Car 101

Are you totally new at this? That’s ok. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re honored that you’ve started with us, and came to our blog for your basic information. We love educating people about car maintenance and how cars work. It’s amazing how easy it is to do a little bit of it all on your own – not needing to run for help the moment something goes wrong. It adds a lot of independence to your life, not to mention the pride and empowerment you feel when you do the basic tasks required to keep your ride in top condition. 

Some of the basics that we write about include basic check-ups, like the difference between cleaning a fuel injector and putting in a fuel injector cleaner – it might sound similar, but there’s a world of difference! Some other hands-on and dirty (we love dirty!) things that we write about may include removing parts, putting in new ones, the difference between all the car fluids that you have to keep track of, as well as all of those things you need to change regularly – like the oil, filters, spark plugs – why should you pay for someone else to do it? 

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, we love talking about fun new tech that will help you with the basics of car maintenance and monitoring. Come here to learn something, or just for a fun read.