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(Last Updated On: May 22, 2019)

Introduction To Best Cold Air Intake Kits To Buy (by brand)

If you’re looking for an aftermarket cold air intake system, you’re probably looking for a system to get some gains and noise over stock. If so, the products featured and talked about in this guide are for you. If you don’t know already, stock intake systems tend to restrict cold air flow, which as a result muffles intake noise but also a few ponies. The purpose of getting a quality cold air intake system is to bring out the bite your vehicles engine produces.

Best Cold Air Intake Kits

For the most part, these systems tend to be very similar in design. However, there’s at times subtle differences which can make a BIG difference. Before you pick a brand to go with, you’re gonna have to figure out if you’re ready to install it by hand or have a technician install it for you. Nine times out of ten, you can install an entire system in less than 1 hour.

Tools typically required for a cold air intake install job, are a set of pliers, a philips/flat head screw driver, a small ratchet with sockets, and that’s about it. Right below, we listed some best cold air intake reviews, by brand and which we recommend the most.

Here’s 8 Brands That Make Some Of The Best Cold Air Intake Systems

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8) S&B Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

S&B Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

S&B Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

When it comes down to S&B cold air intake systems, they are going to be catered towards your pickup trucks, suv’s and work vans. Right off the bat, you’ll see they resemble K&N cold air intake’s, but with an inclosed box which allows for air to be fed directly into the cone styled filter.

Some of vehicles this type of kit is compatible with are Ford Powerstrokes F-Series, Ram 1500-3500 trucks, Toyota Tundra trucks, and a few others. Cost can be expected to be bit higher since these products a bit large than your ordinary cold air intake system. Nonetheless, according to MANY of their recent buyers, there’s nothing but good things to be said about S&B Performance Intakes Kits. Click below to see more about their kits.

7) Spectre Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Spectre Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Spectre Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Moving on to the Spectre Performance Air Intake Kits, these are more than your average kit. Unlike many of Honda or Acura aftermarket kits you see installed… that only produce higher noise and that’s it… these are different. You’ll notice right away the build-quality from the cone filter to the intake tube, stainless steel tubing with a red cone filter. 

A lot of their intake are made for American vehicles such as 5.4L ford engines, Ram trucks, big SUV’s such as Toyota Sequoia and quite a few others. Overall satisfaction rate seems to be quite good and install for most doesn’t seem to be hard at all, as this kit is quite basic. Cost is quite reasonable as well, as much as 50% cheaper than the S&B intakes mentioned earlier. 

Noise and some HP gains are a definite possibility, click below to see if one will fit your vehicle. 

6) AirRaid Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

AirRaid Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

AirRaid Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Taking a look at AirRaid Performance Cold Air Intake Systems, we will jump to one conclusion… they are pricey systems. However, don’t let that deter you from getting a kit. Aside from finding the right fit, you should understand that these systems are priced high due to their proper functionality. 

Fitments may be a bit more limited due to their design with double piping ends in some models. On the performance benefits, you’ll get some gains but mostly some great engine induction noise. Again, fitment is crucial to ensure your investment is 100% worth it.

The types of vehicles that can find this system worth it are big engine vehicles, such as Mustangs, Jeep’s, some other American V6’s …  check compatibility first at places like AirRaid.com. Click below to see all of their products.

5) Volant Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Volant Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Volant Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

When it comes down to some serious sound improvements and even a few ponies added to the stable, Volant is a brand you can probably trust. Their cold air intakes from the looks of it, cater towards SUV’s and Trucks with big engines. 

According to customer who have purchased one of their systems, the horsepower gain are noticeable. Engine note is much better as well, overall a positive improvement for an automobile when installed properly. 

At a premium cost and not like your Autozone or Advanced Autocrats kits. Build quality is on the upper end, and so is their functionality. Click below to see current best price!

4) Injen Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Injen Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Injen Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

If you’re familiar with the Honda or Acura scene, you’ll then get to know Injen Technology Cold Air Intakes. Injen has been in the business of providing aftermarket intakes for tuners for quite a long time, and their products are praised by many. While not the most expensive intakes on the market, they are by no means cheap peaces of sh*t. Compatibility is an important aspect when choosing one of these, most tend to fit Acuras, Hondas, Nissans, and a few other brands. 

Intake noise is noticeably improved over stock, and horsepower gains (varies by vehicle) can sometimes be noticeable in an instant. Throttle responsiveness is definitely improved from the second you touch the gas pedal. 

Being an almost 20 year old company, they have been around the block of the “good old days” of tuners. If that’s your area, Injen may be a good choice for you. 

3) AEM Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

AEM Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

AEM Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Much like Injen mentioned above, AEM Technology Cold Air Intakes have been around for quite a long time. The scent back in the early 2000’s and even late 90’s has made them some of the most iconic cold air intakes to be used on tuner vehicles. 

Their list of intakes is quite big, and it’s all about making sure your vehicle is 100% compatible. Whether you have a VTEC Honda, a VVTI Toyota, or any other vehicle.. AEM has time after time, proven to produce great intake noise from even the smallest engines. As far as horsepower gains, you should get a properly good response in throttle and possible a few ponies. 

To see their extensive line of intakes, click the link below.

2) K&N Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

K&N Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

K&N Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

When you think of a simple cold air intake, what brand comes to mind? If its K&N, than you’d be one of many who has now over time familiarized with K&N products. First off, they are undoubtably one of the most popular cold air intake brands on the market.. bar none.

When it comes to their product line-up, they most likely have one of the biggest line-ups. When it comes to horsepower gains, and engine noise, K&N is a brand that won’t disappoint. From short air, ram air and air charger types of intakes.. their claimed hangs range from 5-25 hp in some automobiles. On the side note, this brand does make cheaper intakes which for the most part… only increase intake noise and that’s it. 

With their wide range of fitments and configurations, picking the right fit will give you the most out of their intakes. If you want to see exactly how much they are and if there’s one for your vehicle, click the link below.

1) Takeda Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Takedo Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

Takedo Cold Air Intake Systems & Kits

For a Japanese speciality brand, Takeda is a cold air intake of choice for brands like Honda, Acura, Lexus, Infinity, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi and a lot others. Their designs are of sheer quality, and main purpose is made for smoother air quality. 

When you look at their most poplar intakes, you’ll see them vary in sizes, and even shapes, all in the name of better engine noise and increase in power. While being at a steep price unlike some of its counterparts, it will be well worth it according to almost all past customers who’ve bought one for their vehicle.

Simply remember, fitments is KEY. To see more about their whole line of kits, click the button below to get started.

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