Best Phone Holder for Car Reviews (2020)

Posted: 24 April 2020

Best Phone Holder for Car – Introduction

Driving with your phone in your hands and using your GPS, can often prove to be a big hazard. You probably already have a bluetooth adapter set up in your car. Or you can try placing your phone in many places but there’s almost always some kind of vibration as the car is moving. The perfect solution to that is by having a good and solid cell phone mount, whether that’s for your car truck van or SUV.

There’s a lot of different types of cell phone mounts to choose from, ranging from ones for your windshield, air vents, CD slots, cup holders and dashboard. They all generally serve the same purpose, to hold your cell phone in place and within reach, at all times. The only difference that typically seems to be the case is which product is durable.

In this full guide, we put together a list of the eight best cell phone mounts and holders that you should consider investing in. Whichever cell phone holder or cell phone car mount you choose, we are confident you’ll be happy with your decision.

Here’s 8 Best Phone Mounts For Cars Used On Both Dashboards and Windshields

8. URPOWER Flexible Cell Phone Holder For Car

URPOWER Flexible Cell Phone Holder For Car

If you’re looking for a simple way to mount your cell phone directly on your windshield, look no further. Coming in as our #8 position on the best car phone mount for a car list is the URPOWER Mountable Universal Long Arm Phone Holder. The design is quite simple, but that doesn’t stop it from working well and holding a wide variety of smartphones exactly where they need to be.

The unit keeps your phone in place by using a simple suction cup, a flexible neck, and a giant clip. Once you find an appropriate place for your phone, you can mount it and get on your way. Something to keep in mind when considering this particular holder is that you can only use phones that have screens of 5.5″ or less.

As it is one of Amazon’s “Best Sellers” and costs less than 10 dollars, we surely had to include it on our list.

7. IPOW Universal One Touch Installation CD Slot Phone Mount For Car

IPOW Universal One Touch Installation CD Slot Phone Mount For Car

Even with a CD in, there’s still room to insert something additional… but what could it be? Oh yes, now you can have a phone mount for car that clings onto your radio CD slot. On our seventh position, we have the IPOW’s Universal One Touch CD Slot for Smartphones.

Like we just mentioned, the whole idea is brilliant. Giving you plenty of strength to hold even the biggest smartphones, the device retracts from as little as 3.5″ to as much as 6.5″ inches wide. You get 100% 360-degree tilt both vertically and horizontally. The installation process is so easy that it takes even less than 5 seconds.

Over 1,200 individuals who purchased this product have given it a “Thumbs Up!” for functionality and price. Check it out below for the most recent and the best price.


6. Magically MCUPMP Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder For Cell Phones

Magically MCUPMP Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder For Cell Phones

One of the easiest ways in which you can mount your cell phone and not use any space on the windshield is by using a cup holder adjustable smartphone mount. On the sixth position of our list, we have the Macally MCUPMP Adjustable Automotive Cup Holder For Smartphones, mp3 players, and GPS’s.

What makes this device so great is its flexible little neck that allows you to move the phone around to adjust it accordingly. After that, there are rubber grip paddings around the adjustable part of the phone mount that help to keep your smartphone in place.

You can easily adjust the base to fit “most” of automotive cup holders. We love that you don’t have to use the windshield for mounting, making use of cupholders seems to be a genius idea. Take a look at this car cell phone holder’s best price below.


5. Omaker 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Windshield Mount

Omaker 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Windshield Mount

There’s no denying that smartphones nowadays are very fragile devices – dropping them just a few inches can sometimes result in the screen breaking. As our #5 best car phone mount we have the Omaker Universal Cell Phone Windshield Mount. Right off the top, you’ll notice this little device is padded on every part that your phone would make contact with.

Like placing your phone in a pillowcase, this device is perfect for placing your phone with the case on or without. Much like any other windshield mobile holders for cars, this device has a long flexible neck and a swivel at the top, allowing you to rotate your phone 360 degrees.
As an extra, it also comes with a non-flexible mount that goes directly onto your vehicle’s dashboard.

While suction cups in many cases can look and feel flimsy, it is not the case with the Omaker. Strong suction cups are placed on both included phone mounts.
Take a look, as it’s, after all, an Amazon’ Best Seller’.


4. TaoTronics Car Windshield /Dashboard Phone Mount

TaoTronics Car Windshield /Dashboard Phone Mount

Moving down to our #4 car phone holder and mount, we have the TaoTronics Car Windshield/Dashboard Universal Cradle Mount. A very popular item among online customers. This device does not feature a flexible neck, but it does give you a more steady design that can be fitted on both windshield and dashboard.

The suction cup is strong, as it uses a sticky gel that adheres to the windshield. The padded backing located on the cell phone mount is great for making sure your phone won’t slide out of place. It’s 100% rotatable to 360-degrees and can let you adjust the phone grips from 1.97″ to 3.94 inches wide.

By far, the best part about this suction cup mount is that it costs less than 10 dollars.


3. WizGear Car Mount Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

WizGear Car Mount Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

If you want something so simple, that it can fit in your pocket, and use up almost no dashboard space whatsoever, take a look at this WizGears Vent Clip Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder.
This is a literal genius for two reasons. The first reason is the mounting, as you are placing your smartphone right over an air vent. After your device gets hot from GPS use and other programs being used, the air vent will cool

your phone down in the process.

The other reason why this mobile automotive vent-mount is a genius is its very simple. Just a magnetic vent clip that attaches itself to your phone using a small magnetized backing plate (that is placed inside your phone’s case).

If you want to get a killer price, you should check out the link below.


2. iOttie One Tough Car Mount Holder For Cell Phones

iOttie One Tough Car Mount Holder For Cell Phones

If you want to purchase a phone mount that does not only look good, function well, and is affordable, but can also charge your mobile phone wirelessly… the iOttie’s Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Car Cell Phone Mount is definitely your way to go.
Designed to be placed directly onto your vehicle’s dashboard, you’ll be able to use it with most of the Android devices, striating from Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, and S, to LG’s, Nokia’s and many more. The suction cup is VERY strong, so you won’t have to worry about it being flimsy and your phone falling down together with the mount.

Thanks to this mount, you can rotate your phone 360-degrees, and fit devices ranging from 2.3″ to 3.3″ inches wide. With the micro USB input, you’ll be able to charge Android devices wirelessly. Last but not least, the well lubricated ball joint allows you to tilt your phone in any direction you desire.

If you want to get the latest best price, check out the link below.

1. RAM Mount Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder For Car

RAM Mount Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder For Car

This suction cup mount is, by far, our most favorite mount that we’ve come across. Ram Mount Twist Lock Universal X-Grip Holder is great, not only because of its outstanding suction cup, the ability to customize the direction you’d want the phone to be, but also because of its ability to hold ANY smartphone in place.

Right away, there’s an easy to use suction cup. However, it’s not one of those ordinary ones which will become weak and start falling off in the first couple of weeks after purchasing. It’s strong and will hold even the heaviest smartphones.

The mount is equipped with multiple sockets that enable you to adjust it to different angles and rotate 360 degrees. These rubber tips allow you to hold your phone in place, both vertically and horizontally, without the fear of your device slipping.

Even though it costs a bit more than other cushion cup mounts, you can be sure that you’ve got a product that will last you at least for a few years. For more information and the best price, check out the link below.


Best Phone Holder For Car – Buying Guide And FAQ

There’s no denying that phones are one of the most useful devices these days – not only because you can send messages and make calls from there, but also because you can listen to music and use the navigation apps, which can definitely make your journey not only more pleasurable but also faster, as you won’t get lost trying to find the right route to your destination (or at least you shouldn’t). The only problem, though, is that they cannot be used while driving, as it is not only dangerous for you, but also for those who are on the road with you. However, what if there was a way in which you can use your phone, even if you’re behind the wheel?

Well, there actually is, and it’s called car phone holders. However, buying the best one is not as easy as you might think, as there are several things that you need to consider before making a purchase, such as your car’s interior or even the material the holder is made of. Another thing is that you need to choose where you would like to place it beforehand, as well as decide what kind of attachment you would prefer it to have. While it might sound simple, it’s really not, and the variety of products available on the market definitely doesn’t help the case.

So, to help you and others trying to find the best car phone mount, we created this buying guide. Without any further ado, let’s get into what you have to know before making a purchase of your brand new car phone mount.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Phone Holder For Your Car

Choosing the right phone mount for your car can be quite a challenge, especially since there are a few things that you should consider beforehand. Those include:

Your Car’s Interior

It might come to you as a surprise, but the interior of your car is significant when it comes to which phone mount to choose, or rather which mounting system will be the best option.

If the windshield in your car rises very steeply from the dashboard, then you should reconsider buying a windshield mounted device, as you might not have enough room for it. If your dashboard has an uneven surface, then it will be hard for you to use it as an anchoring point for a suction cup. Last but not least, if the car’s air vents are round or have very thin blades, you might not be able to place a phone holder on car air vents securely.

This is why, before you make any decision regarding which car phone holder you want to purchase, you need to get to know your car, as not every model will be suitable for it. If you have some doubts, you can always check customer reviews – it’s always helpful to get an opinion from someone who already bought and used a product.

Your Phone

The second thing that will affect your choice is your phone, and in particular its size and weight, as there are models which are more suitable for small phones, and others which are better for large phones.

If your phone is rather big, you’d want to consider getting a magnetic mount instead of, for example, a cradle. Before buying, check the packaging, as that’s where manufactures put information about their holder’s compatibility.

How You Will Be Using It

Will you be using your phone holder every day, or just from time to time? If the latter is more accurate, you should think about buying a model that will be the most cost effective. Another thing is at what angle do you want to use your phone? Choosing a model that would accommodate both landscape and vertical use of your phone is always a good idea.

Whether You Will Be Charging It

No matter how advanced your phone is, at one point or another, it will die – or rather, its battery will. It’s inevitable, especially when going on long trips, that require you to use a GPS, because, for example, you don’t know the route by heart. That’s why easy charging is another thing that you should be considering before deciding on a particular model of a car phone mount.

If the model you are considering has the charger plug covered, you can reject it immediately (unless you plan on never charging your phone in the car). However, those that do not have a permanently attached cable can be just as bad. That’s because you will have to attach it every time you want to charge your phone, which in the long run can become quite annoying – especially if you don’t have a specific place where you put the cable, and it just lays around your car. Imagine having to look for it after a long day at work – doesn’t sound very pleasing, does it?

That’s why a good idea would be to purchase one of the phone holders which have a charging cable already connected. However, the final decision is up to you, as you know best which one will be the most convenient for you.

The Material Used

This is something that many people will find irrelevant – as long as the holder works, it doesn’t matter what material it is made of. However, the material and its quality are of the same importance as any other factor presented in this section.

Cheap models are usually manufactured out of rough plastic, of which quality can be questioned, and that doesn’t look good – especially if you have an expensive and elegant car. The contrast between them can be a serious eye sour.

Benefits of Using Car Phone Holders

Using a car phone holder has more benefits than you might think. Those include:

  • Keeping your phone safe and secure even during a long journey
  • Preventing your phone from sliding into places which can create danger, for example under the pedals
  • Allowing you to use the navigation features of your phone safely, even while driving
  • Allowing you to make hands-free calls, without the need to buy additional hardware
  • Letting you control the entertainment system in your car safely

Types of Phone Attachments

There are two main methods of attaching your phone – either by a magnetic mount or a cradle.

When it comes to cradles, they grip your phone snugly when it is used. One of the advantages of using them is the fact that they hold your device securely. Keep in mind, though, that cradles can accommodate phones with a rather narrow range of sizes.

Magnetic mount, on the other hand, is generally more versatile. They are also slightly easier to use than phone holders with cradles – mainly because all you have to do is place your phone onto the magnet. However, their grip is not as secure as a cradle.

No matter if you choose a phone holder with a cradle or with a magnetic mount, you need to remember about checking the product’s reviews before finalizing the purchase.

Places of attaching the car phone mount

This is one of the most important factors of choosing between different phone holders, as the place in which you attach the phone mount is crucial when it comes to safety. One installed in a wrong place can increase danger on the road, by blocking your view. Another thing is that wrong placement decreases the mount’s functionality and purpose – after all, you want to be able to use the functions of your phone while driving, for example, a mapping app.

Having said this, there are many places in your car where you can attach the mount. However, remember about following these rules:

  • the mount should be attached in a central place in a car
  • the holder should be within the driver’s reach
  • when it comes to the product itself, the holder should be able to be attached in different locations in the car, and match the model of the phone you are using – if it doesn’t, and it’s, for example, slightly too big, your phone can slip and fall somewhere that increases danger, like under your pedals.

There are three main places in which people attach their phone holders. Those are the windshield, the air vents, and the dashboard. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s look closer into it, shall we?

Holders mounted on the windshield

The biggest advantage that this type of holders have is obviously the ability to be attached in every car model possible.

However, it also has three disadvantages. First of all, it can limit the driver’s view of the road. The issue is so serious that some countries even prohibited this type of holders from being used. Also, in some cars, the windshield is located outside of the driver’s reach, which means that even if you buy one, there’s a chance that you still might not be able to use your phone.

If you decide to purchase a phone holder with a suction cup, you need to keep in mind that the rubber it is made of can crumble over time because of the sunlight.

Holders mounted to the air vents

This is probably the best place that you can place a phone mount in. Why? First of all, it does not limit the view of the driver. Also, when designing a car, it’s important to provide easy access to the vents, so that they can be adjusted – this means that the phone mount is perfectly within the drivers reach.

Another thing that many people will probably appreciate is the small size and the simplicity of the installation process of these phone holders – especially if they change cars quite often (for example, when they use more than one company car). Moving the holder is almost as easy as moving only your phone.

One of the disadvantages of this type of mounting is that different car models, might have the air vents in different sizes and arranged differently. This means that it might take you longer to find a model that will suit your car.

When it comes to cheaper models, you might have to use both hands when placing the phone inside the holder. Some of them might also break the vent slats. Keep in mind, though, that these problems arise only with the cheap models that you can buy for a few bucks in a corner store. With other models, these problems should be non-existent.

Holders mounted on the dashboard

Last but not least, we have the phone holders mounted on the dashboard. When it comes to advantages and disadvantages, they are pretty much the same as when it comes to models attached to the windshield.

There is one exception, though – sometimes, they might damage the dashboard. That’s because there is no standard material that shaped be used to cover it, and the holders are often equipped with, apart from the suction cup, an adhesive material, which can stain the top of the dashboard – especially if the car has been standing for a few days in the sun. Also, the adhesive material can usually be used only once, as after you remove it, it will not stick as well as it did the first time.

How to maintain a phone holder in car?

While a car phone mount might not be the most expensive thing you ever buy, you probably still want it to last you for a while, which is why you need to remember about the correct maintenance. There are two main things that you should do:

Clean Your Car Phone Mount

Just like everything, even the best phone mount will get dirty over time – especially those with a suction cup, which can affect their stickiness. This is why you should clean it from time to time. How can you do it? Well, it’s very simple.

All you need is warm water and cloth or a sponge. Dump it in the water, and gently rinse the car phone mount. If you can, then you should avoid using cleansers, as they might degrade the suction cup. Instead, you can use a gentle soap.

Fix Your Car Phone Mount If Needed

Despite regular cleaning, some phone holders mounted with suction cups might still wear out, resulting in them not holding as well as they did before.

However, nothing is lost yet, as you can easily ‘fix’ them by yourself, and make them as sticky as they used to. There are various ways how you can do it, so you can choose the one that you think will be best.

Best Phone Holder For A Car – FAQ

Choosing the right phone holder might not sound like the most challenging thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t have questions. This is why we created this section with frequently asked questions about phone holders.

➡️What’s the purpose of a case-compatible holder?

Choosing a phone holder that is case compatible makes bringing your phone in and out of the house more convenient, as it can be used even when it’s placed in its case.

➡️What is the best capacity of a charging-compatible holder?

The best capacity for a charging-compatible holder is anywhere between five and ten Watts – this allows your phone to be fully charged, without the risk of overloading the battery.

➡️Will a magnetic mount damage my phone or its battery?

The answer to this question is no. There seems to be a wrong belief that magnets can damage your phone or the battery in it. However, nothing could be further from the truth – the advancement of technology makes sure of that. What’s more, there’s a chance that your phone already has a magnet in it. Only a strong magnetic field can interfere with your phone (bigger than the mount’s capacity), and even if so, it would take a good few years for it to do significant damage.

➡️Are there mount holders available on the market that are device-specific?

The answer is yes. Even though the majority of the phone holders on the market are compatible with most smartphones, it is possible to buy a device-specific model – for example, you can buy one that is specifically designed for an iPhone. However, keep in mind that a device-specific phone mount will not bring you any benefits that a generic one wouldn’t.

Instead of buying right away an iPhone holder just because it’s device-specific, first, you need to check the compatibility of your car and start looking from there.

➡️What other features should you be looking out before purchasing a car mount holder?

The type of phone attachment or the place where you should attach it to are not the only things that you should be looking for in a car mount. Some other features that you should be taking into consideration include:

  • whether it is possible to rotate your phone
  • a fairly easy installation process
  • a quick mechanism for when you want to remove your phone from the holder
  • a mounting position that keeps your charging port clear

If a phone mount has these features, you can assume that the manufacturer has paid attention to detail, as well as what his customers might appreciate, and created a good quality product to suit their needs.

Here are a few additional guides you may find quite useful:

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