1 Supercar RTR Electric RC Car

For anyone who is willing enough to handle a electric rc car, capable of hitting 100 mph in just a few seconds, the Traxxas XO-1 radio controlled car is the perfect car. By far the most expensive vehicle and fastest we have on this list, you’ll receive a giant 1/7 scale vehicle with EVERYTHING you’d need to get started RIGHT now.

The special aerodynamic shape is a big contributing factor to the incredible top speed. In fact, the X0-1 is one of the fastest and best rc cars for sale right now. On top of that, the ultra flat bottom lets the air pass smoothly and really lets it experience insane bursts of speed. We can easily classify this vehicle as a “dangerous toy”, and as fast as you can actually go in it, you can just as fast destroy it by making one wrong move at full throttle.

If you have the money, and some experience, the XO-1 Super Car by Traxxas is well worth the money.


1. Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Electric Drift Car

RedCat Racing Lightning EPX RC CarFor cheap rc cars, you’d typically not find a “hobby grade” vehicle that lets you fully customize every aspect of it. While RedCat is a company that is tailored towards budget oriented radio controlled vehicles, The RedCat Racing Lightning EXP RC 1/10 Car is one which beginners and intermediates should deeply look into.

At under 150 dollars for everything you’d need to get started, it’s a great way to drive deep into a hobby of casually drifting and racing cars.

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