There are a lot of cleaning products out there, but which one should you pick? We can help you make that choice – it’s tough to decide what you need. There is so much more to cleaning than just washing and rinsing, and an endless supply of tools that will make it possible. 

The basic tools for any sort of car, SUV or truck should be easy to store, powerful and easy to use. We help you out with things like best vacuum cleaners, terry cloths, steamers, and degreasers. Let’s face it, some of our cars are workhorses and will have a lot more stuff to clean than a few crumbs here and there. If you’re looking to tackle some serious grime, come and see what we’ve got. 

Keeping your car clean on the outside is a whole other matter. It’s not enough just to wash the dirt off and be done with it – there’s an endless parade of sealants, waxes, touch-up paint, dent pullers, the right kinds of clothes to use depending on your paint job. We’re telling you, this gets complicated really fast. We’re here to sort it out for you and give you a definitive guide on the tools and techniques you should be using to make your car look like a million bucks. 

We’ll even give you a heads up on some car cleaning power tools – buffers make cleaning the exterior of your car satisfying and will give you a professional finish. This stuff is serious but easily accessible to anyone that wants to take their cleaning to the next level. Think about it – if you spend so much time in your car, wouldn’t you want it to look amazing? Treat yourself. We’ll help you do it the right way.