Volskwagen Golf Accesories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 1 February 2020

The Volkswagen Golf has long been one of our favorite vehicles. The Golf has been making waves in the automotive world for a long time, because, quite simply, it’s a terrific vehicle. It’s stylish, incredibly well designed, practical, and an absolute blast to drive. And over the years, the Golf has only been getting better, perfecting one of the top car lines in the world.

The e-Golf is the next iteration in this great automotive line. Volkswagen’s foray into the electric vehicle world is a great success, as the e-Golf lives up the great Golf name. It may not have a gasoline engine, but it’s still zippy, still fun, and still a nearly perfect car to own. And that’s everything that we’ve come to expect from a Golf.

Interesting and unique features for Volkswagen e-Golf buyers and owners

Range is important with any electric vehicle, so let’s start there. The Volkswagen e-Golf has an EPA-estimated range of 125 miles per charge, which is pretty nice. There are certainly options with larger ranges if that’s what you need, but for the price (starting at under $31,000), that 125 miles is mighty fine, and perfect for most owners.

One of the best features of the e-Golf is the unique and innovative way that Volkswagen packaged the battery. Most electric vehicles lose significant amounts of head space, leg room, or trunk space because of the battery. But with the e-Golf, the battery doesn’t get in the way at all.

As we’ve come to expect from the Golf line, this car is a lot of fun. It’s zippy and fast, but one of the best features is what happens when you’re not going fast. When you remove your foot from the throttle, or apply the brakes, the energy is used to recharge the car’s battery. That’s a pretty awesome feature.

The e-Golf also comes with three driving modes, so you can find the perfect blend of performance and efficiency. That’s a feature that we love, especially because you can change it based on how many miles you need to drive.

Add in state of the art driving features, safety features, and semi-autonomous features, and the e-Golf is a terrific electric car for any owner.

Maintenance tricks and important information

The e-Golf requires a little bit more maintenance than most electric vehicles, but it’s still a lot better than with a car with a gasoline engine. Volkswagen suggests minor maintenance every 10,000 miles, simply to inspect the battery and brakes.

Standard maintenance is suggested every 20,000 miles. This includes a more comprehensive inspection of the battery, the fluids, and many minor components in the vehicle. The 20,000 standard maintenance also involves a Volkswagen technician taking the car for a test drive to make sure that it is driving correctly.

Finally, an extended maintenance service is suggested every 40,000 miles. At this point, a thorough inspection of the body, frame, windshields, brake system, and suspension will be performed.

As you can see, the bulk of the e-Golf maintenance schedule is centered around cautionary and preemptive maintenance. Unlike a gasoline car, there’s not much that actually needs to be done, it’s just to check the components and make sure the the car is still driving well, and that every part is in great shape. And, it goes without saying that tire rotations will need to be worked into the maintenance schedule as well.

One of the nice things about the e-Golf is that it shares the same platform at the regular Golf. Being an electric option to a pre-existing vehicle means that a lot of e-Golf repairs and maintenance are easy, because so many of the components are common. Interior repairs, and tire replacements, for example, are exactly the same as with the more popular gasoline Golf. As a result, maintenance costs are kept low because of the large amount of products available.

The e-Golf can fully charge in as short as four hours, which is great. However, it also needs a 240 volt outlet, so you’ll need to hardwire a charging station in your home. That’s not exactly rare with electrical vehicles, but it’s certainly something worth taking into consideration.

As is custom with Volkswagen, there are a lot of options available with the e-Golf. You can choose options and trims that really make your car e-Golf unique and perfect for whatever you’re looking for in an electric car, which is important to a lot of people.

Finally, as we’ve come to expect with Volkswagen and the Golf line, this car is highly reliable and durable. Reports from drivers who have put a lot of miles on their e-Golf report that very little additional maintenance is required, and not much wear and tear is noticeable, on the outside and the inside of the vehicle. You can drive this car hard, and for a long time, and at the end of the day, it will still be ready for more.

Top 5 accessories for the Volkswagen e-Golf

No matter what options you choose for your e-Golf, you’ll still want to add a little more to the vehicle. We always accessorize our cars, to make sure that we get the most out of them. Here are our five favorite accessories for the Volkswagen e-Golf.

Alltrack Rubber Floor Mats

We have a pretty basic rule for our cars: they all get floor mats. Floor mats are, in our minds, something essential for a car, especially a new one that you really like. Floor mats help keep your car from getting dirty, by tracking dirt, mud, and debris. They also keep your car from getting wet, by catching snow, ice, water, and liquid spills. Not only does this make your car cleaner, which is an obvious plus, but it keeps your vehicle from sustaining long term damage, staining, and odors, which helps increase resale, should you ever choose to sell your e-Golf.

These Alltrack rubber floor mats are perfect for an e-Golf. The set comes with a driver mat, front passenger mat, and two rear mats. They’re designed for the Golf line, so they fit the vehicle perfectly. That matters because it means there are no gaps in the coverage for spills and dirt to get through.

Made out of rubber, these floor mats are incredibly durable. If you buy these mats to go with your e-Golf, it will be a competition to see whether the mats or the car last longer, since they’re both about as tough and reliable as possible.

The mats are all weather, so they’re ready for snow and ice. And they’re nonstick, which is important. When you get into the car, out of the car, or are simply moving your feet while in the car, the mats will stay in place. They fit, and they’ll stay fit, so you don’t have to worry about slipping, or about the floor of your car.

You can by the Alltrack rubber floor mats here.

Alltrack Front Splash Guards

We think that the Volkswagen e-Golf is one of the most stylish cars on the market. Not just electric cars; all cars. The e-Golf is a very fashionable vehicle, with a great profile and immaculate design. It’s one of the top selling points for any potential buyer.

But if your car looks good when you buy it, you’ll want to make sure it stays looking good, even when you put miles on it. It’s not hard to get a car dirty: even if you never travel off-road, dirt, liquids, and mud will get on your car, and start to ruin the great aesthetic. But even more importantly, rocks and other debris can get thrown onto your car and cause ugly and harmful scratching and denting.

That’s why front splash guards are important to us, especially for a stylish car like the e-Golf. The splash guards go directly behind the front wheels, and protect your exterior from anything being expelled by the tires. That means dirty elements like mud and liquid on the road won’t end up painting your car an ugly color. And rocks, nails, and pieces of wood won’t get thrown directly onto your paint, scratching and causing damage on your paint.

While the splash guards are protective, they also look good. They don’t take up much space, so they’re not very noticeable. They just smoothly blend in to the lines of the e-Golf, so that they don’t stand out, but do serve a purpose.

They’re also incredibly easy to install, which is a great thing. In no time at all, you can get them set up on your car, ready to protect. And just like the e-Golf, these splash guards are resilient and durable. In all likelihood, you’ll never need to replace them.

You can buy the Alltrack front splash guards here.

Golf Sunshield

The exterior isn’t the only part of the e-Golf that is stylish and beautiful. The interior is also exceptional looking. Volkswagen has long been known for their cabin styling, and that really comes out in the e-Golf. From the leather in the seats, to the fashionable dashboard, to the center console design, the e-Golf oozes style in the interior.

Naturally, you want to protect that. That’s what the Golf sunshield is for. Sunshields are important for any car, but especially for a car with such a nice cabin space. A sunshield is put up under the windshield when you park your car. It protects your seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and center console from direct sunlight. The result is that the interior of your car can avoid sun damage and wearing.

By avoiding the natural wearing caused by the sun, you keep the aesthetic of the e-Golf’s interior strong. And, just as importantly, you can save a large amount of money in resale value, because you’ll be able to sell the car in good condition, rather than looking worn out.

This product is a really nice sun shield that is designed to fit the Golf. It fits perfectly, so it’s easy to install, and there are no gaps in the coverage. When you’re ready to drive again, it folds up quickly and easily. It’s also a more heavy duty sun shield than many on the market, so you can be sure that it will get the job done.

Your e-Golf has a stylish cabin. Keep it that way by protecting it.

You can buy the Golf sun shield here.

PcProfessional Screen Protector

We really like the interactive screen in the e-Golf’s center console. It offers all the standard perks of a navigation screen and in-console system, with the added benefit of helping you find charging stations for your electric vehicle. Add it a terrific interface, and a clear picture, and you have one of the better interactive screens on the market.

But it needs to be protected. That’s why we’re big fans of the PcProfessional screen protector, which ensures that the screen in your e-Golf stays in great shape. The screen protector is anti-scratch, so you won’t damage your screen with your fingernails, or with accidental contact. It’s also dust-absorbent, to keep harmful materials from getting through and damaging your screen. And it has a UV filter, so the sun won’t damage the protector, or the screen.

And just as importantly, it’s easy to use. The e-Golf touch screen is just as responsive with the screen protector on, and the protector is anti-fingerprint, so it won’t get greasy, smeared, and hard to see through. And if it does, a microfiber towel is included for easy cleaning.

PcProfessional also made this protect incredibly easy to install, and included clear instructions. And, to add the cherry to the practicality pie, the triple layer electrostatic material is very strong and durable, making this a highly reliable product.

The interactive screen is one of the best parts about any e-Golf, so it deserves to be protected. A screen protector is cheap, easy to install, and isn’t even noticeable. It simply allows you to easily protect your screen.

You can buy the PCProfessional screen protector here.

ChargePoint Home 32A Electric Vehicle Charger

As previously mentioned, if you’re going to buy a Volkswagen e-Golf, you’re going to need a way to charge it from your home. There are a lot of electric vehicle chargers available, so it’s always worth shopping around, but this is one of our favorite products.

Everything about this charger is modern, innovative, and useful. It mounts to your wall, and doesn’t take up much space. It includes a 25-foot charging cord, so you don’t even need to mount it particularly close to your vehicle. You can put it anywhere in your garage, and still be able to charge your e-Golf. You can even charge your e-Golf outside of the garage!

The WiFi-enabled charger allows you to control charging through your phone. You can use an app to start charging, stop charging, check the status of your charge, and schedule a charge for when you have lower electricity costs. You can also receive reminders for when the car needs to be charged.

This charger does need to be hardwired, so you may need professional installation if you’re not comfortable doing that yourself. But that’s the case with most electric vehicle chargers.

With this great product, you can get your e-Golf fully charged in just four hours. And you can control those four hours from the comfort of your living room couch. Add in UL-listed safety, and this product is the perfect addition to make sure that you get the most out of your e-Golf. We couldn’t recommend it more.

You can buy the ChargePoint Home 32A electric vehicle charger here.


The Volkswagen e-Golf is one of our favorite electric cars on the market. But don’t just take our word for it: read reviews and comparisons, and you’ll quickly see that this is one of the best, and most respected electric vehicles available.

It has everything we want: it’s stylish, fun to drive, affordable, has a great interior, and is made out of high quality materials. And it gets 125 miles per charge! That’s pretty great in our book.

If you choose to purchase an e-Golf, you’ll likely be very happy with the decision. And you can make the experience all the better by adding any of these great accessories to your car.