Smart Fortwo Accesories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 1 February 2020

Smart is one of the most unique automotive manufacturers around. Every aspect of their vehicles is unique, from the size, to the style, to the driving feel, to the features and interior. Simply put, there’s no automaker that’s quite like Smart. And we love that. Variety is the spice of life, and Smart is constantly contributing to that.

Even by Smart’s standards, the Fortwo Electric is one of the company’s coolest offerings. This tiny, sporty, fully electric vehicle is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And that’s a good thing! It’s definitely not the right car for everyone, but it’s the absolute perfect car for a lot of people. And that’s awesome in our book.

Interesting and unique features for Smart Fortwo Electric Drive buyers and owners

The EPA estimate for the Fortwo Electric Drive is a range of 58 miles. That’s pretty short, though Smart claims that the car is actually good for 70-80, and drivers have substantiated that. On a warm day and driving at a moderate speed, the Fortwo Electric Drive can drive in excess of 90 miles. On the bright side, it only takes three hours with a 240 volt power source to fully recharge the car (it takes 11 hours if your power source is 120 volts. So if you short trips are your thing, this is a really great option.

One of the things we love most about this model is the accompanying app. The Smart app is highly interactive, and offers a lot of incredible information. There’s a range calculator, which is incredibly helpful, and a 3-D model, which is really fun for any owner (it also allows you to see cool features by directing your smart phone camera). It’s the kind of electric vehicle app that not only makes it easy to own an electric car, but makes it fun.

An interesting element about the Fortwo Electric Drive is that a convertible option is also available. It’s currently the only convertible electric vehicle offered in the United States, so if wind in your hair is your kind of thing, then that’s an option worth considering.

Maintenance tricks and important information

It’s important to note that there are a handful of fully electric options to choose from when purchasing a Smart car. While this Fortwo Electric Drive is the most popular option, there’s also the aforementioned convertible version. Furthermore, there’s a slightly larger (though still very compact) four-door Smart car called the Forfour Electric Drive. So you have a few options to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle from Smart.

Not surprisingly, this is a car that is ridiculously easy to maintain. There are next to no maintenance costs associated with it. Even the maintenance that every electric vehicle has, such as tire rotations and brake changes come less often with the Fortwo Electric Drive, because the vehicle is so light that it simply doesn’t put as much wear and tear on the components.

The only real maintenance that is required is changing the coolant in the battery, but Smart only suggest that you have that checked once a year. Long story short, you really don’t have to pay for anything beyond the basic costs of owning, insuring, and fueling the car.

Smart also is able to offer something with maintenance that only they and Tesla can offer. Most electric vehicles are made by a company that primarily sells gasoline cars. As a result, the technicians and mechanics are mainly focused on gasoline engines, and aren’t quite up to speed with their company’s electric technology. We have a lot of experience with asking technicians from different dealerships the same question about an electric car, and getting multiple different answers. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

But with the Fortwo Electric Drive, that’s not anything that you have to worry about. Smart recently discontinued their gasoline vehicles in the United States. Now, they only sell fully electric vehicles.

This was certainly a bold move by Smart, especially since they were selling a lot more gasoline vehicles than electric ones. But the company decided their brand was strong enough that they could push consumers towards electric vehicles simply be eliminating all other options. It’s a bold strategy, and hopefully it pays off, because it’s very environmentally responsible.

But it’s great for owners of the Fortwo Electric Drive. Because now, all of the mechanics, technicians, and customer service representatives are only going to be dealing with electric vehicles, so that will be their specialty. That means they’ll always know what they’re talking about when performing maintenance on an electric vehicle.

Top 5 accessories for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

We love to get accessories for all of our cars. They’re a great way to bring out the highlights of any vehicle. And since Smart cars are so unique and quirky, they’re a lot of fun to accessorize. If you have a Fortwo Electric Drive, you’re definitely going to need some accessories, both fun and practical. These are our five favorites.

Intro-Tech Automotive Hexomat Front Row Custom Floor Mats

We put new floor mats in all of our cars. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a necessity. Floor mats help keep your car clean, no matter what you drag into the car on your shoes. And they help protect your vehicle when you spill your coffee, tea, or breakfast taco on the floor (which, let’s be honest, everyone does at some point or another).

Normally we tend to choose strong, rubber, all weather floor mats. But for the Fortwo Electric Drive, which is such a small, cute vehicle, with fun aesthetics, something a little bit more stylish is important. Enter this ribbed floor mat designed specifically for cars from the Smart lineup.

The beehive of this design really meshes with the aesthetic of the Fortwo Electric Drive. It’s a really fun and unique design that adds some style to the interior of the Smart vehicle, which is already pretty stylish. Simply put, we think these floor mats really add to the style of the Fortwo Electric Drive.

But they’re also practical, and serve a purpose. The beehive design allows the the floor mats to catch a large amount of liquids, whether they’re spilled beverages, or rain and snow tracked in from the outside.

These floor mats are anti-slip, so they won’t move around when you get into your car, out of the car, or drive. They stay in place, rather than being an annoying and confusing hassle. These mats are extremely durable, and withstand the test of time. And they’re easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to clean. They’re a great way to add style to you Fortwo Electric Drive, while also keeping the car clean.

You can buy the Intro-Tech Automotive hexomat front row custom floor mats here.

KMT Car Cover

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is a cute car. The exterior is a lot of fun, quite quirky, and has a lot of hip, unique style. And it’s important to preserve that exterior, so that the car remains looking good.

Car covers are perhaps the best way to do that. A car cover protects your vehicle from all of the elements. It keeps the sun from damaging the car, and causing fading to both the interior and the paint. It protects the paint from being damaged by bird droppings and tree sap, and it can keep falling branches and leaves from scratching or denting the exterior. A car cover keep liquid off of your car when it rains or snows, and it keeps the vehicle from being exposed to debris, hard wind, and salty and dirty air.

In other words, car covers are a really smart accessory, especially for a vehicle that relies on its aesthetics for resale value as much as the Fortwo Electric Drive does.

This car cover is designed specifically for Smart cars. That means that it not only fits the Fortwo Electric Drive, but has a great aesthetic that matches how the car is designed.

The car cover is easy to put on, and easy to take off, and it folds up into a very compact size that barely takes up any space in the trunk of your Fortwo Electric Drive. It’s made out of a strong, durable material, and will last you for as long as you have your Smart car.

It’s not only a great addition to your car, but a smart investment.

You can buy the KMT car cover here.

iJDMTOY Front or Rear Bumper Protector

At their heart, Smart cars are fun. They’re cars that have a ton of personality, and allow the drivers to have some fun personality displayed through their vehicle. So why not add to that? Why not accentuate the awesome personality that is project by the awesome, fun car that is the Fortwo Electric Drive.

These bumper protectors are a very simple concept. They’re two small, pointy, spike guards that attach to either the front or the rear bumper, whichever you prefer. They look like something out of an awesome video game, and give the Fortwo Electric Drive even more personality and style than before.

These spikes kind of look like piercings for your electric vehicle, which is really cool. And just like an earring, these spikes are ridiculously easy to install. You only need a few minutes, and your hands; you don’t even need any tools! The front and rear bumpers on the Fortwo Electric Drive have small plus in them already. You can remove those with your hands, and then screw these spiky bumper protectors into the bumper in place of the old plugs. And just like that, you’ll add an awesome, subtle but stylish element to your Smart electric vehicle.

While cheap, these bumper protectors are really sturdy. They’re made from a strong material, and have a strong paint finish as well. In other words, these protectors are built to last. You can leave these on a vehicle for years, and they’ll still look really good.

If you’re looking to amp up the personality of your Fortwo Electric Drive, without spending much time or money, this is the product for you.

You can buy the iJDMTOY front or rear bumper protector here.

TMB Motorsports Retractable Cargo Cover

While the Fortwo Electric Drive is a car that offers a lot of positives, let’s be honest about some of the negatives. This vehicle simply doesn’t have a lot of storage space. The benefits far outweigh the negatives when it comes to a car as tiny as the Fortwo Electric Drive, but the storage is certainly a limitation.

One way to get the most out of the cargo area is with a cargo cover. The retractable cargo cover doesn’t increase the storage area – there’s no way to do that – but it can help you really maximize the way you use the trunk space.

This cargo cover completely covers the trunk area, which brings safety to your Smart car. You can store your purse or computer in the trunk, and suddenly it won’t be visible to the whole world. And when you need more space, you simply retract the cargo cover, and retain the whole cargo area.

Made out of high-density canvas, and featuring an aluminum support bar, this cargo cover is incredibly durable. It won’t ever tear or break. But it also features felt-lined edges, which keep the cover from scratching or scuffing the interior of the car when installing and using it.

There’s no installation required with this cargo cover. You just set it up, and go. And it features mesh pockets that allow you to store smaller objects with great organization.

If you want to get the most out of your cargo area while making sure that potential criminals cannot see what’s hiding in your trunk, this is an awesome accessory for any Fortwo Electric Drive.

You can buy the TMB Motorsports retractable cargo cover here.

ChargePoint Home 32A Electric Vehicle Charger

The absolute best accessory that you can get for any electric vehicle is a home charger. Charging with the cord provided by the Fortwo Electric Drive is a very slow process. Adding a serious electric vehicle charger to your car can completely transform what it means to have an electric vehicle.

This charger is very safe, as it is UL-Listed, and passes all of the safety tests that you would need out of an electric charger. And just as importantly, it’s an ENERGY STAR certified charger, which means that it saves about 40% on electricity use when it’s not charging your vehicle. Much of the allure of a Fortwo Electric Drive is that it’s environmentally friendly, so if you can get a green charger as well, well then that’s just perfect in our eyes.

This charger needs to be hardwired, and is for indoor use only. We recommend having a professional install the charger, but if you’re comfortable with electrical work, you can do it yourself.

Our favorite aspect of this charger is the WiFi capability. The charger can be controlled with an app on your smart phone of tablet, or with a smart home system. With these devices you can control the start of your charge and the stop of your charge, all from the comfort of your couch. You can schedule charges to perform at low cost hours, and also track your energy consumption.

Charging your electric vehicle is obviously very important. With this product you can do so quickly, safely, conveniently, and while being kind to the environment. And with a 25-foot cable, you don’t even need to park in your garage to charge!

You can buy the ChargePoint Home 32A electric vehicle charger here.


The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is one of our favorite cars. It’s about as spunky as a car can get. It’s unique looking, fun to drive, has personality all over it, sporty and quick off the line, and friendly to the environment.

It’s really unlike any car we’ve ever seen, or driven. And it may be unlike any car we’ll ever see or drive again. It’s certainly not for everyone, as the short range, limited space, and unique style will attest to. But for people who like to show their fun personality through their car, and drive only short distances at a time, it’s the perfect vehicle.

Each of the five accessories listed helps you get the most out of a Fortwo Electric Drive. If you’re going to buy such an awesome car, you might as well get your money’s worth, right?