Our Favorite Headrest DVD Players for your Car

DVD players are awesome. Cars are awesome. DVD players in cars? Incredibly awesome. Well, that’s our opinion at least, and it’s not changing. A lot of vehicles, especially minivans and high-end SUVs offer built in DVD players, that either swing down from the room, are built into . . . read more

Why We Choose the Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

A Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit review Intro We are here to give you an in-depth review of the Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit. A breakdown of its pros and cons, the Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit installation facts, and information about the system in general may . . . read more

The Clarion CZ305: What You Need to Know

The Clarion CZ305: What You Need to Know The audio system in your vehicle is the soul of your ride. You depend on it for company, entertainment, news, traffic, morning talk shows that get your brain going, and maybe even the occasional audiobook.  They are being tied . . . read more

7 Best Aftermarket Android Auto Car Stereos

Let Us Help You Choose an Android Auto Head Unit In the automotive industry, innovation and convenience are at front and center in all things. For audio systems – also known as infotainment systems in today’s market – Apple and Android devices have carved themselves a permanent . . . read more

What is the Best Single DIN Car Stereo?

Need to replace your single DIN Head Unit? The Alpine CDE-HD149BT Should Do Just Fine! Wherever you drive, you have the tunes cranked up. You may have a sub and amp in your trunk, or the stock speakers might be enough for you. Yet, there comes a . . . read more

Alpine V-Power MRV-V500 Review

You enjoy a clean, crisp sound from your car stereo. You don’t need to cause yourself heart palpitations from the hard-hitting bass, and you aren’t trying to win any volume competitions. All you know is your current sound system isn’t cutting it, and it’s time to upgrade. . . . read more

10 Best Portable DVD Player To Buy with Reviews – 2017

Introduction To Top Rated Portable DVD Players Is there still a place for portable DVD players in the world of Netflix, Youtube, and live streaming? We think there is! After all, you still have an excellent collection of DVDs and you won’t have wifi access everywhere you . . . read more

8 Best FM Transmitters For Cars With Reviews – 2017

Introduction To Best FM Transmitters For Automobile Use This this day and age, most cars, trucks, suv’s and vans have either an auxiliary input or a USB port. This enables you to either download your own tracks into your vehicles head unit or use an external music . . . read more

5 Best Bluetooth Audio Adapters For Cars In 2017

Introduction To Best Bluetooth Adapters For Cars (Ideal For Audio) Lets be honest, most of todays new cars have bluetooth enabled for not only calling but also music playing. Worst case scenario, it may be just be an add-on that is required from the factory. But get . . . read more

10 Best Bluetooth Headsets To Buy In 2017

Introduction To Best Bluetooth Wireless Headsets In the world where we are always in a rush, not paying attention to whats ahead of you can mean the difference between life and death… seriously. In this day and age, as we drive more and more miles, our roads . . . read more

7 Best Power Inverters For Cars With Reviews – 2018

Introduction To Best Car Inverters For Purchasing When it comes to electricity in your vehicle, it can only go so far in terms of powering certain utilities. That 12v outlet in your car or truck only can be used for small time stuff, so being able to . . . read more

Top 7 Best Multimeters To Buy Both Analog and Digital – 2018

Introduction To Best Automotive Multimeters For Purchasing Whether you’re an electrician working on a job, or a DIY kind of guy who likes to work with electrical components, a multimeter is a MUST. There’s a wide variety of multimeters available for consumer use, from basic 20 dollar . . . read more

7 Best Bluetooth OBD2 Adapters and Scanners For 2018

Introduction To The Best Bluetooth OBD2 Adapters For Android and IOS The traditional route for scanning your vehicle is by using a handheld obd tool. However, here we’re going to cover a much newer, more convenient, and cost effective method to monitoring your vehicle’s computer system… from . . . read more

6 Best Auxiliary Cables and Cords For Cars In 2018

Introduction To The Best Aux Cables & Cords In this day and age, 98% of vehicles that are on the market have some type of AUX input for external audio devices. Auxiliary cables are a life saver when it comes down to playing your music, video’s, or anything . . . read more

Top 5 Car Alarm and Security Systems to Buy for 2018

 5 Best Security Systems To Get NOTE: The included security systems listed above and below, are here primarily due to their popularity, user satisfaction rates, and overall performance/value. TOP 5 CAR ALARM & SECURITY SYSTEM CONTESTANTS Unless you car/truck was made before the air-bag era, your vehicle has . . . read more

The Best OBD2 Scanner Tools with Reviews 2018

Introduction To The Top 5 Best OBD II Scanner Tools In this day and age, cars, trucks and suv’s, have computers that dictate what goes on. These computers are in charge of determining what function does what, what each component is doing, and just as importantly, when . . . read more

Top 5 Best Satellite Radios SiriusXM for 2018

Introduction It was not long ago when satellite radio was a fancy feature you’d be lucky to have. Auxilary cords and streaming music from Pandora was not mainstream at all. Although today those things are by far the most economical ways to listen to music, there’s one . . . read more

Top 10 Best Car Speakers To Get – 2018

Introduction When it comes down to your cars stereo speakers, it’s important to NOT overlook one of the most important components, component car speakers. That’s right, car speakers are what gives your music (or whatever you may be listening to), a clear way to reach your ears. You . . . read more

Todays Top 10 Best Car Amplifiers To Get – 2018

Introduction In this day and age, car amplifiers will make or break your sound system (quite literally). We can’t stress enough by saying “buy the right car amplifier”  to avoid any expensive audio component replacements. Whether you’re looking for an amplifier to power your entire cars component . . . read more

10 Best Subwoofers For Car Audio Systems – 2018

Introduction If you’re looking for a way to seriously juice up the “thump” in the trunk without blowing your money on crappy subwoofers, this page is for you. Whether you’re looking for a casual hitter, a upgrade from your existing subwoofer, or maybe you want competition level . . . read more

Top 7 Best CB Radios To Buy with Reviews – 2018

Introduction One of the oldest electronic devices used in automotive vehicles by far, is the CB radio. Today, they are still being used by countless drivers from all walks of life. You name it, law enforcement, paramedics, firefighters, truck drivers, people like you and I, and many . . . read more

Top 5 Best Car GPS Navigation Systems with Reviews – 2018

Introduction Whether you’re traveling short distance or traveling long distance, a proper car gps system is a MUST. There’s many reasons as to why you would end up using a separate GPS unit and not your smartphone. Any type of GPS application such as Waze, Google Maps . . . read more

Top 5 Best Radar Detectors and Reviews for 2018

WARNING: Below is a list of today’s best performing, best value, and truly undetectable radar detectors. WARNING #2: Only purchase one of the following detectors if, you want TRUE peace of mind. 1,320 feet = 1/4 miles, 2,640 feet = 1/2 miles, 5,280 feet = 1 mile . . . read more