Best Steering Wheel Cover Reviews

Posted: March 4, 2019

There are few if anything more important in your car than your steering wheel. If that piece of equipment doesn’t work well for you, you can be in real trouble. In spite of this, stock steering wheels aren’t very user-friendly. They can be hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and difficult to grip. That’s why steering wheel covers are one of the more popular accessories you can buy for your car.

Steering wheel covers can eliminate these problems giving you a means to control your car that is safe and weather proof. Since they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, many people also use cute steering wheel covers as a way to personalize their cars.

If you’re in the market, keep reading. We’ll go into the details you need to find and install the best steering wheel cover. Then, we’ll review a few models that we think are worth a second look.

Vitodeco Odorless Genuine Leather
  • Easy to install, slips right on steering wheel and instantly improves the appearance of old or dirty steering wheels, Provides comfort and protection for hands in extreme temperatures
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Aumo-Mate Wheel Cover
  • Great look and nice touch, gives your steering wheel a new look and feeling, Skidproof, protecting your steering wheel and enhancing the sensitivity,you can easily control when driving
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Grip Drive Pro Stitched Synthetic Leather by Motor Trend
  • Grip drive Pro comfort grip provides protection for your hands from both hot & cold weather, Synthetic Leather material - odorless & non-stick, Unique stitching pattern for sporty & classy look
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Plasticolor Star Wars Licensed Cover
  • Sold individually, Fits most domestic and import vehicles, Easy to install, Easy to clean with soap and water
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Wheelskins Universal Size Leather Steering Wheel Cover
  • Customize and upgrade the interior of your car with Wheelskins finest leather steering wheel covers, Replace the damaged or worn out original factory steering wheel
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Seg Direct Microfiber Leather
  • Made of smooth and durable microfiber leather, Skidproof, stable, heat resistant, Healthy and Eco-friendly
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Mayco Bell Steering Wheel Cover
  • Cute Appearance With Crystal Diamond, Anti Slip, Sweat Absorbent & Breathable
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Quees Cowhide Steering Wheel Cover
  • Honorable & Shining 3D Crown, Stylish & Luxury diamond lattice design, Inlaid with 16 sparkling dazzling diamonds, Comfortable & Durable PU leather
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Now, let’s move on to some reviews. We’ve taken a look at some of the newest and more popular options out there.

1) Vitodeco Odorless Genuine Leather

This is branded as a luxury model steering wheel cover. It’s clearly thoughtfully designed, durable, and has a great fit. Once you put it on, this cover is not going anywhere. You have your choice of colors and sizes here, so no matter what you drive, this option is available for you.

We really like the grip on this one. The company calls it a dragon scale grip. Whatever it is, you won’t lose hold while steering. So, we think it’s good for performance vehicles.

Now the downside. In spite of the branding, this is not a high end cover. It’s pretty basic. There’s also little to no protection here from hot or cold temperatures.

2) Aumo-Mate Wheel Cover

This is a steering wheel cover that is made for drivers on a budget. It’s inexpensive while still being quite comfortable to use. The imitation leather material is soft and supple. This is an easy one to install. It also comes in several different colors, and has decorative elements.

This is going to be a long-lasting cover, considering it’s low price tag. It’s also padded, and has a decent grip. The stitching is well-done, especially considering it is mass-produced.

The bad news is that many of us who looked at this model just didn’t like it. It’s a bit loud, and likely to appeal to a very narrow range of tastes.

3) Apzona Sport Grip Steering Wheel Cover

The Apzona cover comes in a variety of colors, but there’s a familiar look and feel to all of them. It has a sporty, textured grip that reminds us of something that you would see on a race car. This one of a kind steering wheel cover is guaranteed to give you a sure grip. At the same time, it’s soft. The size range is limited though, as it only fits wheels up to 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) across.

That said, some people may find the textured grip a bit rough. There’s also another downside. This is not an odorless cover. Some plastics and rubbers have a very distinct smell. That’s the case here. It should go away eventually, and it isn’t horribly offensive. It’s just very noticeable.

4) Everything Automobiles Odorless Cover

If you are sensitive to smells, here’s one for you. This is an odorless steering wheel cover. It installs surprisingly easily. Normally when this is the case, you get an ill-fitting cover. That’s not true in this case. We were impressed with the snug fit. This one also comes in several different colors. If coordinating is your thing, you will find just the right cover here. You can also fit this cover on many different steering wheels as it has a full inch in size variance.

This model is also great for various temperatures. Neither heat nor air conditioning seem to impact it very much. The material is breathable and soft.

Now the cons. This cover is odorless because it has an air freshener that comes attached to it. For most people that’s not an issue, but could be problematic if you’re looking for a truly odor neutral option. If you want, you can unclip the air freshener and just ditch it altogether.

5) Grip Drive Pro Stitched Synthetic Leather by Motor Trend

Motor Trend has established a great reputation among car enthusiasts, and for good reason. This steering wheel cover is no exception. It’s constructed of man made materials, but don’t let that turn you off. The synthetic leather here feels almost like the new thing. Even better, unlike real leather this is cool to the touch and easy to care for. This is another odorless option. You’ll notice a good grip, but none of the tell-tale stickiness that is often found in high performance grips.If you have a car with a smaller steering wheel, you may have noticed that it’s difficult to find a cover that fits. That’s not the case here. This cover was designed for smaller steering wheels and tops out at 14.5 inches (36.83 cm).

We only had a couple of issues with this cover. First, the range of styles is almost non-existent. We also had to fight this one onto a steering wheel.

6) Plasticolor Star Wars Licensed Cover

There are lots of licensed steering wheel covers. We readily admit that we chose the Star Wars cover to review because we’re such big fans of the franchise. Plasticolor also features Looney Tunes, DC comics, Disney, Marvel, Betty Boop, and other covers. You can even find a cover designed for your car’s specific make.

Whatever you choose, these are low priced and readily available. It will also give you a better grip than your factory steering wheel covering. Just know that the company adheres to the Henry Ford school of options. You can get your steering wheel cover in any color you like, as long as it’s black.

Sadly, this thin steering wheel cover may be our least favorite. It’s not as comfortable as other covers we tried. There’s also a bit of slippage. We prefer one that is just a bit thicker without being too bulky.

7) Wheelskins Universal Size Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Let’s be honest. Many of you are probably here for a Wheelskins review. It’s no wonder. Wheelskins is a premium maker, and their covers are in high demand among discerning car owners. This model is made to fit a wide variety of vehicles. Surprisingly, even though it is genuine leather, this cover comes in a variety of colors. Better yet, the color options are all very nice looking. Sometimes dyed leather can look as if it’s been saturated or painted over with color. Here the look is quite natural.

This is a steering wheel cover that is sure to make your car look nicer. It will go well with both cloth or leather interiors. It is our pick for the best leather steering wheel cover.

The only downside here is price. You’re going to pay a premium for genuine leather. There’s just no getting around it. Also, its universal size means it can be a bit difficult to install.

8) Seg Direct Microfiber Leather

In case it wasn’t obvious, something cannot be both microfiber and leather. This steering wheel cover combines faux leather with microfiber material. The result is a soft cover, a decent grip, and the stain and odor resistant properties of microfiber. This is another one size fits almost all model. We were also happy to learn that this is a ‘green’ option made from eco friendly materials.

You cannot beat the price of this of cover. It’s also got great padding. The problem is that it’s not as durable as other options.

9) Mayco Bell Steering Wheel Cover

This is another option if you want a leather look and the breathability of microfiber. This one is designed for larger steering wheels. It has a unique, rubberized lining that does a great job of keeping the cover in place. It’s durable too. Count on this one lasting quite a long while. Just be aware that this is a thick option. This could be an issue if you really like to wrap your fingers around your steering wheel.

10) Quees Cowhide Steering Wheel Cover

Here’s that cowhide option that many people really enjoy. You get many of the features of leather at a much lower price. This cover feels nice, and will enhance the look of your car. The look here is modern and sporty. We also give it high points for construction and durability.

There are some very important concerns to note though. First, the installation process is a little complicated. The material is not quite as durable as leather, so there is a danger of tearing it if you are too vigorous in trying to install it. It’s also a bit pricey. This isn’t bad, but if you are on the fence about genuine leather, you can get that by paying just a few dollars more.

11) Best Rated Heated Steering Wheel Cover From Hammacher Schlemmer

If you’ve ever shopped the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, you know they don’t future items that are cheap or chintzy. If you are really interested in something that is truly unique and top-end, take a look at this heated steering wheel cover. The catalog touts this as the warmest cover there is.  It’s battery operated, and is guaranteed to keep your hands warm even during frigid weather.

We really liked the fact that all the wires and electronic components are well-hidden here. The only downside is price. You will pay quite a bit for this steering wheel cover. Still, it works very well, and is a great conversation piece.

Unique Steering Wheel Covers: A Buyers Guide

No, all steering wheel covers are not the same. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase the most expensive one you can find. However, if you simply grab the cheapest model at your local discount store, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Poorly made covers can crack, are difficult to install, will stain easily, and absorb oils and odors. We’ve made a list of things you should consider.

Fit And Installation

You may be tempted to find a cover that is one size fits all, and looks like it will go on your steering wheel easily. Avoid this temptation. You will likely end up with a cover that is bulky and slips easily. Instead, find a cover that is sized to fit your steering wheel. It should be a snug fit. In fact, you may get frustrated during the installation process as it can be hard to fit your cover on. When you finish though, you will be happy with the glove like fit.


There’s no right or wrong price to pay for your steering wheel cover. There are only right and wrong expectations. You can get a serviceable cover for less than 20 dollars. You just shouldn’t expect it to last a lifetime, be made from genuine leather, or to be very aesthetically pleasing. Still do some shopping around, you might find a good bargain. Just keep in mind that as with anything else, you will generally get what you pay for.

Steering Wheel Cover Materials

Steering wheel covers can be made from types of material. This is the one factor that will influence the price and durability of your cover more than anything else. Here are the most common materials you will encounter:

  • Genuine Leather — These are the best steering wheel covers. They are supple and soft. They install nicely, and have a great feel. As you can expect, they are also the most expensive. There are a couple of other negatives here. First, if you own anything made out of leather, you know it requires special care. Leather covers also tend to be thin. They don’t take to extra padding well, and your color choices will be limited.
  • Man Made Materials — These will be your least expensive covers. You will be able to find these on the rack anywhere from Walmart to Autozone. They aren’t as durable or nice looking as other covers, but the news isn’t all bad. These covers tend to be easy to clean. Many have stain resistant materials built in. They are also highly decorative. If you’re looking for a licensed cover (e.g. your favorite team or character), steering wheel covers for women, or something that’s just unique, this may be your best option.
  • Cowhide — This is a less expensive form of leather. It’s made from the under layer of cow skin, and isn’t quite as nice as genuine, top grain leather. It’s stiffer than leather, but more durable than man made materials. Like leather, it can’t really be customized.


You may not care about a warranty if you just want a simple, inexpensive cover. If you do spend more than a bit of money, you should try to find one that has it least a short term warranty. This way you can order a free replacement if there’s anything damaged. A warranty is also a manufacturers way of standing behind their product. Most will only offer a warranty if they know their product will last.

How to Put on a Steering Wheel Cover

As mentioned above, steering wheel covers are a bit of a pain to put on. That’s a good thing as it guarantees a good fit. Just know that if you find a cover with a steering wheel size chart, you should be able to find one that fits your car well. If you want to know how to measure steering wheel, that’s simple. It’s the horizontal measurement across the middle of your steering wheel.

When it’s time to install your cover, read the instructions. The manufacturer may have some unique tips to help you. Don’t simply jerk and tug on the cover. You could stretch it out.

One thing that you can do is make your cover a bit more pliable. Leave it in the sun, in your warm car, or heat it gently with a hair dryer. The colder it is, the stiffer it will be.

If you buy a wrap style steering wheel cover, you’ll need to ‘sew’ it into place. There will be eyelets through which you will thread a long strip of leather or other material.

Whatever you do, take your time. You don’t want to rush through the process only to realize your cover is lopsided.

Cool Steering Wheel Covers Are Attractive And Functional

As you shop for a cover, you should consider what you want in terms of looks and function. If you tend to have sweaty palms, you might want something that wicks away moisture and has strong grips. You should also consider the vehicle you own. A Tweety Bird cover may not be the best look for your E-Class. On the other hand, it’s your car.

What do You Think?

Even if you haven’t considered one until now, a steering wheel cover can be a worthy investment. It can protect your car’s existing steering wheel cover, and improve your driving experience. Once you consider all of your options, chances are you can find a great cover that suits your needs.

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