Kia Soul Aftermarket Accessories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 3 February 2020

The Kia Soul is one of our favorite cars. It’s a little bit funky, a little bit hip, and a lotta bit fun. There’s no other car quite like it, and it’s an affordable fun to drive car that offers a ton of space for the driver and passengers.

Really, the only complaint we’ve had about the Soul in the past is that it doesn’t get very good gas mileage. But that all changed when Kia introduced the Soul EV, the electric version of the popular model.

And let’s get one thing straight: the Soul EV is an awesome car. If you’re looking for an electric vehicle, especially one that’s not a tiny little thing, the Soul EV deserves your attention and consideration. It’s fun, has a decent range, is affordable, and looks pretty cool.

Interesting and unique features for Kia Soul EV buyers and owners

The Soul EV can go a pretty solid distance between charges. With an EPA-estimated range of 111 miles, this Kia is great for a daily driver. You can get to and from work, doctor’s appointments, and the grocery store pretty easily on that range. Using a standard 240 volt charger, the Soul EV can fully recharge in under six hours. If you have the Level 3 fast charging, however, the battery can recover to 80 percent in just 33 minutes, and needs only 43 minutes to get to 94 percent.

The Soul EV has some nice power, too, though it’s not that fast. The horsepower is modest at 109, but it offers 210 lb-ft of torque. That power doesn’t really show up in the acceleration times, but you can certainly feel it, especially when compared to less powerful electric vehicles.

One of the greatest features in of the Soul EV is the dashboard-mounted 3.5-inch LED screen. This screen, along with the rest of the gauge cluster, provides a lot of information about how the electric vehicle is performing, and what features are impacting it for better and for worse. This technology helps drivers adapt to their Soul EV, so that they can get the most range out of their vehicle, and learn to drive in a manner that complements the car.

Maintenance tricks and important information

Before we get into the maintenance, there is some important information that every potential owner needs to know about the Soul EV. Kia is planning to release a 2019 SUV called the Niro EV, which is projected to more than double the range of the Soul EV. The Niro EV is still a ways off, but if you have your heart set on a dynamite electric vehicle from Kia, you may decide that it’s best to hold out for the latest and greatest. Of course, we recommend just getting the Soul EV and trading it in for a Niro EV when that comes out, but that’s just us!

There’s one more disclaimer about the Soul EV. Due to emissions rules and regulations, the vehicle is only available for purchase in 12 states (California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington), so if you don’t live in one of those states, then you’re kind of out of options as far as Kia is concerned.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the Soul EV couldn’t be easier, Kia recommends having the tires rotated every 7,500 miles, which is standard. They also recommend an inspection every 15,000 miles, just to make sure that everything is working properly and is up to speed. Far more often than not, these inspections don’t result in anything other than finding out that your car is still running well.

Every 100,000 miles or so, the battery coolant will need to be replaced, but other than that, there really aren’t any costs for maintaining a Soul EV. It’s really that easy.

Everything about the Soul EV works well, from the chassis, to the one-speed transmission, to the stellar, 111-mile battery. You don’t have to worry about weird and unexpected problems popping up with the Soul EV, and under the unlikely circumstance that they do, they’ll almost surely be covered by Kia’s best in class, extensive warranty.

Owning a car is never free. You’ll always have to make car payments, as well as insurance and registration. And fuel isn’t free, even when that fuel is electricity (though it is dramatically cheaper than gas). But the Soul EV is as close to free to own as you’ll find, when you account for maintenance and servicing.

Top 5 accessories for the Kia Soul EV

The Soul EV is one of the best vehicles around for accessorizing. Because the car is hip, but also modern and funky, it has lots of options for accessorizing. Whether you want to keep it cool, or add some practicality to the vehicle, there’s an accessory for whatever you need. These are our five favorite accessories for the Soul EV.

Motor Trend FlexTough Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

In our opinion, every vehicle needs floor mats. And that’s especially true for a vehicle that’s larger than a compact, as the Kia Soul EV is. You might take the Soul EV up some dirt road (we highly suggest it), on a muddy path or two, or across a little snow. And then you’ll track all that dirt, grime, mud, and snow right back into the vehicle.

Floor mats are important for a variety of reasons. The first is that they protect your car from looking bad. No one likes a floor that’s stained and caked with dirt, mud, and coffee spills. It’s just not a good look, especially in a stylish car like the Soul EV. Second, and just as importantly, dirt, grime, and liquids can stain your car’s floor. They leave stains that you’re unable to get out, and odors that linger. Not only are these things a bummer for you, but they can dramatically reduce the resale value of the vehicle, which is a big bummer.

So that’s why we always get floor mats, especially in a new, stylish vehicle like a Soul EV. And these rubber floor mats are some of our favorites, and a great match for this electric car. These rubber floor mats are designed with durability in mind. They are thick, tough, and strong, and simply won’t wear out. No matter how much you drive your Soul EV, no matter what you track into it, and no matter how many times you wash the floor mats, they’ll still look brand new.

These floor mats are easy to clean, comfortable, and don’t slip when you get in or out of the vehicle. The semi-custom fits can be trimmed to perfectly fit in the Soul EV, and the material is both eco-friendly and odorless.

The floor might not be the most glamorous part of your Soul EV, but it deserves to be protected.

You can buy the Motor Trend FlexTough heavy duty rubber floor mats here.

MAXTRAY All Weather Cargo Liner

Now that you’ve protected the floor of your Soul EV’s cabin, it’s time to think about protecting the cargo space. One of the few weaknesses of the Soul EV is that it has a pretty limited cargo area. But that doesn’t change the fact that that area needs to be protected. This cargo liner, which is designed specifically for the Soul line, is the perfect product to do that.

This is an all weather cargo liner, which is important. It won’t melt when your car is parked in the hot sun, and it won’t crack on those below freezing nights. You can throw things into the trunk that are hot, freezing, or wet, and they simply won’t damage the cargo liner, or the base of the cargo storage area.

This cargo liner will last a very long time. Not only is it impressively durable, but it’s also stain resistant. So no matter how much work you put the cargo liner through, it’s still going to look brand new when all is said and done.

The surface is textured and skid resistant, which makes it very easy to clean. You can either clean it by hand, or remove it (installation and removal is very easy) and wash it down. The low density material not only improves the durability of the cargo liner, but also the elasticity. Add in the perfect fit, which assures no gaps in coverage, and you have a cargo liner that’s going to take care of your trunk space.

Did we mention that it looks really good? No? Well, it looks really good, and adds a strong, professional feel that the Soul EV’s trunk space didn’t have before.

You can buy the MAXTRAY all weather cargo liner here.

AutoFitPro Custom Fit Automotive Reflective Windshield Sunshade

Sunshades are a highly underrated automotive accessory. People tend to forget about sunshades, but they shouldn’t. They’re an important factor in keeping your car in the best condition possible.

A sunshade protects the interior of a vehicle from the sun. Frequent direct exposure to sunlight quickly fades out the interior components, such as the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, and center console. As those parts of the car begin to fade, not only do they start to fall apart, but the aesthetic value of the vehicle’s interior starts to fade as well. And as those two things happen, the resale value of the car starts to plummet, and that is a very bad thing.

The Kia Soul EV has an awesome interior. It’s mildly futuristic; enough to look hip and modern, but not so much that it looks weird. It’s just a cool interior, and for the price of the car, you get a lot of high quality materials. Those materials can be quickly ruined if they’re not protected.

This custom fit sunshade is made specifically for the Kia Soul lineup. It’s highly efficient, as it is able to reflect 95% of solar light. This not only protects the interior of the vehicle, but keeps the car from becoming a greenhouse when you leave it parked for long periods of time. In fact, this particular sunshade can reduce interior temperatures by 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is incredible.

This sunshade is easy to set up, and easy to take down. It includes a velcro strap to make storage easier, and smaller. It only takes about five second to set up, which is a small price to pay for keeping your interior in top shape.

You can buy the AutoFitPro custom fit automotive reflective windshield sunshade here.

ExtremeCoverPro Breathable Car Cover

You may be noticing a trend. Nearly all of our accessories are about protection for the Soul EV. Part of that is because we really value taking good care of a car. Part of it is because the Soul EV is a car that deserves to be taken care of.

This car cover was designed specifically to fit the Soul EV. Having a custom fit ensures that this cover is perfectly snug. It even features side mirror pockets, so that it can have a perfect fit for the Soul EV, every time.

What we love most is the 100% breathable non-woven fabric. This helps make sure that the car doesn’t get stuck in a pool of condensation and mildew. Instead, moisture is able to exit from underneath the car cover, and the car stays in good condition.

Car covers protect your vehicle from a lot of things. This cover in particular offers 100% UV protection, so you can be sure that the sun will not fade the paint on your Soul EV. It also keeps rain and snow from soaking your car and causing damage, and protects the body and paint from falling branches, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt in the air, and strong wind.

This car cover is also easy to transport. It folds up into a small product, that barely takes up any space in the cargo area of the Soul EV. So you can take it with you wherever you go, especially since it takes a very short amount of time to install on the car.

You can buy the ExtremeCoverPro breathable car cover here.

Orion Motor Tech Level 2 Electric Car EV Charger

If you’re going to own a fully electric car such as the Kia Soul EV, then the best thing you can do is purchase a car charger. Without an electric vehicle charger, you’ll be relying on painfully slow charging speeds at all times. So you need an electric vehicle charger, and this is one of our favorites for the Soul EV.

This Level 2 charger has UL recognized parts, and can completely transform the charging times for your Soul EV, by increasing speeds by three. It’s also affordable to install, because it can be connected to numerous different power supplies, including dryers and regular wall outlets with adapters.

The charger comes with a cable that is 23 feet long, which adds a lot of practicality. You don’t have to find an outlet right next to the car, or a parking spot right next to the power. You can just park nearby, and use the long charging cord to get to your Soul EV.

This is one of the more portable electric vehicle chargers available. It’s small, pretty light in weight, and doesn’t need to be wall mounted. If we had a Soul EV, we would buy this charger, and keep it in the cargo space at all times, so that we could charge the vehicle wherever we end up.

It’s also a safe charger, which we always appreciate. It has both over and under-current protection, which helps keep the users safe. Long story short, this electric car charger is a perfect fit for the Kia Soul EV.

You can buy the Orion Motor Tech Level 2 electric car EV charger here.


The Kia Soul EV is a great and unique car. It’s hip but also has some unique and funky personality. It looks cool, and is pretty fun to drive. But most importantly, it has next to no maintenance costs, and doesn’t use a drop of gasoline. It’s good for your pocket, and good for the environment.

If you choose to put a Soul EV in your garage, then color us jealous. Chances are you love your car. But you’ll love it even more if you have some accessories that make the car even better for your needs. Any of the five accessories listed above would be a great addition to your garage, and your Soul EV.

Happy driving!