Top 5 Car Alarm and Security Systems to Buy for 2019

Posted: 12 December 2015

 5 Best Security Systems To Get

RankingProductCurrent Price
Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security
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Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security
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AVITAL 5303L Security/Remote Start System
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Crimestopper SP-302 SecurityPlus 2-Way Deluxe Alarm/Keyless Entry System
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Pyle PWD701 Vehicle Security System
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NOTE: The included security systems listed above and below, are here primarily due to their popularity, user satisfaction rates, and overall performance/value.


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Unless you car/truck was made before the air-bag era, your vehicle has a built-in alarm system. However, often times, you are limited to what you can do with your alarm system, and even face the possibility to have it deactivated with little to no trouble at all.

To give you a glimpse and understanding on how serious automotive theft and break-ins are, here’s some statistics:

  • 6.4 billion dollars are lost in vehicle value, each year
  • One motor vehicle is stolen, every 33 seconds in the United States
  • Top 10 states with the most vehicle stolen and broke into are, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Nevada, Delaware, Maryland, Arizona, and New Jersey/Missouri.
  • Nearly HALF of these cases occurs due to drivers error (windows cracked open, publicly shown valuables in vehicles, private information layout around inside etc).
  • These statistics sound scary, and that’s because they are. Your vehicle deserves using products that work, and in this instance, proper functionality is CRUCIAL. We picked 5 of today’s best-rated car alarm systems, they are:

*Viper 5706V  System, Python 5706P  System, Avital 5303L System, Crime Stopper SP-600 System, and Pyle PWD701  System.



Having a properly working car alarm system is the most important thing, but along with that, additional features are ALWAYS a nice bonus. Extra options like remote start, interior temperature adjustments, current vehicle status monitoring, and a few others. These things really make car security systems, a complete package.


As mentioned above about features, being able to access them, along with being able to lock/unlock your vehicle, doing it from a good distance is crucial. Along with that, not only is distance important, but strength too. Being able to penetrate multiple layers of walls is a great convenience.


>Viper 5706V System

viper is the best car alarm company on the market
The VIPER 5706V has the capability to use your smartphone, and have complete access to your vehicle from virtually anywhere. That means, receive vehicle notifications and alerts whereever you are.

Viper car alarms have been in the business since the early 1980’s. It’s no surprise they made it to the #1 spot. When we’re looking specifically at the Viper 5706V, you’ll see it comes with quite a few features. From start to finish, you will get every accessory needed to complete your installation.

Aside from just being the best car alarm system,  you’ll be able to take advantage of all features using the two included transmitter. A non-paging transmitter remote (shown without an LCD screen), and a 24 function, blue LCD screen transmitter remote.

When you use the non-LCD transmitter, you’ll be able to: 1) control various auxiliary functions, 2) turn the vehicle on/off, and 3) lock/unlock doors + trunk.

On the LCD remote, you’ll get up to 24 different functions on up to two vehicles. One of the very useful features is called Active Temp Check. When selected, you’ll be able to tell the temperature of your vehicles interior.

Depending on how sensitive you’d like to have the system to be, you can adjust the alarm sensitivity for your vehicle. The included safety features include:

  • SmartStart enables you to connect to your vehicle and get its status from virtually anywhere (requires an external module)
  • Domelight Supervision which enables you to illuminate the dome lights for up to 30 seconds when you arm and disarm your vehicle
  • Stinger Double Guard which monitors any kind of impact to your vehicle, Neo Revenger tones are specially designed to vary in intensity based on the level of intrusion to your vehicle (slight impact gives off WarnAway chirps, while heavy impact gives off the full 120 dB siren)
  • Failsafe Starter Kill enables your vehicle to not be tapped into and hot-wired, and lastly being the Guaranteed Protection Plan which enables you to receive up to $2,500 towards your deductible if your vehicle is ever stolen in the first year.

>Python 5706P System

Identical to Vipers alarm systems, Python’s 5706P Responder LC3 security and remote start system will satisfy equally. This alarm system works quite well at deterring burglars so well, that it even has a guarantee program (GPP). Because it’s one of the higher end models by Python, there’s a wide array of customization options.

On the LCD remote, you’ll see it has just 5 buttons.  Using these 5 buttons, you can arm or disarm your vehicle, enable and disable the siren, remote start your vehicle, see the vehicles interior temperature, lock/unlock the vehicle including trunk, activate various siren modes depending on what your vehicle is doing, see the battery level, receive various vehicle status codes with text and or icons, open or close your garage, and a few others. Overall, 20+ functions are included.

Similar functions can be done with the second remote, however, you are limited to just arming, disarming, remote starting, and opening up your vehicle’s trunk.

The security features are the exact same as with Viper. Built-in, you’ll receive: SmartStart Capabilities, Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensors, Neo Revenger Sound Chirps & Guaranteed Protection Plan.

>Avital 5303L System

Avital makes a few remote start and security systems which are oriented towards a lower budget. Usually not costing any more than 100 dollars, the 5303L is their higher end model, including partially every option they have available. With the compact blue LCD screen display, you can control various aspects of your vehicle. As long as you install the included models properly, you’ll be able to arm, disarm, open the trunk, remote start your vehicle, and even have the ability to select which sensors or inputs will be active or by bypassed.

From the LCD screen located on the remote, you will receive text or icon vehicle status messages. With this, you’re able to stay aware of your vehicle’s current condition and if there has been any breach of any kind.

The main security features that come with the 5303 mode are:

  • Fault-proof starter interrupt is used to protect your vehicle from ever getting tapped into and hot-wired.
  • Zone-2 impact sensors detect blows or impacts to your vehicle with 2-stage sirens. Go from a minor chirp-chirp, or the full 120 dB blast siren.
  • Nuisance Prevention Circuitry is neighborhood friendly and acts as anti-false alarm technology.

>Crime Stopper SP-600 System

When it comes to bang for the buck for vehicle security systems, Crime Stoppers SP-302 is a definite candidate. With this system, you get quite a few features for a very reasonable price. While not being a name brand like Viper, Python & Vital, it serves as a decent beginner alarm system that is excellent for anyone with a limited budget.

In the entire system, you’ll receive all the components necessary to properly setup your vehicle’s alarm, remote starting, and keyless entry.

With the two 2-way rechargeable LCD pager, you can control all of this systems features, for up to two vehicles. The included LCD pager is completely rechargeable through a micro USB port, meaning, that you’ll never need to buy separate batteries to keep it going.

From the LCD page, the graphics on-screen will enable you to receive real-time vehicle status and any triggers. Along with that, an LED light will display, telling you which vehicle you’re controlling (up to two).

You can use the second 5-button non-paging remote, to do the exact functions as with the LCD pager remote. The only difference is, you won’t be able to receive any vehicle status reminders.

>Pyle PWD701 System

Pyle introduces a budget-friendly system to all vehicle operators.

With the 2 four-button remote transmitters, you’ll be able to:

  • Arm
  • Disarm
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Roll-up or Roll-down windows
  • Remote panic
  • Remote chirp mute
  • and automatically release the trunk
  • You can also receive LED status indications of whether your vehicle has triggered an alarm, as well as for the typical functions like LOCK and UNLOCK.

During the installation process, this system will include additional features such as:

Anti-Carjack is used to monitor vehicle’s doors while the ignition is on. If a door is opened, the anti-carjacking feature will trigger. Keep in mind feature must be enabled during installation to work appropriately.

2 auxiliary outputs – will enable you to expand this systems capability. You’ll be able to add additional features such as, remote start.

Dual stage impact detection will enable this security system to tell whether someone is attempting to break your vehicle’s window, or has already broken the window.

Valet/override switch can be used to temporarily bypass all alarm functions, eliminating the need to hand over your transmitters.


>Viper 5706V System

Pyle PWD701 may be a cheap system overall, but it packs enough features to give $90+ security systems a run for their money. It also has a range of up to 3,500 feet away.

When it comes to distance, its one of those things that are often forgotten until you’re too far away. Viper, being the top of the line brand in automotive security, seems to got it right with their range for controlling your vehicle. When you properly install the Viper 5706V 2-Way Security system, you’re capable of having complete control of your vehicle for up to 1 mile away (5,280 feet or 1.6 kilometers).

>Python 5706P System

Much like the Viper model mentioned above, the Python 5706P has the capability of controlling every aspect of your vehicles security for up to 1 mile away (5,280 feet or 1.6 kilometers).  That means you’re capable of controlling your ignition system, locking and unlocking, receive vehicle status updates, and much more.

>Avital 5303L  System

With this security system, we’re going down in price for sure. And of course, the range has decreased also. Seeing the above two  systems, we were talking about max ranges of 5,280 feet away. With Avitals 5303L Remote start and Security System, you can have complete control for up to 1,500 feet away.

>Crime Stoppers SP-302 System

Crimestoppers is budget friendly, and that’s what we like about them. When you properly assemble the entire security system, you can get solid range of up to 3,500 feet away. To put that in perspective, it’s more than 1/2 miles away or approximately 0.8 kilometers. Using the non-paging remote will enable you to get have range of up to 2,500 feet.

>Pyle PWD701  System

With the last vehicle security system in our list, the Pyle PWD701 is by far the cheapest. When you properly hook this system up, expect to have the range of anywhere between 1,000-1,500 feet. Not too bad for a $40 system.



Pyle PWD701 System


When it comes down to a bang for the buck, we’re going with the Pyle PWD701 system. And before we dive deep, just know that it’s a Chinese made system that isn’t nearly the quality of the Viper and Python brands. But with that being said, it still works like it’s supposed to, and features such

But with that being said, it still works like it’s supposed to, and features such as: complete control of your doors, trunk and remote start make it an EXCELLENT value for the money.

The remote sensor bypass, valet/override, glass breaking sensors, passive or active arming, and starter defeat make it a good package to really secure your vehicle.

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Viper 5706V  System


With the entire system, you’re going to have control of your doors, trunk, ignition, additional auxiliary outputs, internal vehicle temperature, life vehicle status alerts  (from the LCD remote), and quite a lot more. But those are the main ones. Let’s not forget what it’s really good at, security. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted to your liking from the LCD remote.

If you want to take advantage of the best car alarms on the market, Viper is a clear winner!

Additionally, you can start, control, or locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere using your smartphone. **Simply get the additional Viper SmartStart module.


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So now that you have found the ideal car alarms to look into, ti’s important to have a good performing car battery to ensure your car alarm won’t go flat due to a premature life of a battery.

Also, one little device that is growing in popularity are HD dash cameras. These little devices not only work when driving, they also work in times when your vehicle is “turned off”. Check both guides out to maximize your ability to keep your vehicle secured.


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