Lighting seems like a total no brainer in a car, right? We still managed to have a few surprises for you! There are so many awesome aftermarket lighting options for any car that we aren’t sure which product to review first! 

We have the newest lighting product reviews for truck and SUV owners, who love to shine and go where there are no streetlights. Come and see which lighting is best to mount on your rig if you do a lot of camping, offroading or if you live out where it’s easier to mount a light on your truck than on the street. We know how it is. Be safe out there, wherever you go. 

If you went ahead and got one of those sweet new sound systems, it’s time to hook it up to a sexy mood changing LED light strip. Wondering which ones are easiest to install? Look no further, because we love these so much we reviewed them for you. We are so excited about the changes new technologies and LED lighting brought to the automotive world – the ease of installation (imagine if you actually had to fiddle around with the wires!) and we also rate the ease of hooking it up to your smartphone. 

There are other lighting options for smaller cars as well – if you want fog lights, that is. There are a number of LED options that we review and can wholeheartedly recommend. If you are just looking for good old light replacements we have those too – we can help you with restoring your headlights and picking the best lightbulbs! Safety is very important, and visibility is key. Don’t take a chance on guessing which lighting equipment is best, and read what the pros have to say about it.