Truck Bed Tool Box Reviews (2020)

Posted: 19 April 2020

At their heart, trucks are nothing if not working vehicles. Sure, they can be fun to gun across dirt roads like enlarged rally race cars. And yes, they can be gorgeous, and great for cruising around in, looking stylish. But at their core, trucks are working vehicles. They’re meant for hauling junk, moving furniture, and carrying tools. They’re meant for getting mud, dirt, bent nails, wood boards in. If you’re not using your truck for work, it begs the question: why do you have a truck?

That’s why we love trucks. They’re the ultimate working vehicle, here to aid us in chores, construction, labor, and any other practical needs.  And for that reason, we have a single favorite truck accessory: tool chests. Truck bed tool chests add a bunch of practicality to an already practical vehicle.

We’re big fans of tool chests and tool boxes, whether they’re in a truck or not. Our garages are full of tool chests, which are in turn full of tools that we use when working on our cars. Tool chests allow you to not only organize your tools and supplies, making them easier to find, but they protect them. A tool in a tool box isn’t going to get bent, crushed, or damaged by bad weather; it’s safe.

If you use your truck for work purposes, pickup truck tool boxes can make your life so much easier. Whether you’re a construction worker, an electrician, a plumber, or simply someone who partakes in a lot of do-it-yourself projects, or home restoration projects, a tool chest in your truck can make your life so much easier, and your tools so much happier.

There are no shortage of truck bed tool chests available, and most of them are very good. You can blindly pick one, or head to Home Depot or an auto shop and you’ll have a good chance of finding a high-quality truck bed tool box. However, we have a few favorites; try any of them, and you’ll likely to be very happy with your new truck bed accessory. Without further ado, these are our five favorite truck bed tool chests.

Ranking Image Product Check it here
1 Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote View on Amazon
2 Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest View on Amazon
3 Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box with Lock Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box with Lock View on Amazon
4 Undercover Black Swing Case Storage Box Undercover Black Swing Case Storage Box View on Amazon
5 Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool Box Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool Box View on Amazon


Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote 

We’re big fans of Giantex. Still, this truck bed tool box greatly exceeded our already high expectations. The first thing we noticed about this truck bed tool chest is how professional it looks. The textured aluminum is a little flashy, but incredibly strong and practical looking. The Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote will transform any truck into looking like a serious work vehicle.

Above all else, this tool box is very strong. We felt like we could not only throw our tools into it, but rest heavy tools on it while working, without damaging the tool chest. The aluminum is a little more thin than some tool boxes, but it’s still very strong. It’s also very large, so you can store a great number of tools in it, and keep things organized in an easy access manner.

Our favorite part of this tool box is the built-in lock. Locks are a really important feature for any pickup truck tool box, to keep your tools from getting stolen. The lock system in the Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote is both easy, and secure, and it’s included at no extra cost. It’s little details like that that we really love.

Last but not least, the installation is easy. All things considered, this is a highly-professional truck bed tool box that quite simply gets the job done. That’s about all you can ask for.

You can buy the Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote here:

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Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest

This is one of the more diverse truck bed tool chests on the market. While we love it for trucks, it’s also very popular in trailers and boats, and even as a stand-alone tool chest in a garage. It does a great job no matter what you use it for, but it’s best suited for trucks, where its durability can truly shine.

Made out of rotationally molded plastic, this tool box feels like it was designed for the military. You can throw rocks at it, and you’re unlikely to dent it. We tried standing on it, and it felt like standing on a concrete box: completely stable, and fully durable. That’s exactly what we look for in a tool box. Well, that and space, and the Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest is excellent in that regard as well. They offer numerous different sizes, so you can find the tool box that is the best fit for you. Ranging from as small as 13.5” x 15” x 32”, to as big as 23” x 25” x 77”, there are five different Buyers Products sizes to choose from. We’re fans of the 17.25” x 19” x 44” model, but it all depends on what you plan on using the truck bed tool box for.

With two zinc hasps, this tool box opens and closes smoothly and effectively. You can get in and out of it very quickly, to grab whatever tools you’re looking for at any given job. And from everything we’ve heard, this tool chest will darn near last you through the apocalypse. We loved it; we’re pretty sure you will as well.

You can buy the Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest here:

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Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box with Lock

If you were to use this this truck bed tool box for a while, and then guess how much it costs, your guess would not be accurate. You would probably guess a number at least twice as high as this Yaheetech actually retails for. At under $70, the Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box with Lock is highly affordable, and yet it’s very clearly one of the best tool boxes for pickup trucks on the market. Simply put, we’re in love with this tool chest.

Made out of strong, and thick (1.3 mm) aluminum, and utilizing a five bar design, the Yaheetech tool chest is very strong. But our favorite part is the overlapping lid, which makes sure that rain and condensation have no way of permeating into the tool box. Add in the included lock set (with two keys, nonetheless), and handles for if you choose to move your tool box to a different truck, or into the garage, and you have a remarkably practical and effective tool chest.

And if there’s a cherry on top of the sundae, it’s that this tool box looks terrific. Honestly, at this price, we might buy two or three!

You can buy the Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box with Lock here:

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Undercover Black Swing Case Storage Box

This tool chest by Undercover is one of the most unique truck bed tool boxes available. Rather than being bolted or latched into the truck bed, as most other boxes are, the Undercover Block Swing Case Storage Box is attached to the side of the bed. When you need a tool from in it, the box swings out so that it is easily accessible. This design allows the tool box to take up minimal space while you’re loading up your truck or driving somewhere, while also making it very easy to use the tool box once you’re at work.

If that sounds a tiny bit superfluous, don’t worry: we thought so to. That is, we thought so until we tried it. This is even more practical than it sounds, and we found ourselves using the swing feature with great regularity. What a brilliant and useful addition.

Despite having this complex design, and attaching to the side of the bed, the Undercover Black Swing Case Storage Box is very easy to install, and can be installed into an tonneau cover. We were able to install this tool box in about five minutes, with minimal tools needed, and all hardware provided.

On top of that, once installed, the Undercover tool box has a quick release handle, that allows you to take it off so you can gain space (or carry your tools with you). A lock is also included.

The only downside of this brilliant design is the capacity. Because the Undercover Black Swing Case Storage Box swings out, it is only supported from the side, not from the base. As a result, it can’t hold nearly as much weight as other tool chests: Undercover recommends not exceeding 75 pounds in the tool box. So that is definitely something to keep in mind when purchasing a tool chest.

All things considered, however, this is an innovative and excellent truck bed tool chest.

You can buy the Undercover Black Swing Case Storage Box here:

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Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool Box with Lock

Like the Giantex and Yaheetech models listed earlier in this article, the Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool Box with Lock is a large, gorgeous looking aluminum tool box. And, like those other models, it’s an absolutely terrific tool chest, that we couldn’t get enough of.

The dimension of this model (48.75” x 15.25” x 15”) were perfect, in our eyes: large enough to carry a bevy of tools and accessories, but not so large as to take over the entire bed of the truck. The aluminum is very durable and weather resistant, and it comes with a lock and two keys.

This Best Choice Products model was designed for campers and other outdoor adventure seekers, and it shows. At under 30 pounds, and with two very comfortable and strong handles, this tool box can easily be transported from the back of your truck to a campsite, where it will keep your equipment safe from the weather, and your food safe from animals. Of course, the handles and weight can also be utilized to move the tool box from the truck to a job site, or into the garage, which we particularly liked.

All things considered, this is one of the strongest truck bed tool boxes we’ve ever seen, and that’s very important to us. If you’re going to be doing work in your work truck, don’t you want your work accessories to be work ready? We sure do. And if you do too, this is a terrific addition to your truck.

You can buy the Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool Box with Lock here.

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What to consider before purchasing a truck bed tool chest

Choosing the right truck bed tool box for you and your truck depends on a lot of factors. Before making a purchase, you should think about what matters most to you with a truck bed tool chest. Do you intend to keep it in your truck, or will you be moving it to a job site, to a garage, to the backyard, or to the campsite? Do you need to carry a large number of heavy tools, or is it just a place to store a few small tools and accessories? How durable do you need your tool chest to be? And, of course, how much money are you willing to spend on this purchase? Only you can know what’s best for you and your truck, but to help you out, we’ve compiled a table with each tool chest in this list, so that you can see the price, material, dimensions, and Amazon rating. Hopefully this will help you find the perfect tool chest for your situation.


We love trucks. And because trucks are working vehicles, we love finding accessories and additions that make trucks even more prepared for the work that we do in them. Truck bed tool chests are our favorite way to prepare a truck for even more work. We’re big fans of all five tool boxes listed in this article, and we’re pretty confident you can find one that you and your truck will love as well.