Did you know it takes an average of $150 to have a small SUV detailed? Right. That’s a lot of money that could be going somewhere else. While doing detailing yourself might sound tempting, it will only make sense if it’s done with the right tools, equipment, and attention to detail as in a professional shop. While the attention to detail is completely on you, we can help you out with choosing the right tools for the job. 

What does professional auto detailing mean? Here is a rundown of the average detailing shop’s offer, just so you know the job ahead of you:


Washing Rugs – this is where all the grime goes. Literally. It doesn’t matter that you try to keep the mud out. It will be there, trust us. 

Steam Cleaning the Upholstery – This heats, moisturizes and gets at any deep-set dirt in the upholstery. You can also steam clean the rugs, and use a similar vacuum as you would for your house rug – it deep cleans and rinses, and also sucks up the dirty water. 

Cleaning Inside Glass – this is an often forgotten part of cleaning the inside – making sure the inside windshields and windows are spotless! 

Cleaning and Protecting Door and Window Seals – another often forgotten part of detailing, this is where all the junk gets stuck. 

Conditioning Leather – Treat the leather in your car just as you would your leather boots, or expensive leather purse. It needs to be conditioned and moisturized every once in a while. 

Cleaning and Conditioning Plastics – Plastics aren’t as sensitive as leather, but they need a deep-cleaning too.

Steaming the Headliner (you’d be surprised!) – this is where the unexpected explosions and spills get memorialized forever. 


Clean the Wheels – It’s amazing how many people forget this part – but it’s that clean-wheel finish that can give your car the brand-new look again. 

Detailing Clay – Detailing clay will help you get rid of those pesky scratches.

Paint Polishing – …And polishing will make those cratches invisible. 

Wax – this is to give a protective layer to the paint – ever wanted to get that picture-perfect water drop effect? Oh yeah. 

Dent Pulling – done with the right tools, you can “pop” those small dents right out of your car body. 

To achieve this perfect detailed look, come and see what the best products are, whether you’re a pro or a beginner.