How To

We love empowering creative, self-sufficient people like you. If you have come here for a how-to, we’d like to provide you with the easiest to follow directions you can find anywhere, no matter what you’ve set off to do. If it’s changing your new tire, finer points of vehicle maintenance, which penetrating oils you should choose – our how-tos give you up to date knowledge about how to do anything car-related, and how to do it with a minimal amount of mess and confusion. In our blog, we explore the fine points of vehicle maintenance with simple (and more complicated!) how-to guides. 

Having said that, we love suggestions from you – if you’d like to learn a trick of the trade, please write to us and we’ll see if we can respond with a how-to. This is because we love being useful and getting you the information you need in order to have more fun with your car. Whether you love to tinker and make modifications, have your own garage and love to talk shop, or if you’re just starting out and are taking the first precarious steps in becoming a responsible car owner – don’t be shy!