Best Jumper Cables Reviews (2020)

Posted: 18 March 2020

Introduction To Best Car Jumper Cables To Buy Both Light and Heavy Duty

By far one of the most important things you should keep with you in the car is a set of jumper cables. As you’d probably expect, things happen, and your vehicle’s battery can be drained very easily. Maybe you left a switch on or, there’s a short in the electrical system which drains your battery.

A good set of jumper cables can mean the difference between being stranded for 20 to 30 minutes, or being stranded for hours. Depending on your vehicle type, you may need a heavy duty set of jumper cables OR, a light duty set of jumper cables. In either situation, they will do the same job.

If you’re wondering how to use jumper cords, it’s very simple. Following the next few will prove to be simple:

  • Have another running vehicle with a good battery
  • To ensure the clamps never spark when accidentally touching each other, we will connect one side at a time.
  • Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal on the good battery
  • Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal on the bad battery
  • Now hook up the negative clamp to the negative terminal on the good battery
  • Hook up the other negative clamp to a solid ground on the bad car (usually either the frame OR, a part of the engine that is solid metal).
  • Crank over the good car and let it run for a few minutes.
  • After a few minutes, crank over the bad car. Done.

NOTE: If for some reason your vehicle is not cranking over, check your connection points.

Here’s a list of 8 best jumper cables we strongly believe will be an excellent addition and life saver.


Top 8 Best Automotive Battery  Cables For Jumping

RankingProductCurrent Price
Energizer 16′ Foot 4 Gauge Jumper Cables
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Iron Forge Tools 20′ Foot Jumper Cables 4 Gauge
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Cartman 10 Gauge 12′ Foot Jumper Cables
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Performance Tool W1673 20′ Foot 4 Gauge Jumper Cables
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Unique Imports Heavy Duty 1 Gauge 25′ Foot Long Jumper Cables
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Iron Forge Tools 20′ Foot 8 gauge Jumper Cables
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Cartman 16′ Foot 6 Gauge Jumper Cables
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DLUX 10 Gauge “No Tangle” 12′ Foot Jumper Cables
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8. DLUX 10 Gauge “No Tangle” 12′ Foot Battery Jumper Cables

Easy, compact, cheap, what more could you ask for? DLUX 10 Gauge 12 foot car and truck battery jumper cables are an excellent addition to your vehicle’s onboard equipment collection. They come in a plastic pouch which easily stores all 12 feet of these cables, letting you place them under or behind your seat.

There’s a “no tangle” design which helps you keep them in order. The copper terminals make for great conductors and can dig into battery terminals.

Less than 15 dollars for the cords alone is a great investment that will prove to be worthy when a jump is really needed. Check them out below.

7. Cartman 16′ Foot 6 Gauge Battery Jumper Cables

Slightly more aggressive in design, the Cartman 16′ foot long, 6 gauge battery jumper cables are an excellent addition to a light to medium duty pickup truck. Coming in a very easy to carry bag, you’ll be able store them away in your tool box OR, place them somewhere inside your vehicle for special kind of emergencies.

The copper coated aluminum clamps make for great conductors, also allowing you to place them on either the sides OR top of a battery. There’s a TPR coating on the cables, to allows for low-temperature resistance of -40F / -40C . For the money it’s perfect for emergencies.

6. Iron Forge Tools 20′ Foot 8 Gauge Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

Here’s another set of HEAVY DUTY jumper cables. The Iron Forge Tools are really about as good as it gets when it comes to durable, easy to carry, and cost effective set of cables. These are designed to work flawlessly on trucks, cars, vans, SUV’s and motorcycles. Tangle free means you won’t ever have to waste precious time un-clumping them from one another, just a simple straight cable that stretches 20 feet long.

An easy to carry bag is included, which is actually quite nice and allows you to store the cables up once you roll them up. These cables are rated to withstand 400 amps of power, meaning that you can practically jump any vehicle. When it comes down to value as well, these can be classified as one of the best jumper cables to get.

Click below for the current best price.

5. Unique Imports Heavy Duty 1 Gauge 25′ Foot Long Jumper Cables

These set of cables are the most heavy duty pair we’ve come across so far. Stretching out to 25′ feet long, the Unique Imports are pretty much what you’d use on very heavy duty vehicles. The 1 gauge thickness allows them to withstand 800 amps of power, which to give you a perspective, is 2x more than a regular set of cables.

The rust resistant clips are coated in copper on the bare metal, and in a thick rubber/plastic coating to prevent them touching each other and causing sparks. To carry these cables is made easier with a carrying case (great for storing away these cables in a mess-free manner).

4. Performance Tool W1673 20′ Foot 4 Gauge Jumper Cables

Here’s yet another set of cables that provide excellent durability in nearly all situations. Performance Tools W1673 4 Gauge 20′ foot jumper cables are yet another set of cables that are catered towards higher amperage electrical systems. Wither you drive a big diesel truck, or a light duty commuter car, this set of cables should serve you well. Although for small vehicles these cables may be overkill.

Red and black clamps are easy to identify on which side of the battery they should go on. Tangle free means there’s no messes and time wasting. In terms of power, you’ll be able to withstand 500 amps consistently and 600 amps at peak. Great for full sized trucks, van’s and SUV’s.

3. Cartman 10 Gauge 12′ Foot Car Jumper Cables

Now here’s some light duty car jumper cables for you. The Cartman 10 gauge 12 foot long cables are excellent if you’re trying to jump any ordinary commuter vehicle OR, a small to medium duty pickup truck. Very cost effective, easy to use, and can withstand up to 300 amps of power.

About 13 dollars is what it will cost you for these cables. They are not bulky by any stretch, and you’ll be able to store them in an included carrying case. An added feature which helps to prevent the terminals from touching one another, are the rubber coated clamps which have the copper coated teeth  further in the clamp.  To get them for the current best price, view them right below.

2. Iron Forge Tools 20′ Foot Jumper Cables 4 Gauge

Iron Forge Tools has made a true, tangle free set of cables that is not only durable, but also very aggressive with the clamps. The copper coated aluminum teeth on the clamps are created specifically for getting good grip on the positive and negative terminals. They work great on cars, trucks, van’s, SUV’s, and motorcycles of all types.  4 gauges will provide you with more than enough thickness to handle some very high amp ratings.

A handy carrying case is included which compresses the tangle free cables into a much smaller size, letting you store them in small spaces in your vehicle. Check them out on Amazon below, they should be no more than 25 dollars for the whole set.

1. Energizer 16′ Foot 4 Gauge Jumper Cables

These are probably the best jumper cables we’ve come across from our entire list. What makes them quite unique, is their ergonomic handles, spark safe clamps, and properly color negative and positive clamps. The high conducting material is a copper clad aluminum, suitable for top and side post batteries.

The tangle free cables come in a carrying case and easily store in small areas in your vehicle. Although the material is rugged, they are flexible up to -40C. Being 4 gauge in thickness, you can run up to 400 amps through them with no problem!


Consider taking a look at some additional guides for automotive batteries, and also portable jumper boxes. Both are crucial for proper vehicle operation.