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An Optima Redtop Battery Review


Optima Redtop batteries are designed for automotive purposes. They are equipped for both top and side mounting of the battery cables, making them ideal for all makes and models. If your vehicle wants a 12-volt battery, this is the brand of battery you want.

The Redtop Battery Line

The Redtop batteries are, of course, identifiable by their red tops. You may also notice they have rounded edges where the SpiralCells sit (we will get into these later). These batteries are ideal for daily driving, racing, and other automotive adventures. They deliver a powerful starting jolt, and work hard under extreme conditions. Several types of batteries are available under the Redtop line, and you can find the best one for you on Amazon, or a number of other retailers. 


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Why Optima Batteries

The designers responsible for the Redtop are also responsible for two other similar batteries designed for other purposes. The goal for Optima, is to pull out every trick in the book to get the best product possible. To do that, they must fully understand what it takes to make the best.

Batteries are critical for the starting and electrical performance of the vehicle. They undergo a tremendous amount of stress, and therefore having a quality battery is important. Durable batteries need to be able to start under extreme conditions, hold a charge when the car is off, and last a number of years. We believe that Optima is showing a steady rate of success, and has been for decades. In doing so, they are proving to have some of the best batteries on the market.

Optima as a Brand

Since the 1990’s, Optima has manufactured over 100 million of these special SpiralCells that make their product what it is. The technology behind the batteries is now tried and true. After years of advancing the technology, the SpiralCell battery is top notch. Making a battery that survives the track, the trail, and traffic is critical for today’s needs. Eight separate designs make it easy to use this top choice in any and all vehicles you may have. With a simple spec comparison, you can find the right model of Redtop by Optima battery for you.

Optima overlooks every aspect of manufacturing to ensure they are the highest possible quality and meet every detailed expectation. This is critical when developing a one-of-a-kind product.

A spill-proof design allows for numerous mounting options, making the Redtop by Optima a premium choice for SUVs, trucks, muscle cars, and more. Faster charging times makes the battery perfect for performance uses and off the beaten path tasks. The SpiralCell technology is the core of what makes these batteries so special. Here’s more on why that is…


Simply put, the SpiralCell batteries have a greater lead plate surface area, which will give you more power and a higher starting jolt. They are sealed, maintenance-free, and vibration-resistant. When it comes to automotive batteries, there has been little progression with lead plate designs. The SpiralCell design is the best the market has to offer at this point.

The Redtop batteries, and it’s two counterparts, are centered around special spiraled lead plates. When compared to traditional flat lead plates, they are much harder to produce and much more expensive. The results however, include an all over better battery. This is due to their high starting burst, up to 3x longer lifespan, and vibration resistance. The batteries are able to charge faster, hold a charge longer, and work under harsher conditions.

Most models pack 800 CCA, while smaller designs have less. They vary in size and weight, but are typically a little smaller than your standard battery. They may also be slightly heavier. Each battery has 6 spiral cells, which produce 2.1 volts per cell. The starting batteries with red tops are all charged via the alternator, and designed to be used with a vehicle equipped with an alternator. Other models are meant for other engine and vehicle types.



There is nothing special about the installation of an Optima battery. They are mounted and connected the same way any other car or vehicle battery would be. These batteries are spill-proof, and can be mounted in a variety of ways. If you are side mounting the battery cables, do not forget the terminal bolts. By design most of the batteries have SAE and GM posts. Some designed for other applications are more suitable for those needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for all automotive needs
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Heavy
  • Might have to charge before install
  • Warranties are easily voided

Where to Buy Optima Batteries

Optima batteries are increasing in popularity. Not only can you get them from the manufacture, but you can purchase them from Amazon and Autozone. Walmart Optima battery options are also available online and in stores.

How to Charge and Optima Battery

To charge these batteries externally from the vehicle, you will want to follow specific manufacture instructions. They are as follows:

  • Battery Charger:

13.8 to 15.0 volts, 10 amps maximum, approximately for six to twelve hours.

  • Rapid Recharge:

Maximum voltage 15.6 volts (regulated), no current limit as long as battery temperature remains below 125°F (51.7°C). Charge until current drops below 1 amp.

  • Float Charge:

13.2 to 13.8 volts, one amp maximum current, time indefinite (at lower voltage).

*Strictly adhere to all limits.

Other Types of Optima Batteries

Optima Yellowtop Battery- The Yellowtop battery is ideal for deep-cycle battery purposes. They have the ability to power vehicles beyond the alternator’s abilities, power accessories and tools that may pull heavy amounts of power, and work on vehicles that do not have an alternator. It also gives you the ability to run electronics without the vehicle running. For DVD players, kitchen appliances, winches, and other tools, these are ideal accessory batteries or main batteries (instead of the Redtop).

Optima Bluetop Battery- Bluetop batteries are the marine batteries produced by Optima. They have a dark grey case that is recognizable and that sets it apart. It is ideal for starting and deep-cycle purposes. The Bluetop batteries are also ideal for RV usage.

If you are considering an Optima battery, but are still confused, consider the following:

  • Dark grey cased Optima batteries are for starting purposes. These are ideal for general automotive purposes.
  • Light grey Cased Optima batteries are for deep-cycle and dual-purpose applications.
  • Redtop batteries are for automotive purposes
  • Bluetop batteries are for marine purposes


In Conclusion

The Optima battery warranty is 3-years, making it equal or better to other batteries on the market. The difference is these batteries hold a special SpiralCell technology inside that sets them apart from the competition. With little to no advancement in the world of lead-acid batteries, the SpiralCell technology is hard to beat. We consider it to be cutting-edge. When it works, it works well. As with any type of alternative technology, it is bound to have issues once in a while. Chances are, you will be more than happy with your purchase of an Optima Redtop battery.  

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