There are so many electronics on the market it can get a bit confusing – we know. Our reviews span everything from what a pro might need to make their engine performance better to what you can use to make a long drive with kids bearable to you and entertaining for them. 

When looking for electronics you have to keep in mind that price isn’t everything – while it’s possible to get great electronics for a good price, you have to know exactly which ones are worth it and which ones don’t live up to the hype and will probably stop working after a while. 

Best Car Entertainment Electronics

We have reviews for some of the best car audio systems out there. We will show you which system will get the most out of your playlist without any annoying feedback, which woofers have the best window-vibrating “thump” on the market, and how to connect it all together. 

If you are driving with kids, consider aftermarket car entertainment systems and pro headsets that will give your kids a theatre experience and you some time to yourself. 

Best Car Sensors and Electronic Safety Features

If your car didn’t come with one of those fancy parking sensors and rearview cameras (or a dashboard camera for that matter) we have you covered. Check out what’s best on the market today, and how you can improve the safety of your car, whether you’re parking, using a hands-free Bluetooth headset when driving, or when you’re being careful to avoid those speed traps with a police scanner. We’ll give you a few hints on how to use them too. 

Best Car CB Radio and Old-To-New Adapters

Like being social on the road? A CB radio is an oldie but goodie, and we have reviews of some of the best ones out there right now. If you’re really old school and you drive a classic, we’ll help you listen to your favourite tunes with cassette tape adapters that won’t waste your time and money and will plug in straight to your iPhone or Android phone. In fact, we’ve got you covered when it comes to reviewing all sorts of adapters.