Ford Focus Accessories Reviews (2020)

Posted: 1 February 2020

The Ford Focus has long been known as a nice, affordable, entry-level vehicle. It’s never been a particularly exciting or flashy vehicle, just a reliable option for anyone who needs a daily driver. And that’s exactly what most drivers need.

With the Focus Electric, Ford has taken their popular model to the next level. This is a terrific electric option, with a strong foundation, a pleasant design, a good price, and a solid range. It’s not as flashy as some of the other electric vehicle options, but anyone looking for an electric vehicle would be wise to check out the Focus Electric. It’s a really solid car, and we really enjoy it.  

Interesting and unique features for Ford Focus Electric buyers and owners

The Focus Electric has a solid, albeit not exceptional range. It has an EPA-estimated range of 115 miles, which is more than enough for most people and what they need. Since electric cars have a longer range at lower speeds, Ford limits the top speed of the Focus Electric to 84 MPH, ensuring that you can get most of the estimated range per charge.

One of our favorite features of the Focus Electric is the SmartGauge EcoGuide instrument cluster. This cluster provides a bunch of information to the driver, including live driving metrics. The display allows you to adjust your driving habits so that you get the greatest range possible with the car. The screens work together, without being complicated or overbearing, to slowly change your driving style over time, so that you are a perfect fit for your car.

Ford also manages to hide the battery well with this vehicle. Even though the Focus Electric is pretty small, there’s still a decent about of head room, trunk space, and leg room. It doesn’t feel like an electric vehicle on the inside. As much as we love electric vehicles, that’s a really good thing.

With a starting price under $30,000, the Focus Electric offers a lot of features for the price. It’s a pretty good bargain.

Maintenance tricks and important information

The maintenance for the Ford Focus Electric couldn’t be better. While a gasoline engine has numerous parts that need frequent maintenance, Ford’s electric motor has only one area of suggested maintenance: flushing the cooling system in the lithium-ion battery pack every 100,000 miles. Other than that, it’s just rotate your tires, replace your tires, and check in on your brakes. That’s it!

Ford utilizes a regenerative braking system for the Focus electric. With this system, the energy created by applying the brakes is used to recharge the battery, and increase the range. Ford suggests that the system be inspected with some regularity, simply to makes sure that it’s working properly, and giving you the optimal number of miles.

The upside of this is that the regenerative braking system doesn’t use friction braking with nearly the regularity that a standard vehicle does. As a result, the brakes last a much longer amount of time. You don’t need to inspect them as often, and you can go many, many more miles between brake replacement.

In addition to the money you’ll save on brakes, and the many replacements and repairs that a gasoline engine requires, Ford estimates that you’ll save about $449 dollars, and 7.5 hours of time just from the lack of oil changes. We don’t know about you, but that’s a selling point in and of itself!

The Focus Electric shares a platform and interior with the standard, gasoline version of the Focus. That bodes well for repair costs, because all of the non-mechanical elements are replaceable across platforms. In other words, if you have issues in the interior of your Focus Electric, it will be more affordable to repair it, because the products are so common due to the popular gasoline version. This really helps drive down the price of maintaining and repairing the vehicle.

But the winner from a maintenance standpoint is that there’s no annual maintenance needed for the battery. That’s a little bit rare for an electric vehicle, and really means that you can just forget about taking care of the car for large chunks of time. It’s an easy car to own, and there’s not much you need to be careful about.

If there’s one downside to maintenance, it’s the same issue that all non-Tesla brands deal with. Ford is still primarily a gasoline vehicle manufacturer, and that’s what their mechanics know best. The Focus Electric is a great car, but only makes up a tiny percentage of Ford’s sales. As such, their mechanics and technicians prioritize gasoline engines, and they won’t always be up to speed with the electric car technology.

Top 5 accessories for the Ford Focus Electric

We’re big fans of the Ford Focus Electric. But even though we love the car as is, we still think it should be accessorized. Accessories are a great way to add flair to your car, and get the most out of the vehicle. Here are our five favorite accessories for the Focus Electric.

9 MOON Car Air Conditioning Heat Control Switch AC Knob

The Focus Electric is a really fun-looking car. And it’s available in a lot of cool colors, so if you opt for an interesting paint choice, you can end up with a really exciting and hip looking vehicle. The Focus Electric isn’t the sexiest vehicle you’ll ever see, but it definitely is good looking, in a young, fun, cool kind of way.

With cars that fit that bill, we like to add some cool elements to the interior, to help tie it all together and run that same hip aesthetic through the vehicle’s cabin. These switch knobs are the perfect way to do that, for a very low price. These decorative cover trims come three to a pack, and fit over the climate control knobs in your Focus Electric. Instead of being the bland plastic that exists in the cabin, you instead get a fresh, modern look.

These decorative knobs are built out of heavy duty CNC billet aluminum, as well as high quality ABS plastic. They feel great in your hands, and are easy to grip, so they’re very practical. But it’s all about the looks. They look modern and sleek, but also fun. And you can purchase them in a variety of colors, so you can find the look that really matches your interior and your paint job on the Focus Electric.

And don’t worry: these decorative knobs are a breeze to install. You simply pry off the old knobs, and pop on the new ones, and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and some continuity to the interior of your Focus Electric.

You can by the 9 MOON car air conditioning heat control switch AC knob here.

FH Group Floor Mats

As far as we’re concerned, floor mats are a necessity for every vehicle. We’ll be honest: we don’t ever have a car that doesn’t have nice floor mats in it. It’s one of the first purchases we make for all of our cars, and certainly something that we suggest if you’re purchasing a Focus Electric.

These FH Group floor mats are our favorites for the Focus Electric. The main reason we love them so much is because the style really fits the hip vibe of the car. These floor mats are available in numerous color schemes, including black with colored trip, and a variety of color choices for the trim (solid black, gray, and beige are also available). The black mats with colored trim allow you to match your floor mats to your car’s exterior, which is absolutely awesome, and makes your Focus Electric look great.

But beyond the aesthetics, these floor mats are also really practical. They fit the Focus Electric perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about gaps in coverage where dirt, water, and stains can get through and damage the floor. They’re easy to remove, and can be cleaned off with soap and water, or with a vacuum, whichever you prefer. Then, when they’re clean, they can be reinstalled in a matter of seconds.

The backing of the mats is anti-slip, and works really well. You don’t have to worry about the mats slipping and sliding when you’re driving, or when you’re entering or exiting the vehicle.

Floor mats help your car look better, and they keep damage that could lower the resale value from occuring. These floor mats are perfect if you own a Focus Electric.

You can buy the FH Group floor mats here.

Rear Bumper Top Scuff Protector

A rear bumper top scuff protector may not seem like a very big item, but they can be important. And we find that that’s especially true for the Focus Electra. The Focus line has a really nice rear bumper design, and relies on the rear bumper for much of the aesthetic. It’s a huge part of the vehicle’s design.

The scuff protector, designed for the Focus, helps maintain the good look of the rear bumper. It helps the vehicle avoid scratches in a very noticeable and important location. And if you bump your car, or drop a grocery when you’re putting things in your trunk (which we do all of the time), then the scuff protector will keep everything safe.

But beyond the practicality of this scuff protector, it also provides a lot of aesthetic value. We’ve found that the scuff protector enhances the already attractive rear bumper of the Focus Electric. It draws a little bit of extra attention to one of the best-looking parts of the car. The scuff protector is essentially just trim that also serves a protective purpose, and what’s not to like about that?

To top it all off, the installation is very easy. It doesn’t require any drilling, welding, or tools, and the only material needed (automotive attachment tape) is provided with your purchase. You can install it in a matter of minutes, and then start enjoying the aesthetic improvement and protection. That’s a win-win in our book, and in the books of any and all Focus Electric owners.

You can buy the rear bumper top scruff protector here.

Pet Barrier

If you don’t have a pet, you can move right along. This accessory probably isn’t going to do you any good. But if you have a dog that you like to take in the car, then this is a great accessory for your Focus Electric.

This pet barrier goes behind the rear headrests, and acts as a partition between the rear seats and the rear storage compartment. By adding a pet barrier, you can put your dog safely and comfortably in the hatchback storage compartment, and they won’t be able to climb up onto the seats. It also protects the dog in the event of an accident or hard braking: rather than the dog flying forward and hitting the windshield, they’ll be restrained by the pet barrier.

One of the best things about this barrier, which is designed specifically for the Focus, is the fact that the cargo cover can still be used when the barrier is installed. That means that even when your dog is out of the car, and you’re using the cargo area for storage, you can keep up the pet barrier. You don’t need to take it down every time you plan on using the storage space

We may have said you don’t need this if you don’t have pets, but that’s not actually the case. This barrier can also protect occupants in the rear seat, by protecting them from cargo objects that can fly out when you hit the brakes hard. Storing heavy or sharp objects behind the rear seats can be dangerous for passengers, but not if you have this pet barrier.

This pet barrier is made out of very strong and durable steel, and takes no time or skill to install, or remove. If you have a pup you like to keep in the back of your Focus Electric, this is a must-have purchase.

You can buy the pet barrier here.

EVRUN Level 2 Portable EV Charger

If you’re going to purchase an electric vehicle like the Focus Electric, then you should really purchase a charger for it as well. There is not one right option (though plenty of wrong ones) when buying a charger, but we’re really fond of this model for this model for Focus Electric owners.

This Level 2 charger can charge the Focus Electric in up to seven times as quickly as the factory cable. As long as you have a 220 or 240 volt outlet, it’s an easy hookup, and you can get straight to charging.

Our favorite feature of this EVRUN product is that it’s highly portable. The charger is relatively light, and doesn’t take up much space at all. If you’re staying away from your home, just throw the charger in the cargo area of your Focus Electric, and you can take it along with you for the journey so you can charge wherever you’re staying. Installation is easy, safe, straightforward, and only takes a few minutes. Uninstalling is just as convenient. So it’s not a big hassle if you decide to pack up the charger and take it with you on a trip.

The 25-foot charging cable also makes it easy to use this Level 2 charger, no matter where you set it up. You don’t need to worry about parking your Focus Electric as close as possible to an outlet. Just park your car, find your 220 or 240 volt outlet, extend the cable, and get to charging. Before you know it, your Focus Electric will be ready to hit the road once more

You can buy the EVRUN Level 2 portable EV charger here.


We’re really impressed with the Ford Focus Electric. It offers everything we love about the stock Focus – practicality, reliability, affordability, cool looks, and a nice ride – with an electric motor that has a 125-mile range. Unless you’re looking for a luxury vehicle or an ultra sporty vehicle, the Focus Electric ticks every box you would want from an electric car.

It’s a really great option, and anyone in the market for an electric car should consider it. And if you have a Focus Electric, any of these five accessories can help you get the most out of your awesome car.