Mercedes Benz B250e Accesories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 1 February 2020

The Mercedes-Benz B250e is the perfect intersection between practicality and luxury. This vehicle is, at its core, a Mercedes-Benz: one of the most famous and prestigious luxury brands in automotive history, known for cars that look beautiful, drive brilliantly, and offer class and comfort inside.

But under the hood, this is a modern electric vehicle. A car that doesn’t need a gas station, and that’s better for the environment than most vehicles on the road. This Mercedes-Benz really is the best of both worlds: everything that drives you to a luxury vehicle, with the practicality, environmental responsibility, and gas-saving prices of an electric car.

Interesting and unique features for Mercedes-Benz B250e buyers and owners

The battery is where it starts with any electric vehicle. However, the B250e doesn’t really shine in this regard, as it has a range of only 87 miles per charge. This is on the low end of the electric car spectrum, but certainly not a deal breaker. It just means that you’ll need to purchase this car for short trips, such as commutes and quick trips around town. It’s certainly not a car for people who regularly drive 100 or more miles at a time.

However, the battery can charge really quickly. With a 240 volt outlet, the B250e can fully charge in under three hours. So if you drive short distances, but frequently, you can definitely make this one work.

Unlike most electric cars, the B250e is quite roomy. Because of the size of the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz is able to accommodate the battery while still leaving head room, leg space, and trunk space. That helps make the B250e really practical, especially for larger drivers, or those who make big shopping runs.

The B250e has many of the features that you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. The sound system, interior, infotainment system, and safety are all top-notch. This car has a lot of the features that you would expect out of a top luxury vehicle; it just happens to be electric, too.

Maintenance tricks and important information

Let’s get to the big one first. The Mercedes-Benz B250e is actually discontinued. Due to slightly lethargic sales, the German automaker shut down production of the mid-size electric vehicle at the end of 2017.

So why are we still talking about it? Since the car was recently discontinued, there are still a lot of models available on dealership lots. And there are also used options available. However, it is worth noting that Mercedes-Benz ceased operation largely so they can focus on their next line of electric vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz EQ.

The EQ is not yet released, but the manufacturer has shown a lot of prototypes. We’re big fans of the B250e, and would recommend it to many drivers. But if you want the best electric vehicle that Mercedes-Benz has to offer, it’s worth waiting a year or so until the EQ is released. It’s bound to be excellent.

But, back to the B250e. Maintenance on the B250e is relatively straightforward, and affordable. Mercedes-Benz recommends an annual battery certification, which is covered free of charge. Other than that, the maintenance schedule is routine, and almost always affordable, since the vehicle is electric.

The only issue is that some of the technology in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQ line may be a bit different than the B250e. That means that, over time, dealership mechanics may not be incredibly well prepared to inspect and perform repairs on the B250e. However, that’s unlikely to be a very big issue.

Mercedes-Benz is a high-end luxury automaker, and that is at time noticeable with repairs. For the most part, the B250e is highly durable and reliable, but in the event that it needs repairs – especially to the interior – it can be a little costly. It goes without saying that replacing center console controls or leather stitching in a Mercedes-Benz will cost more than in, say, a Kia, so that’s an important part of the B250e equation.

However, this car is built to last. Even though it’s discontinued, it will be able to stay on the road for a very long time. Mercedes-Benz is known for making reliable and durable vehicles, and the B250e is no exception to that rule. So if what you want is a long-lasting luxury vehicle that’s fun to drive, fully electric, and looks beautiful, than the B250e may be perfect for you.

Just know that you may decide to trade it in for an EQ when they come out. You’ve been warned!

Top 5 accessories for the Mercedes-Benz B250e

The B250e may be a model of luxury, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it to make it all your own. We always personalize and customize our vehicles; it’s a way to get the most out of them. Here are the accessories that we really love for the B250e.

AndyGo Car Glove Box Storage Box

We really like storage boxes. They help us keep our cars organized, clean, and tidy. That’s important for us in any car, but it’s extra important for a car like the B250e. For starters, the B250e is a pinnacle of luxury. Nothing kills luxury like a mess. With a storage box, you can contain the mess in your car, and as a result maintain the classiness and luxury of the Mercedes-Benz.

The B250e is also a large car, which means there’s a lot of space in it. Spacious vehicles tend to get messy more easily and quickly than smaller cars, because there’s so much space for stuff to accumulate. So the size of the car also increases its case for a storage organizer.

This storage organizer was built to fit the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, so it’s ideal for the B250e. It fits snugly between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat, leaving no wiggle room, so you can be sure that it’s secure. And yet, despite fitting like a glove, the storage container doesn’t press up against the seats in a way that can be damaging.

This particular products has multiple different compartments, including a few small areas, and a coin holder. That makes it easy to keep things well maintained and organized; it’s a very practical product. It also has an area for USB and AUX cables to run through, so you can keep your cords tidy at all times.

It’s important to keep your B250e clean. That makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, and ensures that the car is luxurious. And this center console storage container is a great way to do that.

You can buy the AndyGo car glove box storage box here.

Cszlove LED Projection Logo

Okay, let’s be honest here. This product isn’t for everyone. Some people might not be into this at all, but others will think it’s really awesome. Count us firmly in the latter grouping. We think this LED projection logo is super cool.

The projection logo is exactly what it sounds and looks like. An LED light that projects the Mercedes-Benz logo. The light is attached to the bottom of the front doors, where it replaces the standard door lights. Then, when you open the door and the light automatically turns on, the vehicle’s logo is projected on the ground directly beneath the door. If it’s dark out, it looks even cooler than the Batman signal in the sky.

Sure, this is a tiny bit over the top and is full of swagger, but is that a bad thing? If you own a B250e, it’s largely because you wanted a Mercedes-Benz, and the prestige, brand, and charisma that comes with that. So why not add to it a little bit?

We think this projection logo looks especially cool if you like to pull up to clubs or restaurants. It adds extra flair to your vehicle, and it looks professional, not cheap.

The lights (two are included, one for each front door) are easy to install. The existing door lights rely on a wiring harness, which means that you can easily and safely unplug them. They’re easy to remove, and the LED projection logo lights pop right into the same slot, and plug into the same safe harness. That means that you can install these LED lights in a matter of minutes, with no tools, and without having to do any wiring. And as a result, you get this awesome LED projection every time you open your doors. That’s style in our eyes.

You can buy the Cszlove LED projection logo here.

Angelguoguo Car Volume Control Button Knob Decoration Cover

As we already talked about, the interior of the B250e is really nice. It’s made of top quality materials, is wildly comfortable, and simply looks sexy. Now, with that said, there’s always room for improvements, and this decorative knob cover is a great, easy, and cheap way to amp up the aesthetics of your B250e’s cabin.

This product is really simple. It attaches to the power button and volume control knob in your car, to give it an added touch of excitement and color. It may be small, but it can make the entire cabin pop. Excessive interior color is, well, excessive, but a little touch and trim here and there can go a long way, and that’s exactly what this decorative knob cover accomplishes.

The knob cover is finished with powder-coated anodized aluminum, and is very high quality. You don’t have to worry about this product looking cheap, or like it’s made out of plastic. The feel, design, and quality will fit right in with the classy and sexy Mercedes-Benz interior.

Thankfully, this know cover is easy to install, and comes complete with the glue required to do so. It only takes a few minutes to get it on, and you don’t need to worry about hiring a professional. The knob cover was designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz, so it perfectly fits the power button and volume control knob of the B250e.

Four colors are available: blue, red, silver, and gold, so you can find the pop of color that’s perfect for the exterior and interior of your B250e. It’s a great way to add some fun and excitement to the car.

You can buy the Angelguoguo car volume control button knob decoration cover here.

Templehorse Fuel Brake Foot Pedals

The Mercedes-Benz B250e is many things. Two of those things are: a gorgeous vehicle inside and out, and a zippy, responsive, fun to drive car. These pedals directly benefit both of those areas, making them even better than before.

This Templehorse product is a pair of gas and brake pedals to replace your manufacturer’s option. And trust us when we say that they’re a much better option than what comes standard with your car.

For starters, these pedals look amazing. The stainless steel design is crisp, clean, and stylish, and adds some silver flair to the interior of the B250e. They simply look remarkable, and also look like they’d aid performance.

And they do! The pedals are studded with rubber, to give your foot added grip when driving. You’ll notice a much stronger feel and control over the gas and brake pedals when you use this product. That meant that you’ll accelerate and decelerate better than before, and get even more out of your high-performance B250e.

Installation of this product is very easy. You don’t need to do any wiring or welding; all you have to do is remove the old pedals (a relatively easy task), and add the new ones (an even easier task). It’s as simple as that!

Both the stainless steel and the rubber in these pedals is top quality. As a result, these pedals are built to last, just like the B250e. You won’t wear through these, no matter how much driving you do. They’re there to support you in all of your driving adventures, and that’s what makes a great accessory in our book.

You can buy the Templehorse fuel brake foot pedals here.

ClipperCreek EV Charging Station

In our eyes, every electric vehicle needs a charging station at home. But when your electric vehicle has a range under 100 miles, that need is extra vital. You need to be able to charge your B250e quickly, whenever you’re home, so that your car is always ready for your next trip.

There are lots of charging stations on the market, and we always recommend shopping around, doing your research, and looking for the best prices. But we also always recommend the ClipperCreek charging station, which is safety certified, and meets all the standards and requirements for a safe charging station.

This is a Level 2, 240 volt charging station that will charge the B250e dramatically faster than a basic cable would. And speaking of cables, it comes with a 25-foot charging cable, so you can mount the charging station wherever you want in your garage, and be able to always reach your car (or your friend’s car in the driveway!). And the design is perfectly made so that the charging cable wraps up and stows neatly when not in use, limiting how much space this product takes up.

Mounting the ClipperCreek charging station is relatively easy. Not only that, but the product is fully sealed, so you can mount it outdoors without any safety or performance concerns. Add in the three-year warranty, and you can sleep easy that this product is highly durable and reliable.

You to charge your B250e. This is an easy, practical, and fast way to do so, so you can minimize the time you spend charging, and maximize the time you spend driving.

You can buy the ClipperCreek EV charging station here.


The Mercedes-Benz B250e may have been recently discontinued, but that shouldn’t keep you from being interested in it. It’s still a terrific and unique electric vehicle that brings a lot of style, luxury, and performance to the electric car sphere.

The range on this vehicle may be limited, but it makes up for it with the gas pedal, the interior comfort, and the quick charging times. If you want to wait for the Mercedes-Benz EQ line we certainly won’t blame you, as it looks to be terrific. But if you want to jump into an electric vehicle from one of the greatest automotive manufacturers of all time, the the B250e is the car for you. Just be sure to add some of these accessories, so you can get the most out of it.