We love writing reviews and going through gadgets and different types of gear, but what we also really love is to write a blog about the new and upcoming automotive trends and gadgets. We will investigate the companies behind some of the season’s hottest ideas when it comes to accessories, new tech, green cars and so much more. 

We love to share our knowledge with you, and our job is to hunt for the best and most useful car-related things out there. We called our website “My Car Needs This” because we only deal with things that we actually and genuinely think that you will end up needing – not pretty accessories that will get tossed next week. We put value and usefulness at the top of our priorities. We like to write about stuff that we’d recommend to any gearhead friend of ours, and those guys’ standards are pretty high.

CAR 101

Everyone has to start somewhere. We have the utmost respect for that. We remember our first time in auto shop class, and how lost we were – seriously! We believe that it’s important to nourish another generation of gear heads and car enthusiasts because there are too many people out there who don’t know how to change a windshield wiper. We provide a lot of content to get you started!

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If you’d like to explore a little bit more about car maintenance you have come to the right place. We love to change our own oil (or at least top it off when necessary!) and we love to share our knowledge. We also publish interesting and simple how-to guides for many different types of cars.

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So you got a bit bored with your car and would like to install some sweet mods? But you don’t know which ones and you’re not quite sure how? Or maybe you do, but want some ideas on the subject? Welcome – make yourself at home, and let us tell you about some of the market’s most awesome modifications for modern and older cars.

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We are loving the automotive lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle – almost a way of life! This goes for any car subculture you might be associated with. We love all of them, no holds barred. Whether you’re into mudding or offroading, or drive an electric car and want to get more mileage out of it. If you love the classics and love going to car shows – come and see what we have in store for you.

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Cleaning and detailing shows how much you care. Unless you treat your car purely as a workhorse and only maintain your engine to perfection, come hell or high water, you might want to spend a little bit of that beautiful sunshine doing some detailing work on your ride. Let us show you how it’s done!

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Green cars are becoming more and more popular. We don’t think this growing trend is going anywhere, and in fact, is here to stay. Not everyone can own a Tesla. We love exploring new inventions, trends, new green car companies and the flow of new technologies across this leafy green new market.

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Everything that has to do with cars requires a little how-to. We love to explain things, step by step, so you understand how to perform basic maintenance tasks yourself. Want to know how to install all your new gear? Come and see how we do it! We want you to feel comfortable with your car – knowledge is power!

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