MyCarNeedsThis - 6 Best Chrome Polishes To Buy 2019

Posted: June 14, 2016


chrome polish reviews and chrome wheel cleanersMost of todays vehicles that have chrome trim pieces, exhaust and wheels tend to be predominantly Cadillacs, and a lot of older classic vehicles. When brand new, chrome looks like a million bucks, but when it starts to fade you’ll see the ugly side of how chrome looks. Up-keep is crucial for a brilliant look at all times. Having a good quality chrome polish can make your job much easier, and even give you exceptional results.

Using most chrome polishes found in retail stores, will work fine. However, for exceptional results that match professional detailers, we put together a list of the 6 best chrome polishes to get. By simple using a orbital or rotary buffer, attaching a polishing pad, and applying an appropriate amount of cleaner, you’ll be on the right track towards flawless chrome.

In the guide below, there’s 6 polishes that we highly recommend. Use them on almost anything chrome, and with a variable speed buffer. After you select the polish you’d like to know more about, Amazon will typically have the best price and return policy.

Top 6 Best Chrome Polishes and Cleaners To Buy

6) Star Brite Chrome and Stainless Steel Polish

It’s no surprise that Star Brite makes some exceptionally good products. From marine fuel injector cleaners, rust stains removers, marine skid deck cleaners and MUCH more. With the chrome and stainless steel polish, you’ll be able to tackle all metal surfaces that need a solid polishing.

This product will provide a barrier against pitting, salt deposits, discoloration, staining and or rusting. It’s quite easy to use, as you’ll be able to apply this product in either dry or wet surfaces. 

Make sure to use a high quality polishing and buffing pad to get an exceptional finish. Click the link below to see the current best deal.

5) Surf City Garage Killer Chrome Perfect Polish

If you want a potent chrome polish which isn’t unreasonable in cost, consider the Surf City Garage Killer Chrome Perfect Polish. This product comes in a 16oz bottle which allows you to use small portions to maximize use. Coming in as a white cream, by pairing it with a rotary buffer and a fine polishing pad, you’ll see mirror finishes every single time (assuming initial condition is appropriate).

If your chrome has any kind of rust stains, you’ll easily be able to remove them with this polish. In many cases, you’ll even be able to use this on other types of metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and steel. 

Currently, Surf City Garage is the official chrome polish of the American Muscle Car Collection Association. See the current best deal of the amazing chrome metal polish by clicking below. 

4) Quickway Brands Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner

Coming in as our #4 pick for the best chrome polishes and cleaners to get, its Quickway Brands Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner. Unique to some of the previous products we mentioned earlier, this one has the capability of polishing not just chrome, but also silver, brass, porcelain, windshield and mirrors. Now it’s not quite a polish per-se, it’s a cleaner that has a polishing effect built-in without having to use any kind of buffer. 

In areas where you have rust, especially on metal surfaces, using this paste material will help to clean, polish and apply a layer of wax for some protection. 

Being water based, means it’s eco-friendly where as some others aren’t. It comes in a relatively small container of just 8 oz, we recommend conservative uses to get the most out of this product. 

Check it out below for the current best deal, and why it ranks an A+ score among 270 separate users.

3) 3M Chrome and Metal Polish

If you’re familiar with 3M at all, you know their products are above average to say the least. From adhesives, to polishing compounds and much more. Their chrome and metal polish makes it to our #3 spot for one reasons, and that’s because it can not only polish chrome but every other metal as well. The 3M polish comes in a 10oz jar which comes as a paste. 

You’ll be able to apply it to chrome, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper. In order to get the best results, use a machine such as a rotary or orbital buffer. In cases there’s rust, stains, oxidation, corrosion and tarnish, using this polishing compound will do the trick.

It’s quite inexpensive as long as you don’t use too much of it. We recommend you use this product on your wheels, trim, exhaust and bumper. 

Right below is the current best deal, as always it’s found on Amazon. Click to view.

2) Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

A very well known brand in the automotive detailing world is Mothers. Much like Meguiar’s, Mothers makes anything from amateur to topnotch professional detailing products. In this #2 spot, we placed their Mag & Aluminum Polish. This one works exceptionally well with chrome, and can actually work well with just some elbow grease. 

Coming in a 10oz jar, you’ll be able to cover an entire vehicle, a few times over. Being easy to apply, we recommend using this with either a foam applicator pad or a terry cloth towel

Before and after picture say it all, (seriously). In some serious oxidation cases where shine is tough to achieve, this polish is recommended. Check it out below for the current best deal.

1) BlueMagic Metal Polishing Cream

Now moving on to our #1 pick for the chrome polishing compounds, its the BlueMagic Metal Polish Cream. Unlike most of the other polishes we’ve reviewed that are abrasive, this one isn’t. You can use this polish on multiple surfaces including brass, copper, sterling silver, aluminum, stainless steel and gold. 

As for polishing chrome, this compound works extraordinarily well. You’ll even be able to remove tarnish and oxidation along the way. As for what types of machinery you can use to take full advantage of this polish, use a either a orbital or rotary buffer (with a polishing pad).

While this may only come in a 7oz jar, it only costs 7-8 dollars. Get the most uses when you apply a penny size drop at a time. Click below to see the current best price.

NOTE: Keep in mind that prior to polishing your wheels, its important to clean them thoroughly with a degreaser mixture. And if you’re looking for other similar articles, we have written guide of the best leather conditioners and cleaners to buy and best car buffer.

Here’s a quick video on how to polish chrome on your vehicle