Engine & Performance

While we don’t usually do the nitty and gritty mechanic stuff, we know what tools and gadgets you need to enhance your car’s performance and keep it running longer. There’s a lot more about car care that just detailing and the newest electronic devices. What’s most important is what’s under the hood, and we have some product reviews that will help keep your truck, SUV or car in top condition for a long time. 

Keeping it Clean

Keeping your engine clean and free of gunky build-up is key, especially if you do a lot of driving. If you pop the hood on some heavily-used cars, remove a spark plug or just take a look around, what you won’t want to see is slimy goo all over the place. And we’ve seen our share, believe us. Replace your spark plugs often and make sure your spark plugs are the recommended kind for your make and model. How do you know? We’ll help you! 

We have awesome reviews for keeping your engine clean and performing well – and we mean stuff like fuel injector cleaners that will keep your engine clean inside out. If you drive a diesel or a normal gas burning sports car – we have some great advice.

If you want to take some TLC to the old engine block after a lot of commuting and maybe an oil spill or two, there’s some engine degreasers you should be trying out – we know we have! Things like filters, clean liquids, and oils will help maintain and keep your engine clean, provided they are changed regularly. See which ones to get for your car! 

Keeping It Fast 

Once you’re satisfied with the state of your engine and you’re looking for some “vroom”, come and see the best octane boosters around. Did you know there are some amazing apps and computers that will help you control things like your engine air intake? In fact, there are some pretty easy mods you can make that will increase your speed and performance instantly! 

If you’re looking around for things like a great cold air intake kit or other performance-enhancing kits, come and see what all the noise is about.