Best Car Seat Organizers

Posted: February 2, 2018

Let’s be honest. We don’t just drive our cars. Over time they become our home away from  home. Cars now come with built in entertainment systems, they transport our children, electronics, and other items. Without due care, things can get dropped, lost, and abandoned. The solution to this is finding the right carseat organizer.

These are convenient storage units and organizers that hang over the back of your car’s seats. They give passengers a place to store items they may need to use while riding along. This keeps items off of your car’s seats and floors. There are several models of carseat organizers. We’ve put together a list of the five best.

Car Seat Organizers Review

1. Mom’s Besty Car Back Seat Organizer

This is our cheapest carseat organizer. It is very affordable, has a tablet pocket with screen viewer, comes with drink and snack holders and a place for coloring books and other items.

It also comes with a kick mat. The entire unit can be wiped down easily with a damp cloth.

2. To Pack Car Seat Gap Filler

This unit serves two purposes. First, it fills in the gap between your car’s seat and console, preventing you from losing items in that space. In addition to that, it provides handy, out of the way storage for small items.

At very affordable price you get two organizers, one for each front seat. The caddy is made to fit most cars, but you should measure the gap between your seat and console before placing your order. Keep in mind that this is a simple, caddy solution. There aren’t multiple pockets or zippers. Still, this is a good, utilitarian option that will help prevent lost items.

3. Lebogner Carseat Protector And Backseat Organizer

This is our best carseat organizer value. Not only does it come with the over the seat organizer, it also has a car seat protector. The seat protector is pretty simple. It secures around the head rest and covers the back and seat. It has a small mess storage area.

The really impressive part of this system is the backseat organizer. It has a place for a tablet or iPad, kick mat, five pocket organizer, and can hold plenty of items. This is a great carseat organizer for kids. It is also very affordable and worth each and every penny you are going to spend.

4. Oasser Kick Mats Car Seat Back Protectors And Organizers

This is the best carseat organizer for iPads and other tech gear. It is also the most expensive organizer for cars that we reviewed. Still, we think it’s worth the money if you want to keep electronics safe and accessible for your trip.

The unit holds up to a 10 inch iPad, and can store your charger and headphones as well. Your money gets two organizers, so both backseat passengers can store their items. There’s also a place in each unit for kleenex, drinks, snacks, and other items.

5. Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer

This unit is a bit unique. It’s designed to be placed in the middle of the backseat, rather than over the seat back. It’s a great solution for kids who can use it to store small toys, snacks, and portable devices. Drivers and front seat passengers can use it to store items they need for the trip, but don’t necessarily have to have in arms reach.

The Lusso features a zippered pocket, two main storage areas, and built in cup holders for bottles. It’s made of a durable material, and comes in attractive black with red stitching. When it’s not in use, the unit collapses for easy storage. This is the largest carseat organizer on our list.

What to Consider Before You Buy

Read this before you place your order!

  • Consider Who Will Use The Organizer

If your organizer is primarily for kids, you’ll have slightly different needs than if your passengers are usually adults. For kids, we recommend an organizer with a kick mat, place for coloring books and small toys, and a touchable surface for a tablet or other electronics. Colors are optional, but a fun addition. Storage for snacks and sippy cups is also great.

Adults will also want a place for snacks, and possibly a travel size mug. Make sure they have a place for phone storage, and somewhere to put any cords.

  • Will it Fit Your Car?

Most products are universal carseat organizers. They’re meant to fit over almost any seat. Still, if you have an unusually large or small car, or a custom interior, you should verify the dimensions to make sure the organizer you buy will fit.

  • What About Electronics?

Many of the organizers who reviewed have tablet or ipad storage with clear covers. These are great for kids who want to play games on the road, or watch their favorite videos. If this is appealing to you, look for a unit that will fit your devices, and provides access to  headphones to keep the car nice and quiet.

  • Moving Your Organizer

If you have more than one vehicle, you can either move your organizers from vehicle to vehicle or get one set for each car. If you’d prefer to invest in just one set, you should make sure the installation process is quick and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s the best way to clean a car backseat organizer?

The best units will be made with a washable, stain resistant material. Ideally, you can  just wipe them down with a damp cloth. Spray down with a fabric refresher or antibacterial spray as needed. Some people opt for antibacterial wipes for quick and easy cleaning.

Q: What are carseat organizers?

This term usually refers to organizers that hang over the back of the car’s front seats. For our purposes, we have included other types of organizers as well.

Q: Will my tablet or iPad work inside the organizer?

Yes, you can use your device inside the organizer. Just be sure to choose an organizer that has a clear cover that won’t become dull or scratched over time. Also, these are best for watching videos or playing games that don’t require as much interaction. Some children may find it difficult to reach the device from their carseats.