Green Cars

Green cars aren’t anything new. Did you know that the first cars ever built were actually electric? Yes! We’re not pulling your leg. It was made in Des Moines, Iowa by a gentleman named  William Morrison. It was big enough to give a ride to 6 people, and it went at a blinding speed of 14 miles per hour. Whatever happened? We’re guessing that as time passed, the battery capacity of these electric monsters simply wasn’t big enough to handle the demand. 

But we’re here to talk about the present day – we have a ton of green cars to choose from – be they electric or hybrid. We love talking about every new technology that comes to the market and describing it. Is this going to be the year you make the big leap to electric? What should you look out for? How often are you going to be charging and where? Or maybe you have an electric car and are looking for some serious mods? Let’s talk about what’s available to you! 

There are, in fact, some interesting mods you can apply to an EV. What is very interesting is that you most likely won’t become a grease monkey while tuning these things. All the performance mods are strictly electronic.