The Best Dent Pullers

Posted: October 16, 2019

There’s nothing more annoying than finding a dent on your car. Not only does your car look bad, but body damage like that can impact the value of your car.

You could go to an auto body shop for a new paint job that will include fixing these surface flaws. That’s pretty expensive, unfortunately. The next option is to purchase and use a dent puller.

What does a dent puller do? The name says it all. It pulls out dents and dings so they are even with the rest of the vehicle’s surface. Dent pullers come in the form of bridge removal sets, hammer drill kits, and suction cups.

To get the best results, you need to choose a dent puller that is right for your vehicle, and the specific type of dent you are dealing with. Below, we’ll cover some other factors that you must consider.

First, take a look at our top five review of the best dent pullers available. Read the overview provided for each of these, and you can use the information to determine which one is best for your job.

Dent Puller Reviews

1) ARISD 4348464666 Paintless Dent Repair Kit

If you are okay with spending a bit more money, this ARISD model could be a great product for you. We like this kit primarily because it features a t-puller bar that functions like a hammer. This provides great hold, and durability.

Not only does this  kit work well on automobiles, it will pull dents on many flat surfaces. Try using it to pull out motorcycle dents, refrigerator dings, even on appliances like washing machines. The plastic tabs make this perfect for a variety of dents. Further, the auto surface will not be damaged by these sturdy tabs.

This is a pricier option. However, it is still quite reasonably priced.

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple tabs available to work on many dents
  • Will not damage paint
  • Unique T-bar design
  • Dependable Tool


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • Rather expensive

2) Super 5841864822 – Small Dent Puller Kit

If you are interested in a bridge puller that is ideal for fixing small dents, don’t look any further. This budget priced model is a perfect choice for you.

This kit comes with tabs in six different sizes. This allows you to adjust the puller to deal with a variety of dents. In addition to this, the kit is quite easy to use. Simply center the bridge over the middle of the hole and pull.

You will note that the diameter here is fairly small. It’s not the ideal  unit for large dents. However, it is worth keeping around for its effectiveness on small and medium sized dents.

Pros & Cons


  • Made from strong and durable material
  • Affordably priced
  • Multi size tabs available to work on different dents
  • Easy to adjust for different dents and body types


  • Poor choice for large dents

3) Tekton 5652 – Heavy-duty Multipurpose Rubber Suction Cup

This is a simple suction cup style dent puller. Don’t let that simplicity fool you. This product is a great buy, durable, and capable of pulling out many dents. Chances are, it will be a go to item in your shop for quite some time.

The body of this tool is made from a heavy duty nylon, and the suction cup is just as durable as well. It seals around dents easily, resulting in a tight latch.

The dent puller comes with a quick release handle that is quite easy to use. It works for a wide variety of uses. Feel free to use it as a lifting tool for glass and sheet metal. The only caveat here is that it is not suitable for deep dents.

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with a quick release handle
  • Larger suction cup
  • Durable nylon construction on main body
  • Quick release with easy grip handle


  • Doesn’t work well for deeply set dents

4) Yoohe 5824094838

We have ranked this the best dent puller kit of 2019. This is a great, multipurpose dent puller that can be used for a variety of body repairs. In fact, it can be used for fixes beyond pulling dents.

This kit is full of necessities. It comes with 5-piece glue tabs, a bridge dent puller, and a hot melt glue gun. That means you won’t need to supplement with any other products. It has everything that you need in one package.

Not only can you use this for dent removal, it also works on hail damage and door dings. Give it a try, and you will see that almost any repair is quick and easy.

Because there are no chemicals or paints involved here, this is also an eco friendly dent puller. That’s an important plus as all of us move towards being more environmentally friendly.

Finally, don’t let the thin gauge plastic on the dent puller fool you. This is a durable repair kit, and it should last quite some time in your shop or garage.

Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Glue gun included in the kit
  • Works for many applications
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Somewhat smaller in diameter
  • Crossbars made of thin gauge plastic

5) Yoohe 4333093100

This very durable dent puller works using a standard, suction cup set up. It is also the second Yoohe product on our list.

We particularly like this product for its durability. It will be quite a while before you need to replace this unit. It has an impact resistant housing, quality rubber seal, and a tough aluminum handle. The grip is comfortable, and allows the user to make quick and easy work of pulling dents. You can also use this tool for other applications. Try it for lifting smooth, flat materials such as panes of glass or sheets of metal.

This kit is eco-friendly. It’s also perfect for repairing medium and large dents. Unfortunately, it is not the ideal choice if you are attempting to fix hail damage or other small dents. It’s simply not likely that you will be able to get the seal you need for dents that size.

Pros & Cons


  • Works for several applications
  • Easy single stroke pump for quick dent removal
  • Large suction cup
  • Durable construction


  • Doesn’t work well for small dents

A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Dent Pullers

Now that you’ve seen the best dent pulling kits on the market, check out this buying guide. 

How to Select The Best Dent Pulling Kit

If you leave dents and dings without fixing them, your vehicle will look older than it is. Unfortunately, getting dents and dings is simply a part of car ownership. However, with a good dent pulling kit, you can fix these issues in your garage or shop.

If you have searched for a dent puller, you probably know they come in various types and sizes. Here are some things to consider before you make a purchase.


These are not expensive tools. However, there is quite a bit of range from one brand to the next. You can pick up a simple model for about ten dollars. You could spend up to fifty dollars. In any case, you won’t break the bank. We recommend spending a bit more if you can to get the most versatile, durable unit you can. The more expensive units will last you quite awhile.

The Seal

The rubber seal on your dent puller is what will come into contact with your vehicle or other surface. It should be made of high quality rubber. You should be able to achieve an airtight seal easily. This is necessary for pulling out the dent quickly and easily.

Test out your dent puller. It should create a vacuum. This allows you to use suction to pull out the zit. The better the seal, the easier it is to pull out even deep dents.

Cup Size

The size of the cup on your dent pulling kit will determine the size of the dents that you can effectively repair. It also impacts overall worthiness of your tools. A vast majority of dent pullers will start with a cup size of two inches and could go as large as 6 inches. If you believe you will deal with larger dents more often than not, we recommend going with a larger cup size. This will make the task of pulling out dents much easier, and much faster.

Craftsmanship of The Handle

The best handle is going to be comfortable, ergonomic, and give you the leverage you need to do the job. If the handle doesn’t work well for you, the rest of tool really doesn’t matter.

Most handles will be made from plastic or related material such as nylon. What’s most important is the strength of that material. You will need a strong material so that the tool remains effective.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to take your car to the body shop over every dent and ding. Instead, save yourself the cost of that, and learn to fix dents yourself. The process is easier than you think. All you have to do is purchase a dent pulling kit, then learn to use it. To do this, just follow the advice above, then check out one of the kits we’ve listed above.

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