Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

Posted: March 22, 2019

If you’ve decided to purchase a motorcycle, it’s imperative that you research top rated motorcycle helmets. Then, after careful consideration, select the helmet that is best for you. Your safety is of utmost concern, and you should always purchase the best motorcycle helmet for the money.

Of course, learning about helmets is only half the battle. An improperly fitted helmet, or one that is worn incorrectly isn’t going to protect you in an accident. Talk to a professional who understands how to measure you for a motorcycle helmet. They’ll help you to learn how to measure your head for motorcycle helmet fitting, and how to adjust your helmet once you select it.

Best Rated Motorcycle Helmets: Our Reviews

What is the best motorcycle helmet? This depends on a variety of factors. The type of motorcycle you drive, your driving habits, your budget, and your style preferences make this a highly personal choice. Whether you’re seeking the best beginner motorcycle helmet, or simply another helmet to add to your collection, check out the detailed reviews below.

1) ILM Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

We believe this is the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet on the market today. This helmet comes with an intercom (great for riding with a partner), and speakers. The latter means you can enjoy your favorite tunes on longer treks. While we don’t rank this as the best full face motorcycle helmet on the list, the sun shield and mask is certainly an asset here.

The makers of the ILM have included interior pads. These add an extra layer of comfort, and give these helmets a much better fit. The fact that these are removable for washing is even better. This is a helmet that is ideal for long trips, even under hot road conditions. Because it’s so comfortable, it also earns our top ranking for best touring motorcycle helmet.

Thanks to its built in speakers, riders can hear driving directions clearly as well as other spoken content. The microphone also enables riders to make phone calls absolutely hands free. If you and your fellow riders use the same helmets, you can communicate with one another as well. This DOT certified helmet is definitely worth a second look.

2) Yema Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

A modular helmet combines an open face with a full face helmet by providing riders the ability to flip the face mask up and out of the way. For our money, this is the best modular helmet available, and the price is absolutely write. Not only that, this one is appropriate for street and offroad use. Just remember that the face mask should be down when operating a motorcycle, otherwise safety is compromised.

The Yema is constructed from durable materials, has a ventilation system, and removable padding. It’s DOT certified, and has a chin strap with quick-release for comfort and convenience.

3) Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

Depending on your needs, you should expect to spend anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars on a reliable helmet. The Bell Qualifier makes our list as the best motorcycle helmet under 200. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles here. This is simply a safe, comfortable helmet, made for street riders, that is very reasonably priced. We tested it, and found it to be quite comfortable. While it isn’t the flashiest helmet available, it is certainly attractive.

For your comfort, this helmet features a ventilation system, lightweight shell, and an interior that can be removed and washed. It also comes with built in speaker pockets. However, as you might expect, there are no built in electronics. That’s simply not something you’re going to get in a helmet that’s priced around 100 dollars.

4) TORC T14 Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

If you’ve got some more money to invest, and would like a helmet with more features check out the TORC T14 bluetooth integrated helmet. We’ve ranked this one the best motorcycle helmet under 300 dollars. This full face helmet combines safety and comfort perfectly, has a drop down visor for sun protection, and a built in intercom system.

This helmet is a bit on the heavy side, which we see as an absolute positive. The solid, structural support is absolutely a must for hardore motorcyclists. It features a thermo polymer alloy shell that provides maximum protection in case of a crash. It’s also one of the more comfortable helmets on the list thanks to its adjustable ventilation system, and padded lining. In fact, this is the best ventilated motorcycle helmet we’ve reviewed thus far. All in all, this is a great helmet for people who ride all day long.

5) ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet

While not everyone feels comfortable wearing a half helmet, they are popular enough that we thought we should include one on our list. After reviewing several, we believe that this is the best motorcycle half helmet available today.

Since safety always comes first, it’s important to note that this helmet is DOT certified. That means riders get safety along with the comfort associated with half helmets.

The outer shell is has a quick release chin strap for safety. The interior padding is thick enough to provide a sturdy, yet comfortable fit. Because it’s so small and lightweight, it makes a great secondary helmet for passengers as well. It comes with a retractable visor that is tinted for sun protection.

This is a pretty basic helmet. It’s lightweight and affordable, but there are some trade offs. There are no integrated electronics here. In fact, there are really  no extras at all. Still, it’s a decent helmet at an affordable price

Before You Buy Your Next Helmet

Every motorcyclist should have at least one helmet. If you have different riding habits and behaviors, you might even consider buying more than one. For example, you might opt for a full face helmet with integrated electronics for long trips, and a half helmet for cruising around town. Whatever you choose, pick a helmet that fits comfortably, is DOT certified, and that allows you to ride with confidence.

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