Car Modifications

If maintenance and basic car knowledge are an absolute must, modifications are pure fun. Did you know how many different ways there are of modifying a bone-stock car? We don’t either. But it’s fun to try to keep track of them and describe them. 

We love to write about everything starting with the chassis and ending with a sweet rack of foglights, or all the different types of strip lighting available that will make you feel like a rock star – changing the color options as your bass pounds in the back of the trunk. 

Believe us, you don’t have to be a pro to make most of these modifications. We agree that it does take a lot of knowledge to replace things like roll cages, but it takes a beginner to install a useful bike rack, a winch, or some extra lighting on your ride. 

Speaking of mods, we love keeping track of new trends, but we stay true to the good old tried and tested companies that have made modifications possible for decades. Did you know that the origin of a car’s stance (or basically how low it sits on the ground) was first made popular by formula 1 cars? Not many people make the connection, but here it is… We love to keep track of trivia and useful knowledge.