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Posted: April 30, 2016

Introduction To Best Heavy Duty Degreasers/Cleaners

When there’s dirt, sticky brake dust or any kind of petroleum product at the surface, a strong degreaser would be ideal. Using a degreaser will even apply in the instances when you are detailing your vehicle, especially for any petroleum based products that add “shine”.

If you are cleaning anything that is fragile, such as your car or truck, diluting both natural and industrial strength degreasers is crucial. This will bring down the strength and not damage painted and sealed surfaces. On the flip side, if you are cleaning concrete from oil stains, using a heavy duty degreaser at full strength is recommended.

We put together a guide below, of the 7 best degreasers to consider buying. You’ll be able to use them on your vehicle for professional detailing, on concrete or asphalt to remove stains, and also to simply wash floors. See the full chart below.


Here’s 6 Best Engine Degreasers For Automotive Detailing & Practically Anything Else


6. Oil Eater Heavy Duty Degreaser

Oil Eater Heavy Duty Cleaner/DegreaserThe first grease and grime fighting product, is Oil Eaters Cleaner Heavy Duty Degreaser. We like this product first off, because it works. Over 355 users have reports ground oil stains, grease ridden tools, and in automotive detailing situations are no match for this product.

Some additional things about this products are that it safely dissolves grease and oils on most everything, it contains no acids, abrasives or petroleum solvents. Most importantly about all that, it’s biodegradable so you can use it in even septic systems.

Being a concentrated heavy duty degreaser, there’s a dilution chart on each gallon to help you find the perfect strength. You can use it for household uses, a few including” laundry presto, floors, carpets, tub/tile, grills, decks, asphalt and concrete driveways, stoves, boat hulls, white wall tires and siding. As for industrial uses, things like engines, machinery, floor scrubbers, tools, pressure washers, parts washing, exhausts, and hoods just to name a few.

A whole gallon when diluted properly, should last you quite a while. Check it out below for their current best price.

5. Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Engine Degreaser

Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange DegreaserKnown for more expensive automotive detailing products, Chemical Guys make an engine degreaser specifically formulated for use on automobiles. The super concentrated formula is designed to be used as a heavy duty engine degreaser and when diluted correctly a mild degreaser. As you can expect, the things you can use this product on are not limited to automobiles.

What we like about this product the most, is the 16oz bottle it comes in. Much like any other detailing product you spray to apply, you can do the same with this degreaser. In most cases, degreasers come in 1-gallon jugs which you have to separately pour into spray bottles.

What we don’t like is the price, which is a bit steep for only 16oz. However, if you’re an automotive detailer, this product is made just for you. **the orange scent is quite nice.

4. Purple Power Super Strength Home and Automotive Cleaner Degreaser

Purple Power Super Strength Cleaner/DegreaserFor industrial strength degreasing agents, Purple Power is one of the most popular to be bought. First off, this is one of our best most favorite brands when it comes to value for the money.

In most cases, you purchase a gallon or two of either natural degreaser or heavy duty degreaser, and you end up paying 20-30 dollars. Not with Purple Power. How about one gallon for less than 5 dollars!

Oh and lets not forget to mention that this stuff works EXTREMELY well. Being a concentrated formula, it does require you to dilute it accordingly for appropriate strength. Use this stuff for not only industrial jobs like washing concrete and asphalt of oil stains but also automotive uses like engine, wheels, tires, exhaust, interior accessories etc.

Being a biodegradable, non-abrasive, non-flammable and phosphate-free agent makes it friendly towards you and the environment. As for some things we don’t like, there is really none. Check it out below on Amazon for a killer price.

3. Krud Kutter KK012 Cleaner/Degreaser

Krud Kutter KK012 Cleaner/DegreaserAn extremely popular product amongst cleaning supplies, (specifically degreasers) is the Kurd Kutter Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser and Stain Remover. Right off the bat, this product comes in an entirely concentrated form. You’ll need to dilute it to adjust the strength of this cleaner.

You can use this to remove glue, adhesives, grease, oil, makers, crayons, paint overspray, pet stains, tape residue, tree sap, wax, ground oil stains, and a whole lot more. Being water-based, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-abrasive agent, manes it’s better for you and the environment.

In addition, there’s absolutely no petroleum based solvents, bleach or ammonia. Below is a link to give you a look at this product!

2. POR-15 Degreaser Surface Cleaner

POR-15 Cleaner/Degreaser Surface CleanerWhether you are looking for a degreaser for industrial use, or automotive use, POR-15 for our #2 is a solid choice, here’s why. First off, this cleaner like all the other ones comes as in a concentrate formula. In addition, it works extremely well on oil stains on all surfaces, mildew, algae, musty odors, soap films and wax.

You can dilute this product with water to 3, 4, 5, or even 10 times its volume while still keeping a potent strength. Especially when you are trying to apply preventative paint or coatings against rust, you should hit it with some POR-15 to remove all oils. This also applies with any other surface that has any kind of oil at the surface.

While at around 25 dollars for a gallon, it’s a noticeable price hike when you compare it to cleaners like Purple Power. Below is the source where you can check this product out.

1. Simple Green Crystal Industrial Cleaner and Engine Degreaser

Simple Green Crystal Industrial Cleaner/DegreaserThe most recommended industrial and home degreaser is the Simple Green Crystal Cleaner/Degreaser. this is one of a few cleaners that are 100% biodegradable, and have no real harm to your health when using them (fragrance-free). This stuff has the same potency as Purple Power, if not better.

Use this cleaner on both automobiles (detailing), and home or industrial use. Specifically, any kind of grease or oil stains that are deeply embedded in the surface… you’ll be able to use this cleaner to break it all apart. Of course, you’ll need to dilute this cleaner accordingly. But once you do, you’ll drastically reduce the chances of harming any surface.

This product has exceptionally good user feedback to support our #1 spot. While it may be bit more expensive than some other degreasers, one can’t argue its potency and eco-friendliness. It’s probably the best engine degreaser we could find. Go and click the link below to see this product.

In conclusion, putting these degreasers to work comes crucial when the engine or your wheels are being cleaned. Just remember to dilute your mixtures properly to avoid any acidic stains. And also, if you’re looking for leather cleaners, you can see our guide on leather conditioners and cleaners here.

Introduction Video On Using Degreaser/Cleaners