Hyundai Ioniq Accesories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 1 February 2020

The Hyundai Ioniq has quickly become one of the flagship models for Hyundai. The affordably-priced vehicle represents some of Hyundai’s best work, as well as their first trip into the fully electric market.

We’re big fans of this car. Hyundai took on some of the big dogs of the electric vehicle market, and more than held their own. The automaker showed a lot of innovation with this vehicle, and really impressed us (and the competition) along the way.

The Ioniq has everything we’ve come to expect from a Hyundai: outstanding reliability, quality interiors and driving feel, and practicality up one side and down the other. Of course, adding an electric option only improves the already great practicality, part of why this vehicle is a popular option.

Interesting and unique features for Hyundai Ioniq buyers and owners

The most important thing to know about the Ioniq is that in comes in a variety of options. While there’s no fully gasoline-powered version, the standard Ioniq that’s been on the market for awhile is the gas electric hybrid. Hyundai is adding a plug-in gas-electric hybrid to the line as well. But it’s the third model that we’re focused on, and will be referring to from here on out in the article: the fully electric Ioniq.

The Ioniq gets an EPA-estimated 124 miles per the charge, which is terrific. At under $30,000 (before tax credits and rebates), that puts the Ioniq ahead of many of its competitors at that price range. It also makes those 124 miles fun, as the 118 horsepower motor will attest to. Charging is relatively quick, despite the nice range that is offered. With a 240 volt power source, the Ioniq can charge fully in just under four and a half hours. Using the DC fast charging system, the car can charge to 80% of its range in 23 minutes, which is really great.

One of the things we love most about the fully electric Ioniq is how well it drives. The car is a lot lighter than other electric vehicles in its price and miles range, and you notice that when you’re driving. The Ioniq handles really well, and is very responsive. You wouldn’t buy it for the handles, but it really helps, and makes the car quite enjoyable.

Maintenance tricks and important information

The fully electric Hyundai Ioniq requires essentially no maintenance. You’ll need to rotate the tires and replace the brakes occasionally, but otherwise the Ioniq is essentially carefree. It takes advantage of one of the best things about batteries: they don’t require a fraction of the attention that gasoline engines do. That’s on full display with the Ioniq, as you really only need to have the battery occasionally inspected (Hyundai recommends every year or so), and it only needs routine maintenance every 100,000 miles or so.

The one thing to be wary of regarding Ioniq maintenance is that Hyundai technicians simply aren’t very comfortable with these cars yet. They’re still a lot less common than the gas-electric hybrid Ioniq, as well as Hyundai’s fully gasoline-powered vehicles. Mechanics are still primarily focusing on the intricacies of the gasoline engines, and haven’t quite figured out the electric cars quite yet.

This isn’t a big problem, since, as mentioned, the electric Ioniq really doesn’t require much maintenance at all. But it does mean that you’ll get some mixed answers and confused technicians when you inquire about an issue with the vehicle. We’ve noticed that if you call a Hyundai dealership asking a question about the electric Ioniq, and then call another Hyundai dealership asking about the same question, it’s pretty common to get two different answers. Again, this isn’t a big issue since the car requires minimal maintenance, and doesn’t have the dangerous issues that a gasoline car would. But it is something to be aware of, as it can be a little frustrating.

It’s also worth noting that the Ioniq has pretty horrible braking. The manufacturer uses a regenerative braking system that turns the energy used from braking into power for the battery. This is a common feature on electric vehicles, but most are able to accomplish it without much loss in performance. Unfortunately, the Ioniq is not one of those cars, as the braking is a big step behind the competition. This is doubly true when using extreme braking to avoid an accident.

So, now that we’ve covered some of the downsides, there is one huge upside to the Ioniq. A subscription plan offered by Hyundai. The plan, called the Ioniq Subscription+, is a very reasonably priced three-year lease. All maintenance and wear and tear is covered, and there are no mile limits. Hyundai reimburses all electricity costs for charging the vehicle, so really, all you’re paying for is the lease. No cost to drive. No cost to charge. No cost to maintain.

That’s a plan that we absolutely adore.

Top 5 accessories for the Hyundai Ioniq

If you decide to purchase or lease a fully electric Hyundai Ioniq, you’ll want to look at some accessories. Accessories are a great way to highlight certain aspects of your vehicle, and make sure that you’re personalizing the vehicle to be just the car that you want. These are our five favorite accessories for the electric Ioniq.

LEDpartsNow LED Interior Lights

Interior lights are a little bit hit and miss. A lot of people think they look tacky, but there are certainly a large number of folks who think they’re awesome. We’re in the camp that they’re cool. At least, in the right car, and for the right demographic.

The Ioniq is that right car. It’s a fun vehicle, and it’s unique and hip due to being fully electric. So why not add to that with some awesome interior lights that add some style, flair, and personality to the interior of the vehicle?

This is a comprehensive light kit. It comes with front map lights, rear dome lights, sun visor lights, trunk lights, and license plate tag lights. The license plate tag lights are white, while the rest of the lights can be had in an array of awesome colors. Basically all of your basic interior lights are replace by exciting, eye-popping colorful lights.

They’re also really easy to install, which is really great. You don’t need any special equipment or wiring talents, and it will take well under half an hour to fully install them. They’re reliable lights, and the shine is bright but not abrasive.

But it all comes down to the style. We think this pop of color really adds a fun, youthful infusion to an electric Ioniq. If you disagree, then these are not the right accessory for you. But if you also think these add a splash of fun, then you’ll be really happy installing these in your Ioniq.

You can buy the LEDpartsNow LED interior lights here.

3D MAXpider All Weather Floor Mats

Floor mats are a must. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have, floor mats are simply a must. They keep your car clean by picking up the dirt, snow, mud, and dust that you track into your car. That way, none of those dirty elements end up on your car, where they can leave stains and cause odors that will be hard to get rid of, and ultimately drive down the resale value of your car.

Floor mats are extra important with a new car, such as an electric Hyundai Ioniq. When you’re starting with a new car, you want to do everything necessary to keep it as clean as possible. A set of all weather floor mats does exactly that, and can help you maintain your Ioniq.

This set of floor mats is available in black or tan, and includes mats for both front seats, and the full rear seat area. The three-layer structure includes semi-hard xpe foaming, a patented maxpider bottom, and a top layer of thermoplastic rubber in carbon fiber texture. These materials work together to create a perfect set of all weather floor mats. They’re soft enough to be comfortable when you’re in the car, and provide support for your feet.

They’re strong enough to be durable for a long time; you won’t have to buy a second set anytime soon. These floor mats will last as long as your Ioniq does. They’re also easy to install, easy to remove, and an absolute breeze to clean. And they utilize anti-slip technology so that the floor mats won’t move at all when you’re getting into the car, getting out of it, and using the gas and brake pedals.

The Ioniq is good for the environment, and so are these floor mats. The non-toxic, odorless material is environmentally friendly, which is just another addition to the green vehicle that the Ioniq is.

You can buy the 3D MAXpider all weather floor mats here.

LFOTPP Navigation Screen Protector

The electric Ioniq has a really nice, 7-inch navigation screen included. This is a really high quality navigation screen with a stellar interface, and a pretty clear picture. It works with the electric Ioniq to provide you information about the vehicle, as well as covering all of your infotainment needs.

But as is the case with all screens, it needs to be protected. Navigation screens, including this one, are really durable, but that doesn’t you can get away with not protecting them. Instead, screen protectors are a really important addition to any vehicle with a navigation screen.

This screen protector is waterproof, so if you manage to spill liquid on your center console, the protector will keep your navigation screen from being damaged. The oleophobic coating layer allows the screen protector to be easily cleaned whenever it gets dirty or greasy. Simply wipe it off with a little alcohol and a microfiber towel (both are included with the purchase), and it’s clean and good to keep on using.

The automatic absorption also ensures that no condensation will build up between the screen and the protector. The screen protector is anti-scratch, so no amount of recklessness or fingernails will cause damage. Yet despite that, the screen protector doesn’t keep you from being able to easily use the touch screen. The screen still has full sensitivity, even with the protector installed over it.

Speaking of installation, it couldn’t be easier. All the parts necessary to add the screen protector are included, and you can have the process done in about five minutes.

The navigation screen on an Ioniq is great, but needs to be protected. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a screen protector than to buy a new navigation system.

You can buy the LFOTPP navigation screen protector here.

AutomotiveApple Door Protect Anti Scratch Cover

These door covers are the perfect blend of style and substance. We haven’t used products like this in many cars, but after seeing these accessories for the Ioniq, we might have to start purchasing more of these.

This set comes with four door covers. The covers run along the inner base of each door. These add an anti-scratch element to your door panels, which are very easy to damage. You don’t notice it, but it’s really common to damage the inside of your door panels. Most times that you get in or out of your car, you kick the inside of the door, or scrape your foot alongside of it. Over time, a lot of damage occurs, and the door panel can start to look really worn. This is not only a bad look, but also lowers resale value.

With these door covers, you protect that vulnerable part of your vehicle. But not only do you keep it from getting damaged with these protectors, but you add a stylish element. These covers are designed to replicate carbon fiber, which is probably the most aesthetically pleasing automotive material in the world. As such, the covers look really stylish, and do a great job of fitting into the aesthetic of the Ioniq.

Speaking of which, these are made specifically to fit the Ioniq, so you don’t have to worry about the fit. You also don’t have to worry about the installation, as these things are a breeze to install. They’re pretty much as simple as taking them out of the package, and sticking them on.

The price and ease of use suggest that these might not be a high quality product, but they really help keep your car healthy and in good shape, and they look terrific while doing so.

You can buy the AutomotiveApple door protect anti scratch cover here.

OxGord Signature Car Cover

We cannot say this enough: always protect your car. It’s that simple. Always protect your car! If you protect your car you make it look better, you save yourself money in repairs and maintenance, and you put a lot more money in your pocket if and when you decide to sell your vehicle.

This is doubly true when you have a new car. So if you just bought an electric Ioniq, and it’s nice and pristine, you want to protect it before it’s too late.

This is why we always purchase covers for our car. Covers protect your car from all of the elements. They keep rain, snow, and condensation from damaging your paint. They keep the sunlight from wearing out your pain and interior and causing massive fading. They keep the harsh wind and air from damaging the car. And they keep tree sap, branches, and bird droppings from denting or staining your car’s pain.

This OxGord car cover is one of the best covers that we’ve seen. You can use a tool on the company’s website or on Amazon to make sure that you find the perfect size cover, so that the fit is tight, snug, and extra secure.

The five-layer car cover features three layers of spunbond polypropylene, and one layer each of soft fleece and micro-porous film. The result is a weatherproof, durable car cover that’s still soft against the exterior of your Ioniq. It’s also breathable, so it will keep condensation, mildew, and molding from occurring in or on the car.

This product comes with a storage bag, and doesn’t take up much space. We recommend storing it in your trunk at all times, so you can protect your pretty Ioniq wherever you go.

You can buy the OxGord signature car cover here.


Hyundai has done a great job with the Ioniq line. There’s a terrific gas-electric hybrid, as well as a plug-in hybrid in the pipeline. But we’re most excited about the fully electric Ioniq, which has an impressive range of 124 miles, despite a modest price tag.

There are a lot of good things associated with the Hyundai brand. All of those things are on display with the electric Ioniq. It’s an innovative vehicle that is a joy to drive, is easy on the eyes, and is as practical and reliable as you could hope for. Add in some of these accessories, and you’ve got a dream daily driver for your garage.