Car 101

5 Navigation System Brands that we Love

 It doesn’t feel like very long ago that navigation systems were the new and exciting thing in the automotive world. When navigation systems first started popping up, they were a completely new concept, and a brilliant toy, luxury, or convenience for a vehicle. At first, navigation systems . . . read more

What Happens if You Don’t Use Fuel Injector Cleaners?

Proper maintenance is important with every vehicle, for a variety of reasons. When you follow a maintenance schedule and make sure your car is taken care of, your vehicle will run a lot better. Just as importantly, however, is the fact that the car will stay in . . . read more

Fuel Injector Cleaner Specifications: What do They Mean?

Fuel injector cleaners are a key part of regular automotive maintenance. You don’t have to use fuel injector cleaners often, but it is important to use them. Fuel injector cleaners are cheap, and easy to use, and you can easily use them yourself, rather than going to . . . read more

How to Choose the Best Car Amplifier in 2017

Car Amplifier You’ve got the car that you love, it’s a dream to drive, and you’ve never had more fun on the freeway or on the open road. Everything’s there, but you’re missing one thing – an audio system that delivers knockout bass, crystal clear highs, and . . . read more

How to Remove Your Wheel Locks…One Way or Another

Did your wheel locks lock you out? Don’t worry, keep reading… Whether you have bone stock or flamboyant aftermarket wheels on your car, there’s a good chance you have wheel locks. Most new car dealers install wheel locks on every new vehicle they sell, partly out of . . . read more

Everything You Need to Know About Fuel Injector Cleaners

Why do fuel injector cleaning on your vehicles engine? If you own a car, truck, or RV, then you’re going to need to be able to answer this question. Vehicle maintenance can be daunting, even when it comes to relatively simple tasks like keeping fuel lines clean. . . . read more

How to Choose an OBD2 Scan Tool

The worst part about vehicle problems is the unknown. You don’t know precisely what the problem is. You don’t know how long it will take to fix it. You don’t know if it’s something you can repair yourself. And most of all, you don’t know how much . . . read more