Mechanics Creeper Reviews (2020)

Posted: 26 April 2020

Introduction To Best Car Creepers To Buy

Working on your vehicle can be a wonderful thing, there’s a level of pride that happens and a level of accomplishment. However, getting on your knees, scooting from place to place to get around when underneath your vehicle,  and overall just going down and getting back up again… can be a big PAIN (literally).

On top of all that, you are drastically slowed down in the job you’re doing. To fix this problem, there’s one single solution that is bound to make a BIG difference, and it’s a solid creeper. A creeper is simple, a padded tray with wheels that allows you to move around as if you were “hovering” above the ground. There’s even some creepers that allow you to fold them into chairs, so you can either law down or sit down.

We put together this guide, so you can find the best car creepers to buy. There are mechanics creepers, there are cheap creepers, there are creepers for your personal garage, and pretty much any other automotive application. So arm yourself with your torque wrench, socket set, other tools you need and take a look at our top 7 picks below..

Here’s 7 Best Automotive Creepers To Buy For Both Personal Garages and Mechanics

7. Torin TR6300 Car Creeper Seat

If you want simplicity in your garage, and some extra features to make your job a bit easier… this Torin TR6300 car creeper seat is something definitely worthing looking into.

The overall design right away, is attractive. You simply have a seat, with a storage area to place some of your tools. Its entire construction is made of steel. A padded vinyl seat is great for comfort but at the same time, durability.

Additionally, the heavy duty steel casters area great for long term use and for heavy loads. Weight capacity is really up there, with individuals weighing at around 300 lbs and you will glide across the floor with ease.

Its cost is a steel at less than 30 dollars for the whole thing. A good investment, regardless of what type of job your doing.

6. Pro-Lift C-2036D 36” Z Creeper Seat

Here’s a pretty unique creeper, termed as the “Z Creeper Seat”. What’s unique about the Pro-Lift C-2036D is that it can fold into a seat styled creeper OR, a flat creeper. Regardless of which position you prefer, you have them both at your disposal.

Additional things about this particular creeper, is that it has thick padded cushions created specifically for comfort and easy access. The 6 swivel casters are quite easy to move around, and even under pressure will make the entire creeper glide with ease. You get a weight capacity of around 300 lbs, and in order to keep this unit in one position there’s a retractable pin.

Its heavy duty design gives it a weight of around 18 lbs dry. It costs less than 40 dollars and acts as a creeper 2-in-1. Take a look on Amazon below!

5. Whiteside Manufacturing Professional 44” Adjustable Creeper

Here’s a professional grade mechanics creeper that gives you the flexibility a typical reclinable chair would. Whitened Manufacturing makes the MTL2UP 44” inch long Adjustable Creeper, and it is one of the most solid pieces of equipment we’ve come across.

For starters, the creeper has 3/4” inch steel tubing that is powder coated to prevent future rust. The rollers are 2.5” inches in size and are 100% oil-resistant. You can easily clean the heavy-duty vinyl material.  And lastly, from the moment you lay down or even sit down, there’s about 2.5” inches of ground clearance.

Weight capacity is closer to 300 lbs if not more, many have reported that even in the 200’s the rollers glide around without a problem. Take a look into this professional grade mechanics creeper.

4. Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper

Now we’re moving down to more dedicated floor creepers that are, more than regular. In our #4 is the Traction 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper. this guy has a very low profile design and a wide countered deck for comfort.

There isn’t any pinching points for the drop deck, which brings us to the casters that are 5” inches in size. A whopping 401 lbs can be placed as on this wide body creeper (without breaking a sweat).

This tool would work best an in automotive and garage setting (ideally on flat floor). If you would like to check it out for the price and other user feedback/ratings… click the button below.

3. Torin 4 Position Headrest Shop Garage Creeper

Taking a more traditional approach to the creepers you’d typically find at a mechanics shop, the Torin TR6452 4 Position Shop Garage Creeper is no rookie to experienced users. Look into almost any shop for automobiles, and you’ll find a creeper that this brand specifically.. if not something very similar.

With the Torin creeper, you get a 4 position headrest so you won’t have to pry up your head and endure strain. There’s 6 wheel durable rotating casters, allowing you to glide across smooth floors with no problem. The entire creeper (aside from the vinyl padding) are constructed of steel. And lastly, this unit stretches out to approximately 40 inches long.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for this creeper. Look at spending less than 40 dollars for this unit.

2. ATD Plastic Blow Molded Automotive Creeper

If you want something that can conform to the shape of your body, and give you PLENTY of wiggle room for moving around and feel comfortable, the ATD Plastic Blow Molded Automotive Creeper may be perfect for you. Unlike other automotive creepers, this molded unit features “un-restricted” arm movement area so you aren’t bumping up against anything on this unit.

You get approximately 1” inch of ground clearance gives you plenty of space (even when laying down), to slide across the floor. The PVC wheels are industrial strength and can resist oil, chemicals, and even grease. The weight rating is even on the heavier side, at a 300lbs capacity.

It’s quite affordable at around 50 dollars!

1. Omega Black 40” Foldable Z Creeper

This is our most recommended floor creeper, the Omega 91000 Black Foldable Z styled Creeper. Here, heavy duty is simply an understatement. If you want something that is comfortable and can glide around on garage floors with ease… look into this Omega.

It can transform from being a “lay-down” styled creeper into a rolling chair. The total length is approximately 40” inches long, and made of all steel construction. With the seat part, dimensions are 14” x 12.25” giving you a fair amount of space to sit on.

Overall capacity for the occupant, is a whopping 450 lbs.. the most we’ve seen so far for creepers. Each of the wheel bearing casters are 3” polyurethane and oil resistant for easy movement.

We are impressed with more the build quality than anything else. If you want a durable and easy to use floor creeper… this is the one to look into first.

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