Best Electric Winches Reviewed

Posted: March 22, 2019

If you take your vehicle or ATV/UTV offroad, or drive in snowy or hazardous conditions, it may be time to invest in a permanently installed or portable electric winch. This handy device is an absolute miracle should you find yourself stuck in the mud, on an incline, or otherwise immobile. You can also use your winch to rescue others who have gotten stuck. Whether you need it for work or personal use, an electric car winch is a handy tool, as long as you get the right one.

Of course, as soon as you start shopping for your first winch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are a lot of choices, many different manufacturers to consider, and a wide array of prices.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve assembled this collection of winch reviews. Keep reading to find the perfect winch for your vehicle.

Electric Winch For Car Review

1) Rugcel Waterproof IP68

We’re starting with a Rugcel winch review because many car owners want to start with a cheap electric winch that is also rugged, safe, and reliable. The Rugcel hits the mark on both counts.

To be very clear, this is a very basic piece of equipment. Still, it’s quite functional. It has 3500 pounds of pull, and operates at 1.2 horsepower.  The free spooling clutch means that the winch can feed out cable without causing any loss of power.

This winch comes in at well under a hundred dollars, has lifetime tech support, and a limited warranty. For the price, you won’t do much better than this.

2) Master Lock Portable Electric Winch

We considered including several other 12 volt portable winch reviews, but settled on this one alone. The Master Lock offers the best portable 12V wich we could find. It is by no means the most powerful, but it’s portable and easy to maneuver. It connects to a 12 volt power source via its built in power cable.

It’s operated with a wired remote control, and has a hand crank attachment that can be used for additional power when needed. The winch cable here is 30 feet long, so that’s a bit limited when compared to other more powerful winches. Still, this is a good starter winch, that’s exceptionally easy to use.

3) Superwinch LT3000 ATV Winch

Not every winch is designed for use on a car or track. This one is made to mount on an all terrain vehicle. As such, it’s less expensive than most, and a bit smaller. In spite of this, it has an impressive 3,000 pound pulling capacity.

Operators can control this winch via a wired remote control unit, or with the handle bar mounted control. Considering its compact size, it provides a strong pull, and runs without draining the battery excessively.

To be clear, this is not the tool for you if you regularly pull large vehicles out of the mud or up steep inclines. However, it’s a great tool for hunters, campers, farmers, and others who need to be sure their ATV is well-equipped when they need an electric winch.

4) X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch

This is among the top rated winches you will find on the market today. It’s also one of the most expensive. This is the tool you’ll need if you need a winch you can rely on in the toughest of circumstances. Just check out these features.

You get 12K pounds of pulling capacity, free spooling clutch, power in and power out motor for control, and a proprietary braking system. The winch cable is a full 26 meters long, and it’s driven with a remote wireless control. This is a professional-grade tool that is well worth the investment if you need it.

5) Champion ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

We wanted to include at least one electric winch with wireless remote control. The Champion simply stood out as the best. It’s the second winch on our list that’s designed to work on an ATV and a UTV, but with its wireless remote we think it deserves mention. Like the other ATV winch on this list, it also has a handlebar mounted control for backup.

The champion costs less than 200 dollars, which isn’t bad considering it has 4500 pounds of towing power. That’s pretty powerful for a small winch.

Choosing The Perfect Winch

There are a lot of things to consider here. First, what will you use the winch for, and how often will you use it. Will you be spending your time hauling big trucks out of the mud, or simply winching big loads onto trailers. You may need a truck mounted until that’s capable of moving several tons, or a portable unit for your ATV. You’ll also need to consider:

  • Pulling capacity
  • Wired manual or wireless remote control
  • Portable or Permanent Mounting
  • Cable or Rope

Finally, there’s your budget to consider. You want a winch that does the work you need without overspending. Fortunately, by doing a bit of research, you can help ensure that you purchase exactly what you need.